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Honorable Pat Bell, MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie and Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation. Pat will be speaking about JOBS STRATEGY as a whole for the North and across the province.

With projected shortages in labour for many industries forecast for the next decade, businesses will be required to create, explore and develop innovative strategies. This will be a timely discussion and important to businesses in the North.

Pat was appointed Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation on March 14, 2011. He was re-elected for a third term as MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie in 2009. Pat also chairs the Small Business Roundtable and the Cabinet Committee on Jobs and Economic Growth. Prior to becoming an MLA Pat served on the Board of Directors for Tourism Prince George. He has worked in the hospitality business his entire life, both at the corporate level and as a small business owner. He has also owned a trucking company and co-owned a logging company.

Pat has previously served as Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands, Minister of Forests and Range, Minister Responsible for the Integrated Land Management Bureau, Minister of Agriculture and Land as well as Minister of State for Mining

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  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. APPROACH“Protecting and creating jobs is about gettingour overall economic and fiscal fundamentals right.It’s about taking decisive actions that remove barriers to investment and which support export opportunities in new, powerful markets” Premier Christy Clark 2 1
  3. 3. 3 KEY PILLARS1. Expanding markets for BC products and services, particularly in Asia2. Strengthening infrastructure to get our goods and services to market3. Working with communities and employers to enable jobs creation 3 2
  4. 4. UNDERPINNING THE 3 KEY PILLARS4. Skills and training programs that lead the way to the jobs of tomorrow5. Prudent and fiscally responsible approach6. Leveraging BC’s strengths in key sectors 4 3
  5. 5. BUILD ON BC’s UNIQUE ADVANTAGES • Canada’s Pacific Gateway • Abundance of energy and natural resources • Multilingual and multicultural society • Safe harbour for investment • Competitive tax rates • Globally sound banking system • Open trade and regulatory reform • Highly skilled and educated workforce“any strategy to strengthen the BC economy has to focus on traded • Leadership in emerging technologies industries...” • Clean and green reputation - Outlook 2020: Shaping BC’s Economic Future (BC Business Council) • Superior quality of life 4
  6. 6. HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY: SHIFTING CONSUMPTIONShares of global middle class consumption, 2000-2050 Today 2020 2050 BC’s EW TARGET MARKET 5
  7. 7. FOCUS ON KEY SECTORSThe BC Jobs Plan seeks to defend and create jobs byaccelerating opportunities in sectors where: 1 The projects are driving new investment in BC 2 BC has a competitive advantage 3 Every community in BC, big or small can identify ways that the projects support their local economy 6
  8. 8. LESSONS FROM CHINAFocus on Chinese market resulted in 10-fold increase in the value of lumber exports to China since 2003 10,000 direct jobs created for BC families 7
  9. 9. KEY SECTORS DRIVING EXPORT GROWTHNATURAL RESOURCE KNOWLEDGE BASED INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS SECTORS SECTORS• Forestry • Technology, • International• Mining Clean Tech and Education• Natural Gas Green Economy • Transportation: • Tourism Ports, Marine• Agri-Foods and Aerospace 8
  10. 10. BC JOBS PLAN – KEY ANNOUNCEMENTSENHANCED INVESTMENT ATTRACTION Major Investments Office BC Jobs and Investment Board Aboriginal Business and Investment Council 9
  11. 11. BC JOBS PLAN – KEY ANNOUNCEMENTSOPENING MARKETS Doubling BC’s international presence in key and expanding markets New promotional campaign Hosting program for potential investors Aggressively seek reduction or elimination of protectionist measures in other jurisdictions 10
  12. 12. BC JOBS PLAN – KEY ANNOUNCEMENTSSKILLS OF TOMORROW Regional workforce tables Trades training conference in 2011 $6m per year to support industry sector partnerships Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit extension More entrepreneurs and skilled workers through the Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Program 11
  13. 13. BC JOBS PLAN – KEY ANNOUNCEMENTSNATURAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT $24 million to streamline natural resource development approvals and permits 12
  14. 14. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSFORESTRY Wood Innovation Centre Ongoing expansion of markets in AsiaOPPORTUNITIES: Lumber exports to China Wood exports to Japan for post earthquake reconstruction Increased pulp exports to Asia Bioenergy (pellet) sales to Europe and Asia Targeted marketing of wood as green building product and expanded use in non-residential construction 13
  15. 15. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSMINING 8 new mines and the expansion of another 9 mines currently operating in BC by 2015OPPORTUNITIES: Demand from Asia Increased foreign investment Global standard for environmental responsibility Northwest Transmission Line 14
  16. 16. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSNATURAL GAS Plan to grow LNG industry in BC 1) improve permitting and decision making processes 2) skills and training development 3) investment attraction 4) international marketingOPPORTUNITIES: LNG exports to Asia Increase domestic demand – transportation infrastructure and fleets that utilize LNG LNG conversion facilities 15
  17. 17. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSAGRI-FOODS Open new domestic markets for BC wines Report on opportunities for innovation in greenhouse heatingOPPORTUNITIES: Sales of safe and secure BC products to Asia - beef, pork, blueberries, cherries, salmon, seafood 16
  18. 18. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSTECHNOLOGY $3m increase to Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Climate change leader – work with clean energy companies to develop the sector Leverage investment in Genome BC and Michael Smith Foundation Expedite immigration process for researchers and scientists R&D investments and venture capital will be focused on key sectors and on commercializationOPPORTUNITIES: Demand in Asia Export of BC technology developed based on our strengths (clean energy, green buildings, environmental protection, e-health, ICT, digital) 17
  19. 19. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSTOURISM Explore new opportunities for First Nations cultural tourism, agri- tourism and adventure tourism Make BC the #1 ski destination in North AmericaOPPORTUNITIES China – approved destination status Emerging middle class in India Canadian and US travellers Attracting conventions and marquee events to BC 18
  20. 20. BC JOBS PLAN – SECTOR FOCUSINTERNATIONAL EDUCATION International education council International marketing strategy Strengthen BC’s Education Quality Assurance Work with communities to welcome international students Send more BC students abroad to studyOPPORTUNITIES “Social gateway” to Asia Showcase K-12 and post secondary institutions with capacity to host increased numbers of international students Expand R&D partnerships – e.g. MITACS 19
  21. 21. BC JOBS PLAN – KEY ANNOUNCEMENTSPORTS, MARINE AND AEROSPACE $15m contribution to $90m Road Rail Utility Corridor Project $50m to improve the corridor that connects Deltaport to Canada’s rail transportation network $5m in improvements to ensure commercial carriers and travellers can make efficient border-route planning decisions Access to federal aerospace research and procurement funds Assess feasibility of Foreign Trade ZonesOPPORTUNITIES Ongoing strengthening of Asia Pacific Gateway 20
  22. 22. BC JOBS PLAN – TARGETS ON THE PATH TO SUCCESS• Top 2 in GDP and new jobs growth in Canada by 2015• Increase number of international students by 50% over next 4 years• 8 new mines and 9 upgrades and expansions to existing mines• At least one LNG pipeline and terminal in operation at Kitimat by 2015 and three in operation by 2020• In 2012, 80% reduction in mining permit backlog and 50% backlog reduction in water and land permitting• Deltaport and Ridley Island terminal upgrades completed and operational by 2014• Border technology and information systems in place by March 2012 21
  23. 23. BC JOBS PLAN – TARGETS ON THE PATH TO SUCCESS• YVR to attract one new international carrier per year for next 2 years• 10 new non-treaty agreements in place with BC First Nations by 2015• Small Business Venture Capital Program tax credit enhanced by 2012• Business tax competitiveness review to inform Budget 2012• Commitment to zero net regulatory gain through 2015• Regulatory Reporting Act enacted in 2012• Report on the greenhouse industry released by end of 2011 22
  24. 24. OPEN GOVERNMENTThe BC Jobs Plan is a partnership between government,industry, and communities1. Where are the best opportunities to create jobs ?2. What are the barriers to creating jobs in your communities ?3. What is the best way for government to engage with businesses and communities to set and reach the goals of the Jobs Plan ? 24 23
  25. 25. I look forward to working with you Pat BellMinister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation 25