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A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Levelling up With Data Studio


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You may have dabbled with dashboarding and Google
Data Studio, but are you really using it to its full
Sam’s talk will show you how you can build a suite of
digital marketing dashboards to uncover hidden
insights, automate reporting processes and ultimately
help you become a more effective marketer. Sam will
show you how you can blend data sources to reveal
hidden insights, create visualisations that save you time
and influence different levels of stakeholders, as well as
showing you how you can leverage the latest
developments in Data Studio to your benefit.

Published in: Marketing
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A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Levelling up With Data Studio

  1. 1. Sam Marsden SEO & Content Manager @DeepCrawl A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Levelling up With Data Studio @DeepCrawl#ThinkUnboxed
  2. 2. The dashboards and data sources you need to level up. What We’ll Cover Creating dashboards that impact and influence. Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Data Studio. @DeepCrawl#ThinkUnboxed
  3. 3. How does Data Studio help make me a better marketer? @DeepCrawl
  4. 4. GDS HELPS ME AS A MARKETER @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Save time with reporting. Access insights faster. SEO Manager Travel around the world talking about pretty graphs.
  5. 5. Spreading the Data Studio love...
  6. 6. GDS HELPS ME WORK WITH MANAGEMENT @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed SEO Manager Management Frequent requests for site traffic data. Last minute screenshots for management meetings. Disruptive, repetitive and inefficient.
  7. 7. SITE PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD (GA) @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Global filters Top-level KPIs Monthly trending
  8. 8. TOP LEVEL ORGANIC TRENDS (GSC) @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Overview for relevant stakeholders YoY comparison for top level tracking Monthly trending
  9. 9. BRANDED/NON-BRANDED PERFORMANCE @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Filtering Performance data to reveal branded & non-branded search trends.
  10. 10. PERFORMANCE BY DIRECTORY @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Use directory level as a dimension to reveal organic performance for different sections of your site
  11. 11. SURFACE GEO AND DEVICE INSIGHTS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Break down distribution of countries Trend device distributions month to month
  12. 12. Saves unnecessary conversations & disruptions. Removes recurring friction point. Encourages more interest from management. Data Studio helps me work with management @sam_marsden measure GDS HELPS ME WORK WITH MANAGEMENT @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  13. 13. Data Studio helps me work with our marketing team @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Content team GDS HELPS ME WORK WITH OUR CONTENT TEAM @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  14. 14. Content performance dashboard (GA) @sam_marsden measure Monthly comparisons Monthly overview CONTENT PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  15. 15. Content type breakdowns @sam_marsden measure Page level stats Overall performance Content type CONTENT TYPE BREAKDOWNS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  16. 16. Data Studio helps me work with our Content team @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager Content team ● Saves manual prep work. ● Guides content review meetings. ● Keeps meetings structured and focused on our goals. GDS HELPS ME WORK WITH OUR CONTENT TEAM @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  17. 17. Combining GA and Crawl data @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed @jillquick ve-content-marketing-effectiveness/
  18. 18. Data Studio helps me work with junior SEOs @sam_marsden measure SEO Manager SEO Executive GDS HELPS ME WORK WITH SEOS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  19. 19. MONTHLY COMPARISON DASHBOARD @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Ideal for daily/weekly check-ins to quickly detect changes and review overall monthly comparisons.
  20. 20. DETECTING CHANGES QUICKLY @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Detect changes in traffic from different devices, countries or search types at a glance. Clicks Impressions CTR
  21. 21. LONG-TAIL VS. SHORT TAIL @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed How is query length contributing to organic search performance?
  22. 22. TOP PERFORMING PAGES & QUERIES @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Top performing pages in search Top performing queries in search
  23. 23. BIGGEST MONTHLY WINS & LOSSES @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Pre-filtered tables to show biggest changes in clicks, impressions, position and CTR.
  24. 24. Dashboarding speed metrics @DeepCrawl
  25. 25. Back in 2004 @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Myspace was up and coming Friends ended :’-( Kanye was actually alright
  26. 26. Tolerable website loading time in 2004 @sam_marsden How long would people wait for web pages in 2004? #ThinkUnboxed 23 seconds (with progress bar) 9 seconds (without progress bar) Source: Nah (2004) -
  27. 27. Our expectations were low and we were satisfied with ssslllooowww @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  28. 28. In 2019... @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed “A one second delay in mobile load times can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%.” Source: Think with Google
  29. 29. Load time is something everyone can see the benefit of improving. Speed impacts many business functions Clear link to conversions and bounce rate. Why should we dashboard speed metrics @sam_marsden measure WHY FOCUS ON SPEED? @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  30. 30. Accessing CrUX data @sam_marsden 2 ACCESSING GOOGLE SPEED METRICS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  31. 31. Getting to the CrUX of the matter @sam_marsden PAGESPEED INSIGHTS IN GDS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  32. 32. Getting to the CrUX of the matter @sam_marsden CUSTOM CRUX DASHBOARDS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  33. 33. Getting to the CrUX of the matter @sam_marsden CUSTOM CRUX DASHBOARDS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Performance for each performance metric with clearly understandable definitions.
  34. 34. Getting to the CrUX of the matter @sam_marsden CUSTOM SPEED DASHBOARDS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed sej-speed
  35. 35. Getting buy-in from management & clients @sam_marsden Competitor comparison Revenue impact calculator @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed CUSTOM CRUX DASHBOARDS
  36. 36. Communicating the impact of optimisation @sam_marsden Overlaying performance and business metrics e.g. % fast FCP with conversion and bounce rates. @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  37. 37. Getting to the CrUX of the matter @sam_marsden ACCESSING CRUX IN BIGQUERY @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  38. 38. ESSENTIAL READING @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed ● Paul Calvano - CrUX query tutorials ● Rick Viscomi - CrUX cookbook ● Oliver Mason - Misusing the Chrome User Experience Report
  39. 39. WATCH MY WHITEBOARD FRIDAY @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Howdy Moz fans!
  40. 40. @sam_marsden ThinkUnboxed Tips for Data Studio Success
  41. 41. This will allow you to: @sam_marsden Know your audience Who is this dashboard for and what do they care about? What questions do your graphs answer? TIPS FOR DATA STUDIO SUCCESS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  42. 42. This will allow you to: @sam_marsden Know your data viz Purposefully choose graph types to expose insights effectively. Balance of comprehension, truthful representation and persuasiveness. TIPS FOR DATA STUDIO SUCCESS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  43. 43. This will allow you to: @sam_marsden DATA VIZ CATALOGUE @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed Dataviz
  44. 44. This will allow you to: @sam_marsden Testing and organisation Consistent naming conventions are a lifesaver. Bugs and broken parts harm trust as source of truth. TIPS FOR DATA STUDIO SUCCESS @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  45. 45. @sam_marsden ThinkUnboxed Notable Data Studio resources
  46. 46. @sam_marsden Ensuring HTTPS migrations go to plan, blending Analytics and GSC data. -studio-to-review-your-http-to-https-migration MIGRATION MONITORING - SIMON COX @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  47. 47. JavaScript error tracking - Tom Bennet @sam_marsden track-javascript-errors-in-google-analytics/ Track real-world JavaScript errors through GTM and GA. JS ERROR TRACKING - TOM BENNET @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  48. 48. Comparing rendering differences - Rory Truesdale @sam_marsden Comparing differences in important crawl metrics across rendered and non-rendered crawls. RENDERING DIFFERENCES - RORY TRUESDALE @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  49. 49. Internal linking opportunities - Rory Truesdale @sam_marsden Surface opportunities for improving internal linking within site architecture using crawl data and GSC. INTERNAL LINKING OPPS - RORY TRUESDALE @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  50. 50. The Dashboard of dashboards - Lee Hurst @sam_marsden A MONSTER dashboard cataloguing all of the dashboards and resources worth knowing about. GDS RESOURCE CATALOGUE - LEE HURST @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  51. 51. Wrapping it all up...
  52. 52. Identify your reporting time sucks
  53. 53. ...focus on getting you to the insights as quickly as possible
  54. 54. ...and communicate data in impactful ways to influence the people that matter.
  55. 55. This will allow you to: @sam_marsden Improve time management and cost effectiveness. Get insights across many digital properties. Free yourself up to devote time to other areas/learning new skills. THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO: @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed
  56. 56. Sam Marsden SEO & Content Manager @sam_marsden THANK YOU @sam_marsden#ThinkUnboxed