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Presentation shooterband-s


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shooting rubber bands, a new sport taking aim at the conventional archery

Published in: Education
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Presentation shooterband-s

  1. 1. ShooterBand HONG WING FOK
  3. 3. CONSTRUCTIONSTEP 1 >>> SHOOTER >>> Wrapped rubber band around chopsticks
  4. 4. CONSTRUCTIONSTEP 3 >>> SHOOTER The completed shooter should resemble the picture above
  5. 5. CONSTRUCTIONSTEP 4 >>> TARGET >>> Have another pair of chopsticks to tie rubber band as shown in photo above
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTIONSTEP 5 >>> TARGET READY >>> Have competitors put up equal number of rubber bands to be secure in the middle section of the target.
  7. 7. READYSTEP 6 >>> TARGET READY >>> The suspended and stretched rubber bands on poles should look like what is shown in the above photo
  8. 8. GAME ONSTEP 7 >>> SHOOTER TAKE AIM >>> The shooter should be fully stretch and aim accurately at target
  9. 9. SPORT : SHOOTING RUBBER BANDREPORT: >>> SHOOTERBAND This sport aims to help build up muscles and train our dexterity with co-ordination of our hands, arms , eyes and our judgement. To win the challenge, the competitors need to put up their stake of equal number of rubber bands and try their best to shoot down as many rounds of target put up Distance from Shooter to Target is about 5 meter and competitors take their turn based on drawing lots, there should be minimum of 2 competitors, winner takes it all