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Sandeep Rathatha, BT


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Sandeep Rathatha, BT

Published in: Business
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Sandeep Rathatha, BT

  1. 1. Open Innovation & Co-Innovating with Start-Ups Strategy & Innovation World Forum Sandeep Raithatha Head of Innovation Central Research & Innovation, BT @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  2. 2. BT has a long history of ‘purposeful innovation’ @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  3. 3. 1846 Electric Telegraph Company Many world first achievements 1926 Two-way transatlantic telephone call by radio 1943 Programmable computer: Colossus 1962 Telephone call via satellite 1968 Digital telephone exchange 1980 Purpose-designed optical fibre submarine cable 1984 140Mbps single-mode optical fibre link 1989 Satellite telephone system: Skyphone 1999 GPRS live data call over a mobile network 2013 World’s first trial 2014 3Tbps optical fibre link in the core network 2015 200Gbps data secured by Quantum cryptography
  4. 4. Global Innovation Ecosystem Partner ecosystem with customers, industry, universities, government Global Innovation Centres in China, India, Israel, UAE, UK and US @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  5. 5. Open Innovation – our workflow Scan the globe for new ideas from VCs, start-ups, partners, competitors. Identify Trends and Threats Global Scouting, New ideas Scheme Infinity Labs Generate Propositions to Business case and validation Innovation CentralSort/Filter Rapid prototype & early trial, with strong user/customer focus Applied Technology Centre Demonstrate & Visualise Showcase new ideas and concepts Customer Centre & Innovation Showcases Inspire & Sell Bringing everyone together for rapid acceleration Hothouse team Accelerate & Build @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  6. 6. Innovating every day with BT New Ideas BT finalists celebrate at the IdeasUK Ideas Awards The BT New Ideas scheme captures ideas from BT’s employees to create impact on BT’s customers and its bottom line. @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  7. 7. BT Infinity Lab - Co-innovating with start-ups in the heart of TechCity @BTInfinityLab • In partnership with Tech Hub we have created a co-innovation space to work with start-ups, run events to engage with the tech city community • Theme based competitions have attracted start- ups from across the UK and beyond @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  8. 8. BT Infinity Lab – Future Mobile Competition @BTInfinityLab @sandeep_r #SIWorldForum
  9. 9. Thank You Sandeep Raithatha Head of Innovation Central, Research & Innovation, BT @Sandeep_r