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Emanuel Martonca - Thinslices


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Emanuel Martonca - Thinslices

Published in: Business
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Emanuel Martonca - Thinslices

  1. 1. From chaos to predictable outcomes @Strategy and Innovation World Forum Emanuel Martonca February 1st, 2017
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. Trust.
  4. 4. Trust.
  5. 5. Your CFO’s definition for Chaos A context where it’s ok to fail. Making mistakes is encouraged. Every. Single. Day. Being inneficient is not a tragedy. And you spend (a lot of) money without an immediate, guaranteed return on investment.
  6. 6. Trust.
  7. 7. The six obstacles standing in the way for Corporate Innovation 6
  8. 8. Treating People as Resources #1
  9. 9. Article on innovation in leading business journal … the two companies didn’t plan for governance and resources to properly follow up on the generated ideas. The key resources were owned by another function that was not involved in the process and had no incentives to lend the resources.
  10. 10. Too much focus on the Triple Constraints of Project Management #2 and not enough attention given to People and Trust.
  11. 11. from Zero to Product Design to MVP to One Work as a Real Team People & Skills Methodology & Process SaaS Execution Map
  12. 12. Not enough communication between people / departments / stakeholders. #3
  13. 13. Collections An innovation CRM
  14. 14. Over-reliance on rigid Policies, Frameworks and Procedures #4 over competent People and Teams.
  15. 15. Team Plan second- rate first- rate first-rate second-rate ? ?
  16. 16. — Sun Tzu Every war is won or lost before it even begins.
  17. 17. Over-reliance on managers and super-star employees #5 over Teams and their members.
  18. 18. The outdated mental models of how companies treat stakeholders. #6
  19. 19. Voice as a platform and/or interface AR / VR Industrial IOT Artificial Intelligence Self-driving anything Chatbots … … New New Things
  20. 20. No, the main lessons to be learned from succesful startups are not about casual dress, flexible hours and stock options. It’s about trust. For disruptive innovation to happen, you need trust.
  21. 21.