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Zeus Photobiotics


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Our investor pitch deck for our biotech start-up 'Zeus Photobiotics.'

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Zeus Photobiotics

  1. 1. Mission To be the leading provider of laser technology for better medical and veterinarian practices
  2. 2. Medical Benefits Medical laser instruments can be effectively used for Tissue debridement Hemostasis Tissue disinfecting Reduce pain Accelerate Wound Closure
  3. 3. Vertical Segments Medical laser instruments can be effectively used for Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers Chronic Skin Ulcers Chronic Wounds in Horses
  4. 4. Vertical: Diabetic Foot Ulcers Existing treatment modalities have several problems: Long-term use of antibiotics makes bacteria more resistant, rendering antibiotic treatment to be less effective. Tissue debridement with a scalpel removes excess healthy tissue. Hemostasis is difficult to achieve in diabetic patients due to poor wound healing.
  5. 5. Growth Rate of Diabetes
  6. 6. DFU Wound Care Management market: $1.5B DFU Wound Care Management Market CAGR: 39.9% Global Wound Healing Market Revenue is $17.3 Billion
  7. 7. Zeus Photobiotics’ Solution A medical laser that can be used to treat infected diabetic foot ulcers Features: Better wound healing with less discomfort Disinfect tissue without the use of antibiotics Precision tissue removal
  8. 8. Stakeholder’s Motivation Insurances Reduce costs Hospitals Reduce costs Improve patient outcomes Patients Less painful Decrease reliance on antibiotics Healthcare Providers Easy to use Better results
  9. 9. Market Strategy Hospitals & Outpatient Clinics Patients ZEUS PhotobioticsInsurance Companies $$$ $ $$
  10. 10. Development Plan
  11. 11. Prototype Development FDA Clinical Trials Phase 1 FDA Clinical Trials Phase 2 Outcome Analysis Investment Grants Revenue/ Customer Acquisition Engineering Development Timeline Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  12. 12. Budget Plan
  13. 13. Budget Plan: 2016-2017 2016: $50-100K Q1-Q2: $10-20K Pre Seed Investment: $30-40k $10-20k Proof of Concept Research File Provisional IP: $500 Q3-Q4: $10-20K FDA 510(k) Continue Prototype Engineering Research SBIR Grant Filing 2017: Seed investment $10-15 Million $5-10 million for FDA Clinical Trial Studies $5 million for Marketing
  14. 14. Long Term Vision Patients can walk with healthy feet
  15. 15. Competitors
  16. 16. Lasers in Wound Healing
  17. 17. Team Leon Chung Co-Founder UCSF Graduate Student 3+ years of Healthcare Sam Pandey Co-Founder USF Graduate Student 3+ Years Business Dev.
  18. 18. Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment (DFU’s) Global Data: DFU Diabetic Foot Ulcer Market in Rapid Race to Reach More than $1.5 Billion Value. (n.d.). Retrieved September 14, 2016, from in-rapid-race-to-reach-more-than-15-billion-value National Institute on Health Role of Low Level Laser Therapy in NeuroRehabilitation;PM R. 2010 December ; 2(12 Suppl 2): S292– S305. doi:10.1016/j.pmrj.2010.10.013. References