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Character profile 1


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Character profile 1

  1. 1. Character Profile: Full Name: Charlie Wood Alias/Nickname (if any):..... Gender: Male Age: 16 Ethnicity: English(white)Appearance: Eye Colour: Brown Hair colour: His hair is light brown Height and Build: Small with medium build Clothing/Style (How do they dress? Do they have any tattoos?): He is wearing a polo shirt, jeans and boots.Role: Character Function (hero/villain/side-kick/damsel in distress/comic relief): He is just a character with no real role at the beginning but then he becomes a victim towards the end. He will reflect many people his age and he may be relatable to some audiences. Character Objectives (what’s their purpose in the narrative? What do they do?): He reads a book that leads his imagination to run wild. He tries to get to the library through the forest, but everything isn’t what it seems. Character’s Personality (describe him/her in 3 words): He is quiet and he has an over active imagination. He isn’t a brave character as he is scared by the smallest things. He doesn’t have many people skills and struggles to talk to people. Background History (do they have any hidden secrets? Has anything significant happened to them in their past?): Brought up in a small town by his parents who are in their forties. His parents work a lot and leave him home alone. He likes to read and he likes to be on his own. He doesn’t have many friends.