Iron Man 3Iron Man 3 is an American Super Hero film released May 2013. It was directed by ShaneBlack and produced by Kevin...
Anchorage is a media term that means that when a person sees a logo, brand or companythey automatically know what it is ab...
screening with a questionnaire at the end to gain qualitative information which would be used inmarketing and be used to i...
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Iron man 3


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Iron man 3

  1. 1. Iron Man 3Iron Man 3 is an American Super Hero film released May 2013. It was directed by ShaneBlack and produced by Kevin Feige. The film is the third in the Iron Man trilogy which has becomevery popular over the past few years. Iron Man is a fictional character from the Marvel comics andhas been brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film stars Robert Downey Jr. as IronMan/ Tony Stark as he tries to come to terms with his near death experience in the film AvengerAssemble. This leads to him having anxiety attacks in different parts of the film. Gwyneth alsoreprises her role as Pepper Potts, Tony Stark’s girlfriend.The film starts at a new year’s party in Tony Starks past, where he humiliates an inventor.The inventor then set out to get revenge for the way he made him feel. Throughout the rest of thefilm Tony tries to uncover the mystery behind the Mandarin, a terrorist leader, and the strangedeaths that have been occurring across the world.Iron Man 3 is a certificate 12A; this means that the film may be too violent for youngeraudience. The demographic that the film is aimed at is families, adult males and teens. Adult fans ofthe Marvel comics may be able to remains about their childhood through this film. Even youngercomic book fans would want to see this film; this is because the story is based on a story from thecomics. Teens will also enjoy watching this film as they have been brought up on a long line of superhero films. Children who watch the cartoons made by Marvel may want to see Iron Man 3 as itcontains an iconic character from their television shows.The target audience for Iron Man 3 is males between 16 and 25. This is because males aremost likely to enjoy the action scenes and the futuristic technology. Parents may also want to taketheir children as they are brought up on the comics or television programmes. Gwyneth Paltrow isan actor that males may find attractive so the male audience may be drawn to the film even more.People who enjoy video games also may be attracted to this film as there is fast paced editing andnon-stop action. The women in this film also have a lot of screen time; this may anchor femaleaudiences to the franchise.A lot of the jokes and puns in the Iron Man franchise can be aimed at most demographics.Some jokes are very slapstick like, making it very family friendly. Some of the jokes in the Iron ManFranchise contain adult themes, but this is done in a discreet manor.The budget for Iron Man 3 was $200 Million and at box offices they earned $1,073,273,000.There were many different marketing methods that cropped up when Iron Man 3 was released suchas television trailers and advertisements on social networks. Photos from the set were released tothe public prior to the release of the film, so that fans could speculate and through word of mouthget the news out that there would be a new film.Not long after production was finished, billboards and posters were put up along with therelease of video games and other synergies. Tie in comics were released before film release whichwere set between the 2ndand 3rdfilm. Once children have seen Iron Man 3 they may also want to bysynergies such as toys and video games or vice versa; they may buy the product and then want to goand see the film. This merchandise may be distributed by Walt Disney or Marvel who distributed andmade the film.Here are a few of many toys and bags thatwere made for the promotion of the film.
  2. 2. Anchorage is a media term that means that when a person sees a logo, brand or companythey automatically know what it is about. Within Iron Man 3 posters there are many things thatanchor the audience to the film. Posters contain the well-known Marvel logo which is very iconicwith today’s generation. As Marvel is such an iconic company the audience will have highexpectation of Iron Man 3 especially as their past films have a high reputation. The character of IronMan is very iconic also. Audiences can recognise that character without their being any mention ofhis name. On the poster bellow,there is the iconic ‘IRON MAN’ logo in its iconic font. This can berecognised as it is on all Iron Man products.Robert Downey Jr. is a well-known actor who has been in films such as Sherlock Holmes andTropic Thunder. He is known for his skills as an actor and his unique style. Star theory and anchoragework together when he is shown in advertisements and posters. When the audience see this actoron posters in the iconic Iron Man suit with the Marvel logo underneath, they are likely to have a highexpectation of the film and actor, which makes them want to see the film. People who have seenthis actor in other films and enjoy his acting may want to see him in this film.How did I find out about this film? During and after the film Avengers Assemble there was alot of speculation into whether there would be a third Iron Man film. During a conference theproducer teased future Marvel films, revealing Iron Man 3. When Iron Man 3 finished post-production, advertisements were released and bits of information were purposely leaked online totease the audience. I found out about the film through websites which contained film news.During pre-production the producer would part in some primary and secondary research tofind out about the audience. Primary research is where the producer would hold focus groups andgive out surveys to find out about their target audience. The secondary research involved during pre-production would be where the producer looks into locations and health & safety issues, mostlyfinding quantitative information. Other primary research would involve looking for stars to feature inthe film. This would involve auditions and negotiations just like the producer did with Ben Kingsley inApril of 2012.Once pre-production is over and done with, post production begins. During post-productionthe producer would also do some research into the target audience. He/ She may hold a testWell known MARVELlogo used to anchorthe audience.Disney is another well-knowncompany who are known for theirrange of different types of film,especially children’s cartoons.The poster features theiconic Iron Man suit whichcan be recognised by peoplewho are not even fans of thefranchise.The Iron Man logo is also very iconicand uses the red and gold coloursthat are used on the suit. The sellline for the poster is ‘Tony StarkReturns with Energy’. This can beconsidered as a metaphor for thewhole film; that it is full of actionand energy. It also reflects what thesuit is powered by, energy.
  3. 3. screening with a questionnaire at the end to gain qualitative information which would be used inmarketing and be used to improve scenes and editing.Some questions asked would be ‘What do you like about this scene?’ and ‘How can weimprove this scene?’ This would be used to improve each scene editing wise. Sometimes it may leadto re-taking a few shots, but this only happens on rare occasions. Other questions would be ‘Whatattracts you to the Iron Man franchise?’ and ‘How have you found out about previous films?’ Themarketing team would use this information to make posters and advertisements which wouldanchor the audience to the film.After the film is released the producer and marketing team would look at review andresearch into the public’s opinions of the film to find out what to work on for their next film;whether it is the script, special effects or editing.In the Iron Man Official UK trailer the main character narrates as if he is writing a diary. Hetells the audience how he has everything but there is a problem. The problem is revealed further onin the trailer. It makes the audience wonder, ‘Why there is a problem with this super hero?’ Thetrailer then shows the ‘MARVEL’ logo. This lets the audience know what company has made the filmand may anchor the audience.In my opinion this trailer leaves the audience with bits of information, meaning there will bea lot of questions being asked. This leads to more speculation and more passing on informationthrough word of mouth. The trailer then reveals that there is a man threatening America and hemust be stopped. It shows that the public is in panic and they are relying on Iron Man to solve thisproblem. Once Tony Stark takes it upon himself to stop the threat he is then torn from his home andgirlfriend from a missile attack. This may be considered shocking to the diehard fans of the franchiseas he finds himself with his back against the wall.In this trailer it shows flash sport cars and luxurious locations, this is what you would expectfrom a super hero film. In the final few seconds the trailer there is a scene where Tony Stark’s suitscome to his rescue which in my opinion is every young male’s dream, to see a battle with roboticsuits involved. (The link for the trailer is below)Once again the MARVEL logo is shown. Iron Man is shown as in a vulnerablestate.The Iron Man suits come to Tony Stark’srescue.
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