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(Hashtag) Advertising Plans Book


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Responsible for the creative approach and execution for the project. Project consisted of a 24 page full color advertising plans book for Twitter. I was responsible for designing page templates, overseeing overall design of book, and overall design fluidity. Also responsible for assigning and monitoring other group member's assignments/tasks for the book. Andrey Levkiv helped with the marketing and data management of the entire project. Two other team members helped with this project.

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(Hashtag) Advertising Plans Book

  1. 1. See It. Be It. Tweet It.
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 77 8 9 10-13 14 15 16 1717 18 19 20 21 Executive Summary Situation Analysis Marketing Objectives Target Audience Creative Media BudgetBudget Promotions Evaluation and Summary Who We Are: #Advertising Sources Industry Competition SWOT Research Analysis Survey Analysis The Big Idea Positioning StatementPositioning Statement Objectives and Strategies Advertisements Objectives and Strategies Media Mix The Media Map Timing/Flow Chart
  3. 3. 3 Situation Analysis Strengths: Weaknesses: Opportunities: Unequal Distribution of Tweets Increased Spam Low Retention Rate Most Tweets are Pointless Slow Growth Not Profitable/Doesn’t Retain Revenue Limits Users toLimits Users to Tweet Only 140 Characters (90% of Tweets from Top 10%) Rapid Updates Enabled Strong Brand Image Popular/Famous Mascot (Twitter Bird) Real Time Search Function Free Product Simple to Use Easy to Setup an AccountEasy to Setup an Account Unique from other Social Media Able to Reach a Large Audience Quickly New Generartions are Adopting Social Media Opportunities to Draw Attention to World Issues Opportunities to Provide Product Placement in Mediums “Tweet-A-Longs” to TV Shows and News Broadcasts Help Promote and Encourage the “Inner Reporter” Opportunities to Search for News When Other Mediums are Down, Sloare Down, Slow, or Censored Provide News Footage Kits (Partner with Companies) GoPro, Drones, Cameras, Microphones, etc. Tweet from Where You Are
  4. 4. 4 Research Analysis
  5. 5. After reviewing the research that we gathered, we conducted a survey of 100 individuals. We interviewed and surveyed both men and women between the ages of 18-32, along with a few older individuals to test out our possible audience. 5 52% of the 100 people surveyed used Twitter actively
  6. 6. 6Marketing Objectives Twitter’s Current Objectives/Strategies: Our Marekting Objectives: Commercial ads meant to be played on cable networks Print ads meant to be displayed in magazines Various social media ads such as mobile ads, banner ads, and pre-roll ads With our Twitter campaign, we will strive to revolutionize Twitter as a go-to search engine, news source, and tool for communication. Our campaign is set up to reach as much of our target audience as possible. All the mobile apps and internet sites that are most popular to people between the ages of 18-29 will feature our ads. Social networking sites (Promoted tweets) Email marketing and updating to its users Blogging Person-to-person Twitter’s objective through previous strategies was to market to companies to advertise themselves using promoted tweets via Twitter, which is how Twitter accumulates its revenue. The objective is to share the company name in order to bring other companies together to communicate easily between one another. Twitter relies on person-to-person marketing in order to grow and expand. Twitter currently does a good job at branding themselves and making themselves easily accessible. However, they are targeting all over the place. They strive to target businesses and major corporations when they should mainly be targeting the younger generations. The millennial generation is the biggest users of technology and they make up a majority of the early adopters.generations. The millennial generation is the biggest users of technology and they make up a majority of the early adopters. This generation is up to date on release dates of all the new updates and new technology. Therefore, it is crucial to advertise and target the millennial generation.
  7. 7. 7Target Audience Meet Beyonce Meet Justin Justin is an 19 year old college freshman who enjoys skating and reading. He has just graduated from high school and it is important for him to keep in touch with his friends from home. He trusts Twitter to keep him updated on his friends and to stay connected with them. He also loves to postconnected with them. He also loves to post his skate videos on Twitter to share with his friends. Meet Jennifer Meet Nick Meet John/Jane John/Jane are in there 20s, and may have graduated college or have some education. They are both very passionate about the current issues of the world that are harming their local region. John/Jane often participate in parades and protests for Human Rights, Marriage EqualitEquality, Democracy, etc. They use social media to help spread the word about these issues. John/Jane also use their smartphones and iwifi connections to take video and pictures of the protests and parades. Sometimes, John/Jane thing of themselves as reporters of the news they are participating in. Beyoncé is a 22 year old college senior. She enjoys listening to music and singing. Her dream is to release her own album someday. She needs to stay connected to what is new and trending in the world so she relies on Twitter to keep her updated quicklupdated quickly. Beyoncé also uses Twitter to post videos of her singing and shares her talent with all her followers. Jennifer is a 24 year old who just landed her a dream job as a reporter at ABC. As a reporter, she loves to stay updated on world news through Twitters fast search engine and update features. Since she is always on the go, her cell phone contains her whole life and Twitter’s easy app helps her access Twitter at lightning speed.lightning speed. Nick is a 23 year old basketball player. He is freshly graduated from college and is training for the NBA draft. He hopes to be picked up by the Lakers because that is his home and basketball is his whole life. He relies on Twitter to keep him updated on the draft and all sports news. He enjoys hearing all the feedback from his followers about his ability to playfeedback from his followers about his ability to play basketball. 18% of Internet users are using Twitter. 31% of Twitter users are 18-29 years old. 18% of Twitter users are female. 17% of Twitter users are male. 29% of Twitter users are black. 19% of Twitter users have an annual household income of $75,000+ 19% of19% of Twitter users live in the suburbs. 18% of Twitter users have at least a college education, or more. The target audience for the “See it. Be it. Tweet it.” campaign is men and women between 18-29 years old. This target audience wishes to effortlessly connect and communicate with their peers, as well as discovering what is happening around them on a world-wide scale. These individuals are always on the go and enjoy the easy access and functionality of Twitter.
  8. 8. 8Creative See It. Be It. Tweet It.
  9. 9. 9 Creative Twitter’s current brand position is fairly constant, but it needs a major image boost. The goal of “See It. Be It. Tweet It.” is to allow the ability to make anyone a reporter, or a Mobile Journalist. Our goal is to allow people to post the news around them, with our main focus on global issues around the world, such as marriage equality, or different political protests. Currently, Twitter is just there in the realm of the Internet. We want to make it one of the Internet staples. Positioning Statement: Objectives and Strategies: Increase Awareness of Global Issues Making Sharing the News Easier and Faster Continue Promotion of Twitter via Television, Movies, and Pre-Rolls Increase Awareness of Twitter Itself Increase Product Recognition and Public Opinion. My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction. ”- Jake Dorsey “
  10. 10. Advertisements 10 Full Page Color Magazine Ads
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. 13Advertisements Pre-Roll #1: (00:30) Pre-Roll #2: (00:15)
  13. 13. 14 Media Print advertising will be the pivotal turning point for Twitter. By using colorful high definition pictures that relate to the current newsworthy issues concerning the world-wide population where twitter has played a vital role in being able to distribute on-the-ground real time information to populations around the world, a feature that news media just does not have the ability to do in a timely mannejust does not have the ability to do in a timely manner. Along with these images, the ads will feature out new slogan of “See It. Be It. Tweet It.” campaigning the ability to report on what is happening in your area and allowing you to be a part of what it is you are seeing and tweeting. This gives consumers the ability to play a journalistic role in reporting newsworthy information on a world wide scale at the touch of a the touch of a button. “Be It.” heightens awareness on the ability to be the first person to be able to spread the word on what is going on in the world to be able to reach a multitude of audiences about the happenings in your area. These simple one color ads will give Twitter the advantage of being able to reach a broad range of potential consumers on a vast array of websites that can specifically target users by age, gender, psychographics, and geographics. These ads will be featured on many different apps that are a commonplace on millions of phones around the U.S. With apps like Pandora, Google Maps, Spotify, and many others, the pop-up ads will allow us to reach not only our target audience, but also be able to introduce our product to others not in our target audience. Doing so will allow us to increase our reach and be able toso will allow us to increase our reach and be able to open up to users that would otherwise not know about or even use our product. This ad will be a mobile version of our print ads that offer a visual reference on the ability to become a part of twitter and be able to spread the word about the happenings in your are and allow you to become a type of first responder when it comes to the distribution and sharing of news and events.distribution and sharing of news and events.
  14. 14. 15Media The Media Map: Though our main focus is the population within the United States, the “See It. Be It. Tweet It.” campaign is a worldwide campaign that travels across political borders, without interference from governments, to bring awareness to issues facing the world. Our goal is to spread Twitter’s influence to other parts of the world via the Internet. In our advertisements, issues such as, Marriage Equality, the Hong Kong protests, the Egyptian protests, as well as issues that hit close to home in the United States. Our campaign allows the average Twitter user to become a first hand reports and to communicate with millions of people around the world while sharing the news that they are participating in.millions of people around the world while sharing the news that they are participating in.
  15. 15. 16 Media Media Timing Flow Chart: Year Round: January - December Weekly: Monday - Sunday Heavier during specific times during the day Heavier Marketing During Months of Social Unrest (Protests) Months: Days: Times During the Day:
  16. 16. 17Budget 2%of $664million $3,430,000 Print Digital Pre-Roll Twitter Tweets Promotions $1,000,000 $1,050,000 $1,143,333 $0 $236,999
  17. 17. 20 Sam Koester Nikki Adams Andrey Levkiv Brandon Schneider Who We Are