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Beginners Guide to Electron Framework


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Electron tutorial is a step by step guide for beginners who can download, configure & install Electron & also build desktop application from scratch. Building apps is not as easy as it seems, it requires extensive knowledge of languages, APIs, processes and even different technologies. But, what if you could build high-quality, powerful cross-platform desktop apps by using just JavaScript, HTML, CSS and one library? You can now with Electron.

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Beginners Guide to Electron Framework

  1. 1. Electron Framework Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) is an open-source framework created by Cheng Zhao, and now developed by GitHub. It allows for the development of desktop GUI applications using front and back end components originally developed for web applications: Node.js runtime for the backend and Chromium for the frontend.
  2. 2. Benefits of using Electron Framework ● Users can build Electron without a powerful machine ● Electron applications run the same regardless of the operating system. ● Users can view Electron applications on a variety of different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari.
  3. 3. Electron Framework has Used to Create Electron Framework has used to create a number of apps as follows: ● Slack Desktop App ● WordPress Desktop App ● Visual Studio Code
  4. 4. Structure of an Electron Application The basic Electron app consists of three files: ● package.json : The most important file in an Electron app. It contains information about package such as name, version, etc. ● main.js : code ● index.html : graphical user interface The framework is provided by the Electron executable file (electron.exe in Windows, on macOS and electron on Linux). Developers wishing to add branding and custom icon can rename and/or edit the Electron executable file.
  5. 5. Running the Electron App Since an Electron app is just a fancy Node.js app, you will need to have npm installed. ● How to install npm? npm is distributed with Node.js- which means that when you download Node.js, you automatically get npm installed on your computer.
  6. 6. Prerequisites for Learning Electron Framework ● You should have basic knowledge of: ● Javascript ● HTML ● CSS ● You should know the some native Node JS APIs like file handling, processes, etc.
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  9. 9. Table of Contents ● SECTION 1 : Introduction ● SECTION 2 : Introduction to Electron ● SECTION 3 : Integrating Frameworks ● SECTION 4 : Real World Apps ● SECTION 5 : Project ● SECTION 6 : Summary
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