Me and my movies


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Me and my movies

  1. 1. Director: Joss WhedonProducer: Kevin FiegeReleased: 4th May 2012Studio: Marvel StudiosDistributed: Walt Disney StudiosStarring: Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, ChrisHemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Robert DownyJr.Budget: $220 MillionAt Box Offices: $1,511,757,910Short Synopsis: S.H.E.I.L.D, a law enforcement agency gather agroup of super heroes to protect the Earth from an Alien invasion.The team encounter a lot of problems not only with the invasion buteach other.
  2. 2. Director: Pierre MorelProducer: Luc BessonReleased: 30th January 2009, sequel was released on 4th October 2012 (Taken2)Studio: Europacorp, M6 Films, Grive Productions, Canal+, All PicturesMedia, TPS Star, M6, Wintergreen ProductionsDistributed: Eurocorp Distribution, 20th Century FoxStarring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Leland Orser, Jon Gries, DavidWorchofskyBudget: $25 MillionAt Box Offices: $226,830,568Short Synopsis: A girl goes on holiday to France with her friend where she is‘Taken’ by a group of men. The girls father goes out of his way to try and gether back.
  3. 3. Director: Gavin HoodProducer: Lauren Shuler Donner, Hugh Jackman, Ralph Winter and JohnPalermoReleased: 1st May 2009Studio: Marvel Entertainment, Donner’s Company, Seed Productions,Ingenious Film Partners, Big Screen Productions, Dune EntertainmentDistributed: Twentieth Century FoxStarring: Hugh Jackman Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan,Ryan ReynoldsBudget: $150 MillionAt Box Offices: $ 373,062,864Synopsis:A young Wolverine runs away from home with his step brother and thenlater joins the army. The audience watch him as he grows up throughdifferent wars where he never ages. After being captured during a war he isrecruited into a mutant team, which he leaves as he disagrees with theirmethods. Years later he starts a new life until his step brother comes lookingfor him. His brother supposedly kills his wife and Wolverine sets out to getrevenge. He later agrees to an operation and makes his bones adamantium. Heescapes when he finds out he will be used as a weapon. After his escape hefinds out that mutants are being taken an island where they are used tomake a mutant weapon. Wolverine then sets it upon himself to save them.
  4. 4. The genre I have chosen is Action. I have always enjoyed action films as theykeep me captivated and I love the fast pace scenes which comes with the genre.Avengers Assemble and X-men Origins are both action-fantasy(super hero) films. Thesefilms are based on marvel comic books. As they have a sub-genre of fantasy they wereable create extravagant action scenes, making the impossible possible. Action filmsoften throw characters ‘in at the deep end’ meaning they may have to encounterphysical challenges and be very resourceful.The films I have chosen are somewhat because of the actors. As I like watchingfilms with these actors in, these films are more appealing to me. Liam Neeson iswell known for his roles as action heroes in films, so in my opinion this wouldguarantee that Taken would be a good film(Star theory).My Parents are a big influence when it comes to my genre choice. They’re alsovery big fans of the action genre. My generation has been brought up on a lot of actionfilms, this is because technology has improved dramatically over the past few years. Atyoung age I also watched cartoons with marvel characters in them, this why I enjoymarvel films so much, because I enjoy the action and I can look back at my childhood.
  5. 5. All of these films have had different forms of advertisementswhether it be poster, interactive web banner or televisioncommercial. Magazines such as Empire are also a big source ofinformation as they tell you about up and coming films, such asTaken, Avenger Assemble and X-men Origin: Wolverine .Merchandise was also released before these films such astoys, t-shirts, posters and other synergies. With the Avengers and X-men films both being from the Marvel franchise, the company wasable to re-release comic books, cartoons and other Marvel films.All of these methods help promote the film and make theaudience more excited to see the films. Advertisements on TV and onthe Web are how I found out about these films. This maybe due mygeneration’s love for watching television and using the internet.
  6. 6. Reception theory is a theory that tells us that your culturalbackground is reflected in the things you like and your interests. The filmsyou like can depend on many different things such as where you werebrought up, when you were brought up and even your religion. For example;if your parents were very religious and very political, you would be broughtup with strong religious and political views. Someone who was born in the70’s may only like films from they’re era. People born in India may bebrought up on films form Bollywood.Stereotypically the majority of males prefer action and adventurefilms, whereas the majority of females enjoy romantic films, but this is notalways the case. Friends are also likely to influence your interests.
  7. 7. Star Theory is a theory that tells us that when a well known actor oractress is in a film the audience is most likely to go and see it. When the actor isliked for their other films, audiences have a high expectation of that actor inother films. Sometimes this can have negative effect; if an actor or actress isdisliked by the public the audience is less likely to go and see the film. If anactor who is often found in action/ adventure films and is very popular withaudiences is cast in a romance film, fans of that actor who may not like thatgenre may watch the film.
  8. 8. AssembleTakenX-men Origins: Wolverine