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Inbound slidevideo-130324230109-phpapp02

  1. 1. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013Business IntelligenceInbound MarketingHigh TechnologySam Beal & Associates
  2. 2. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013What is Inbound Marketing?Customers reaching out to youBetter ROI than outboundSuccess is a function of:Website effectivenessContent – on your site and on the webConversations on the web i.e. social
  3. 3. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013
  4. 4. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013Landing Page QualityRich ContentConversion methodsSearchThe Funnel
  5. 5. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013Search MattersOrganic search is ~freeEngineers use searchYour products & services must be on page 1And must be near the top to be clicked
  6. 6. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013
  7. 7. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013Search MattersSearch Engine Results Page - SERPWhere do your products rankWhere do your keywords rankSearch engines filter (bias) resultsSearch history, IP, social activity, etc.Use tools to unbias results
  8. 8. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013SERP AnalysisKeywordsRanking#1 on page
  9. 9. Sam Beal & Associates ©2013How do you improve SERPsSearch Engine OptimizationQuality Contentand/orOutbound Marketing with SEMSearch Engine Marketing