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Becoming a Data Studio Evangelist in Your Business

Find out ways you can become a Google Data Studio evangelist in your organisation.

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Becoming a Data Studio Evangelist in Your Business

  1. 1. Become a Data Studio Evangelist in Your Business Sam Marsden, SEO & Content Manager, DeepCrawl London Digital Analytics - 22nd May 2019 @sam_marsden measure
  2. 2. I’m obsessed with productivity and efficiency...
  3. 3. Data Studio is fueling my addiction.
  4. 4. Save time with reporting. Access insights faster. Data Studio helps me as an SEO @sam_marsden measure SEO ManagerTravel around the world talking about pretty graphs.
  5. 5. Spreading the Data Studio love...
  6. 6. Data Studio helps me work with management @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Management ● Frequent requests for site traffic data. ● Last minute screenshots for management meetings. ● Disruptive, repetitive and inefficient.
  7. 7. Site performance dashboard (GA) @sam_marsden measure Global filters Top-level KPIs Monthly trending
  8. 8. Organic trends dashboard (GSC) @sam_marsden measure Overview for relevant stakeholders YoY comparison for top level tracking Monthly trending
  9. 9. Branded/non-branded performance @sam_marsden measure Filtering Performance data to reveal branded & non-branded search trends.
  10. 10. Break performance down by directory level @sam_marsden measure Use directory level as a dimension to reveal organic performance for different sections of your site
  11. 11. Surface device & geographic distributions @sam_marsden measure Break down distribution of countries Trend device distributions month to month
  12. 12. Saves unnecessary conversations & disruptions. Removes recurring friction point. Encourages more interest from management. Data Studio helps me work with management @sam_marsden measure
  13. 13. Data Studio helps me work with our Content team @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Content team
  14. 14. Content performance dashboard (GA) @sam_marsden measure Monthly comparisons Monthly overview
  15. 15. Content type breakdowns @sam_marsden measure Page level stats Overall performance Content type
  16. 16. Data Studio helps me work with our Content team @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Content team ● Saves manual prep work. ● Guides content review meetings. ● Keeps meetings structured and focused on our goals.
  17. 17. Data Studio helps me work with junior SEOs @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager SEO Executive
  18. 18. Monthly comparison (GSC) @sam_marsden measure Ideal for daily/weekly check-ins to quickly detect changes and review overall monthly comparisons.
  19. 19. Monthly device, geo and search type trends dashboard @sam_marsden measure Detect changes in traffic from different devices, countries or search types at a glance. Clicks Impressions CTR
  20. 20. Page and query performance @sam_marsden measure Top performing pages in search Top performing queries in search
  21. 21. Performance comparison - Biggest wins and losses @sam_marsden measure Pre-filtered tables to show biggest changes in clicks, impressions, position and CTR.
  22. 22. Clear monthly comparisons. Ideal entry point for training up new starters and junior staff. Data Studio provides starting point for further investigation. What are the benefits? @sam_marsden measure
  23. 23. @sam_marsden measure Coming next: Informing dev teams
  24. 24. Communicating technical recommendations using crawl insights. Visualising speed metrics. Assisting with site migrations. My next areas of focus: @sam_marsden measure
  25. 25. How can Data Studio help expand your influence? @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Management Content team SEO Executive
  26. 26. We now have all the tools, so what are the limiting factors?
  27. 27. GDS still in early stages, but constrained by time, ideas and adoption.
  28. 28. THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS? Sam Marsden SEO & Content Manager @sam_marsden measure