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M2 (U20) - Task 2 powerpoint - Sam Jordan

  1. M2 (U20): Justify the choice of planned components by targeted media sector Sam Jordan
  2. Title – PhizzWizzard adverts • As a collective they will be called PhizzWizzard adverts • Going into individual adverts, they will be named with the type of media in front of it • This is so it can easily searched up on the internet and social media search engines (discover tab on Instagram for example) • PhizzWizzard Billboard • PhizzWizzard Video advert • PhizzWizzard Magazine advert • PhizzWizzard Social Media advert
  3. Slogan – Go Retro, Go PhizzWizzard • Due to the retro aspect of the advertising campaign, we really want to focus on the ‘retro’ being displayed to the audience • So getting the word ‘retro’ in the slogan is key to get the point across • The use of repetition will stick in someone’s head, making it memorable • And getting the drinks name in the slogan will associate the ‘retro’ vibe with the drink
  4. Slogan – Go Retro, Go PhizzWizzard • This can easily be compressed into a hashtag • The hashtag will be placed on most adverts, especially on the social media adverts • Making the campaign more professional and well rounded, the audience will be more likely to buy from us • The hashtag used will be: • #GoRetro • Due to the slogan being used on all adverts, the ‘Go PhizzWizzard’ won’t be necessary as it will be linked with the advert anyway • It is also best as the shortened version, as it can be easily remembered and put in most of the adverts
  5. Who will be in the advert? • Harry and Ollie will be in in the video advert • I will be doing the filming and directing, so will not be on screen • They are the ones who drinking the PhizzWizzard and playing football in the advert • Filming the right parts of the advert will make the advert a better overall end product, so getting the right shots for the advert was my job • The rest of the adverts will show off the product, with no actors involved to really focus on the product • Having the rest of the adverts revolve around the product instead of the actors will be needed to get sales
  6. Images
  7. Images
  8. Images
  9. Images • All of these assets can be used in all of the adverts • The can will be the main focus, as it is what the audience is actually buying • So having it as the main feature of the adverts is ideal • The PhizzWizzard logo and Carter Soft Drinks logo can be used as smaller touches to make the adverts more coherent • Having them appear in the corner of the adverts will add a nice touch, that makes the adverts seem more professional
  10. Fonts – go for the classics or go for retro? • The classics are Helvetica and Garamond • All have that classic feel to them, so the audience will get the overall feel to the advert • These will be the main fonts used, but other font families can be used to complement them and making the adverts look aesthetic
  11. Fonts – go for the classics or go for retro? • These fonts I have found on • These have a retro vibe to them, similar to the overall campaign as it revolved around the retro aspect of the product
  12. Fonts – go for the classics or go for retro? • For the fonts, I have decided to go for the classic feel to it as well as having the retro feel we are aiming for • Garamond font is the most appropriate for this • It was also used for Apple adverts in the 80’s, so using it makes the audience feel they are going back in time
  13. Fonts – go for the classics or go for retro? Here is an example of the Apple adverts that use the Garamond font. Other accompanying fonts that could go well with it are:
  14. Font sizes • For the titles, the heading font will be a lot bigger in a bolder format Garamond extra bold • Italics could also be used on top, to create extra effect Garamond extra bold
  15. Colours – bright and bold or simple and clean • My initial thoughts were to used red, pink, green and other bright and flashy colours to match the colours used in the can • But the only problem of this is that it could make the advert hard to read and hurt the viewers eyes • Then I thought I could use a simple black and white advert with the only colour being the colour coming from the can • But this is a bit boring and won’t stand out enough the audience
  16. Colours – bright and bold or simple and clean • So finding a balance will be needed to make a suitable advert • The red and green is a given, due to it being the 2 main colours on the advert • The use of a dark purple could be appropriate here, so I can make that transition into the black I wanted • This gives the adverts a great balance of bold colours and basic colours • Additionally using a white can help with the contrast of the dark purple/black making it stand out even more
  17. Layout and positioning of elements • The can will be the focus of the advert, as it is what is being sold to the audience • With portrait adverts (social media adverts and magazine adverts) this will be placed centrally on the page • On the landscape adverts, this could work • But having it placed at the side (or covering 1/3 of the space) and having the text covering the remainder of the advert • This will be especially powerful in the billboard advert, as the big text needs to be readable and capture the attention of the potential audience walking by
  18. Tone and feel of the adverts • The adverts need that retro feel to them, but we want to add a playful twist to them too • Potentially adding text to accompany the slogan could be used to make it more playful • An example could be: • “Chuck the phone away, [slogan]” • This will reiterate the ‘retro’ aspect to the advert and make people think about the way they use technology • Some will choose an alternative, and we have provided and alternative by offering them a fizzy drink as that alternative