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Talkbox® (1)


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Thanks to TALKBox you can now own a system that will keep your company or group completely in touch with all aspects of communication and data. Business Continuity is no longer a problem when your system includes a TALKBox. All of your networks and systems will now be able to work together.
Portable enough to carried by two people in its hardened, military-grade case. You can move the TALKBox® near the affected area/building to a location of close proximity and plug in services such as a power generator as well as phone and net connectivity via a local hardened infrastructure, nearby unaffected infrastructure, cellular data, microwave or satellite.
The TALKBox® will automatically connect over from legacy phone lines, to VoIP, to cellular in any order you choose. It can even route calls to radio frequencies.

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Talkbox® (1)

  1. 1. Meridcom and Centrix LMR announce a majorbreakthrough in interoperable communications. Keep the lines of communication open and fully interoperable during the worst of times
  2. 2. Rumors and technology For the past ten years Talkbox has been something other companies and engineers have spoken quietly about. Each group that would gather whiffs of information that this unit existed and had preformed as promised in test after test. They all hoped that they could offer the same abilities and capacities that they heard this unit could carry. But most believed it was not possible and hard to believe at the prices they had heard.
  3. 3. What we need now The envisioned network would enable a firefighter to view a buildings blueprints on a mobile device, a police officer to stream surveillance video to their vehicle, or allow a hospital to conduct remote diagnostics on a patient from an EMS responder in the field. However, reality is that existing state and local systems are at varying levels of technological maturity. Many jurisdictions will continue to use their legacy networks for mission critical voice. This does not have to be that way.
  4. 4. Is something that works Some will not change because of cost, acquisition timing and existing policies. What is needed is a low cost solution that provides interoperability with systems currently in use around the nation.TalkBOX®Meets that need and more.
  5. 5. Presenting TalkBOX®
  6. 6. TalkBOX® working from thedock in Miami with a 1200 wattgenerator.
  7. 7. What is TalkBOX® TALKBox serves as a virtual switchboard, permitting intercommunication between the various modes and devices that the response team members now utilize. . The TALKBox does not require minutes or hours to establish the necessary intermodal networks. A few clicks of the mouse, or taps on the tablet, and law enforcement, EMS, and other personnel are interconnected to coordinate in the vital business of saving lives and property.Continuity of Communications The internal battery, sustaining one half hour or more of operation, ensures interoperability during those first critical minutes of an emergency. Drawing only 650 watts for operation, and 1200 watts for startup, TALKBox can be maintained indefinitely on a small portable generator.
  8. 8. When you need it or everydayuse TALKBox is the only product on the market that can be pre-programmed with networks necessary to each incident type so when the actual emergency occurs, the appropriate intermodal communities are instantaneously established, permitting multiple simultaneous conversations and alleviating the congestion of a single party line for response. An endless variety of configurations are possible, depending on local needs and practices. TALKBox unlike other emergency equipment is easily integrated into routine operations and rapidly becomes an integral part of daily operations. For example, one county uses the Talk Box on a daily basis in their E911 center to add additional capability including the ability to transfer a cell or phone call to a radio frequency and vice versa. This allows first responder on site to quickly access experts out of county via their radios directly.
  9. 9. News about TalkBOX® NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New World Brands, Inc. announced today that its TELES USA Division, in cooperation with Jackson State University, conducted the first public demonstration of its newly fielded Transmission Alternatives Link Kit, or “TalkBOX.” A combination of time-tested, proven TELES components, the TalkBOX was developed for the US Department of Homeland Security’s Center of Excellence at Jackson State University (JSU). “Unqualified success. TELES USA has shown they can bring much-needed capabilities to the residents of Mississippi and the Nation.”Business WireApril 22, 2009 06:00 AM
  10. 10. For the Gear heads outthere Equipment Components: • VoIP/Radio System Technologies/Cellular Gateway • Multifunction industrial-grade GigE Router RoIP/VoIP interface • 3G/4G Wireless Router/WiFi Access Point, combined appliance • Rack Mount 2U SUN Netra running Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper V o Microsoft Office 2010 o Radio interface software o Remote desktop software • Uninterruptable Power Supply • Industrial-laptop • 1 Programmable base station Radio ( up to 4 optional) • 1 Handheld programmable Radio • Raytheon ACU-2000IP o 1 CPM-6 o 2 SCM-2 o 2 DSP-2 • Military Grade Spec Deployable Portable Case o with 14U 19” shock mounted rack, with zinc hardware & rolling casters o (1) radio shelf, complete with power supply for connection with customer-supplied radios, power strips, wiring o (2) radio interface cables, connectors and connector panel o Four removable castors o Weather seal on both front and back door Plus
  11. 11. We don’t stop there!Training and Preparedness TalkBOX on-board servers allow one to take full advantage of various training methods by allowing Train staff by exercising critical decision making skills in crisis situations Take advantage of scenarios, exercises, and other capabilities that support the structure of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Train both individual and team training for the fifteen FEMA.Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) Utilize an all-hazards trainer, with a range of scenarios including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemic, and civil unrest. Train on scenario exercises that present an unfolding situation through email, news videos, website articles, simulated phone calls, meetings, maps, images, and any other communication feed that requires the participant to take action to respond to or mitigate the situation.TalkBOX allows for various levels of customization in regards to training such as: Individual – Practice a role by exercising with simulated teammates Tabletop – Drive discussion and group problem solving Team – Work together to mitigate a simulated incident Multi-agency – Exercise with other response organizations
  12. 12. More Info about TalkBOX®Emergency” equipment left in the closet or storeroom is unusable in time of emergency. Keys are misplaced, batteries discharge, passwords are forgotten; the key operator is on vacation, operating instructions are not passed down to replacement personnel. Vital minutes - even hours - can be lost while emergency equipment is reinstated and phased into operation.However the TALKBox being an integral part of daily operations ensures that personnel are intimately familiar with its use and that the EOC maintains current situational awareness and unit tracking, facilitating seamless transition from routine operations to emergency response.
  13. 13. Complete InteroperabilitySolutionWhat systems does TalkBox works with ? · Radios (800 mhz plus new system) · Legacy Phone Lines (PRI and Analog) · VoIP · Cellular · IP DataMake a call to & from : · Radio to radio (Different Frequency) · Radio to Landline Phone · Radio to Cellular Phone · Data and Voice over WiFI/Sat/3G wireless
  14. 14. Moves like unitOperates as a system. Hardened Case containing 14U rack shock mounted Computer Server running Win2008r2 with hyper v RoIP unit Mobile radio base station and antenna Handheld radio unit Cellular for channels in/outbound VoIP channels in/outbound Wi Fi router Webcam & headset Software Applications platform Installation Training 1 yr standard hours support on site visit and set up in the event of an emergency availableMobile Radio 3G Data WiFI Satellite VoIP Cellular
  15. 15. Tested by the NationalGuard, CACI, &Jackson StUniversity (DHS program).
  16. 16. Who can buy one?TalkBOX is offered to public and private groups for everyday and backup use.We can also help with the financial matters such as finding programs to pay for your system or lenders who will lease the equipment to you. Contact your area rep and ask for a demo.
  17. 17. Who are we?Meridcom Inc. & Centrix LMRLinking The World Through Technology