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SDR Push Marketing


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Includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Push Marketing, Interactive Smart Posters and Custom QR Codes. Visit

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SDR Push Marketing

  1. 1. Push MarketingSend your offers to 1000s of people each day that you don’t yet know
  2. 2. Why Mobile Marketing? More phones than people!• Brand, Product and Offer Awareness 20 million more phone contracts inStand out from the crowd and increase your presence. the UK than people 82mil : 62mil• Attract People to Your VenueDeliver your business to your potential customer’s personal handheld screen.• Campaign PlanningSend content at the date and time most relevant for your business.• Monthly Reports, Analysis and AdviceSee how many people received your messageand how they reacted. Results explained and “There are over 74 million mobile phoneadvice given. contracts in the UK” Ofcom 2009
  3. 3. How It Works Bluetooth Marketing1. Machine broadcasts your message to your chosen area2. Your preview message appears on user’s phone3. It requests user’s permission to send further content to them4. If user clicks ‘yes’ they receive your full colour flyer or slideshow instantly5. System records all user interactions to produce analysis and advice based on the results
  4. 4. How It Works Wi-Fi Marketing1. Machine creates a Wi-Fi zone that we can name2. Some phone users will be notified of new network, others need prompting3. User logs in to the Wi-Fi4. Your flyer appears on the phone instantly5. System records all user interactions to produce analysis and advice based on the results
  5. 5. Monthly Results Networked customers also receive a breakdown analysis of the results as well as advice based onRestaurant: the resultsIn first 10 days!Hair Salon:In month 3!
  6. 6. Smart Posters To Enhance Your CampaignsCustom designed, laminated,interactive posters for insideor outside your venueEnables user to tap their phoneagainst the poster, to turn on itsBluetooth and visibilityPotential or current customer cannow receive your Bluetooth contentSaves the user a lot of effortand gives them access thatthey didn’t have beforeOne of many uses for NFC.Tracking and results provided.
  7. 7. Customised QR Codes Unique to Your Business AfterBefore
  8. 8. PortfolioWho we’ve worked with
  9. 9. Testimonials What our users said“SDR set up very creative campaigns; they enabled us to promote our brandat Old Trafford stadium, which is our ideal audience and footfall.”James Price – National Sales Manager, Powerleague“This is an excellent, innovative way to get my name out to a large amount ofpeople and target potential customers with very little effort required. SDRwere always there for me, offering advice in order for me to get the most outof their service.”Byrom Erdeli – Owner of Cafe Mef Restaurant, Manchester“We advertised in-house to our customers and informed them of ourupcoming Halloween event. Over the week we ended up busier than lastyear which is always nice - thanks SDR for updating the system again!”Craig Lannigan – MD, The Garratt Bar, Manchester
  10. 10. The Proposal AdvantagesOpt for no capital outlay or no monthly payment dealsFixed and portable solutionsChoose from one of our broadcasting locationsSDR handles the machine system for networked customersMonthly results, analysis and planning for networked customersCan contact virtually 100% of all mobile phones/laptops/tabletsSustainable, green, polite, permission-based solution CostingMultiple advert slides per month – FREEUnlimited sending of messages – FREEUnrestricted venue usage in the UK – FREEConfiguration of adverts onto system – FREE for networked customersRegular reports & analysis of data – FREE for networked customersSmart Posters – FREE if purchased with Push Marketing