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Hustle Con: More With Less: Scaling with Simplicity with David Bladow, founder of BLoomThat


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BloomThat is an on-demand flower company with $7.6m in funding that took a complicated industry (floral delivery) and made it a simple process. Users love this simplicity. BloomThat’s co-founder will explain the framework he used to create a user experience that’s increased demand for their product and grew an on-demand service that’s delivered millions of bouquets nationwide.

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Hustle Con: More With Less: Scaling with Simplicity with David Bladow, founder of BLoomThat

  1. 1. More with Less David Bladow CO-FOUNDER + CEO, BLOOMTHAT Scaling with simplicity
  2. 2. @dbladow #hustlecon Ask yourself If sending flowers was as simple as sending a text, would you send them more often?
  3. 3. Simplifying floral delivery @dbladow #hustlecon User experience
  4. 4. The BloomThat story •  Personal pain point •  Y Combinator •  Raised $7.6M in Series A •  Expanded nationwide in February @dbladow #hustlecon
  5. 5. The BloomThat story @dbladow #hustlecon
  6. 6. @dbladow #hustlecon It wasn’t always this rosy…
  7. 7. @dbladow #hustlecon Summer 2015 Burning through $550k a month, you only have 4 months of cash left to live. What do you do?
  8. 8. Expansion is hard •  Over-complication •  Process didn’t scale •  Running multiple companies @dbladow #hustlecon
  9. 9. Questions for survival •  How can we sustainably scale our original idea? •  How can we streamline internal operations? @dbladow #hustlecon
  10. 10. Focus on the core idea @dbladow #hustlecon Back to the basics
  11. 11. Default alive •  Lean and mean •  Smarter not harder @dbladow #hustlecon
  12. 12. @dbladow #hustlecon Just how well did it work? We cut our burn rate down to $15,000 a month.
  13. 13. Key learnings •  Start narrow •  Don’t mask •  Talk to your customers •  Understand your evolving founder role •  Create clear filters @dbladow #hustlecon
  14. 14. @dbladow #hustlecon What’s next?
  15. 15. Changing consumer behaviors •  BloomThat as a verb •  Synonymous with ‘thoughtfulness’ @dbladow #hustlecon
  16. 16. BloomThat today @dbladow #hustlecon
  17. 17. | iOS App David Bladow CO-FOUNDER + CEO #hustlecon@dbladow /BloomThat @BloomThat @BloomThat@BloomThat