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Sam morton 10 Tips to Scale Link Building for your Clients



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A look at scaling up your agency operation while thinking about how to scale micro techniques into macro outreach.

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Sam morton 10 Tips to Scale Link Building for your Clients

  1. 1. Sam Morton Client Services Director CLICK INTELLIGENCE 10 tips to scale link building for your clients @sammorton775
  2. 2. MACRO • Link Analysis Tools • Data Gatherers • Outreach Management • Team of Negotiators • Content Writers • Operations/Outreach Manager • Account Managers MICRO • Link Analysis Tools • Data Gatherer • A Negotiator • Content Writer
  3. 3. TAILORED – Low Volume - Heavy Personalisation • Utilise link tools that bulk analyse sites • Create a searchable database with a Google Custom Search Engine** • Google Alerts • Reverse Google Image a regular blogger/influencer in the clients niche * *
  4. 4. SHOTGUN – High Volume - Mass Personalisation • Organisation, communications and training • Daisy Chain vs. Centralised data • Creating personas for each niche • Using tools like Pitchbox, BuzzStream, Ninja Outreach…. • Managing the data to make improvements to the process
  5. 5. THE RECIPE • Pool a list of competitors – Run through a Link Analysis Tool • Segment by Link Type • Find the types of content attracting the most backlinks * • Look at the content that didn’t attract backlinks * • Identify the rate at which good quality links are being built * • Which sites in your clients vertical look more likely to an approach • Start pitching the sites and making friends
  6. 6. Client Site • Locate Broken backlinks, resulting in a 404 page • 301 redirect it to a similarly relevant page Creating New Links Through Resource Sites • Find broken 404 links* • Replicate the content (that used to exist at that link) on your website ** • Reach out to the website linking to the broken resource and suggest that they change the broken link to your clients working link. MICRO Link Miner * Check My Links * Way Back Machine **
  7. 7. • Scour the net for relevant resource pages in your clients niche intitle:”resources” inurl:”resources” intitle:”links” inurl:”links” • Find all broken links on those pages in bulk (Screaming Frog) • Find the broken links with the most inbound links ( Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool) • Create Similar and improved content on your clients website • Reach out to all the sites linking to the broken link MACRO
  8. 8. SCALE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING • Identify videos from influencers or thought leaders that are relevant to your clients niche • Check if the video has a transcription • Write a blog post transcribing the video onto the clients site • Reach out to the person/video offering your transcript Video Tutorials / Conference Presentations / Vlogs / Webinars / Hangouts / Interviews / Product Reviews / Live Streaming
  9. 9. • Build free online tools for your clients • Find sites in your niche talking about your subject & contact them (intitle: / inurl:) • Pitch these sites to add a link • + Research the competition also offering these tools and look at their inbound backlinks • Make sure what you’re offering is better than the competition • Pitch the sites linking to the competitors tool RESOURCES
  10. 10. Macro – The Difference between 5% & 25% • Adding more personalised layers mean a higher response rate • Personalised titles & subject lines • Use first name, use it more than once, mention the site, • Use a point of reference – Blogs, social, news article, content URL • Be expressive • Tailor/ Segment a few example (blog) ideas in the email / Give some options • Constantly make new variations of the pitch • As soon as you start to see a dip in the pitch response, change it • Schedule a follow up email