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Kevin Mansfield - Racing Post


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Kevin Mansfield - Racing Post

Published in: Business
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Kevin Mansfield - Racing Post

  1. 1. Digital Transformation Customer Led Innovation – Product Development Kevin Mansfield
  2. 2. Digital transformation
  3. 3. Digital Transformation
  4. 4. Digital Behaviors Customer Focus Collaboration Leadership Data driven decisions
  5. 5. My Areas of focus Customer led innovation Product development
  6. 6. “If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.”
  7. 7. “It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” “I think really great products come from melding two points of view the technology point of view and the customer point of view. You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them”
  8. 8. How and why customers use ours and others content/products Where and how we were generating revenue from those types of customers Recognizable customer characteristics Size of captured market Single Customer View Growth opportunity
  9. 9. Strategy
  10. 10. Regular Discourse
  11. 11. Product Council
  12. 12. Idea Opportunity Optimization Product Discovery Development Success MetricsBaU or Act Lifecycle
  13. 13. Product Council Process Weekly agenda Milestone Workflow Go / NoGo decisions
  14. 14. Discovery Playbook Situation dependent Predictable Model Not always positive Reach a decision point
  15. 15. Concept Discovery Press release Low fi – flat design Very basic prototype
  16. 16. Design Sprint Understand Decide Prototype
  17. 17. Rapid Prototype Five Days 3 Customer Days 2 Iteration Days
  18. 18. Workshops Quantity of ideas Rapid discussion Pitch to customers
  19. 19. Diary study Deeper level insight Understand every step New opportunities
  20. 20. In Closing Knowing how and why Enable learning Simple processes Digital Behaviors
  21. 21. Kevin Mansfield @nivekm