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FT - Charity 2013

  1. 1. Charity
  2. 2. Contents 1. FT as a Media Partner 2. FT as a Corporate Partner 3. Talk with the right audience 4. FT Readers give! 5. Print opportunities 6. Digital opportunities 7. Raising the Agenda with the FT 8. Examples of recommendations
  3. 3. FT as a Media Partner We write about charities and their actions almost everyday, however no journalist is specially dedicated to this sector. As per, the most relevant people you should be in touch with are: Martin Dickson Deputy Editor martin.dickson@ft.com Mike Skapinker FT special Reports Editor mike.skapinker@ft.com James Vauxhall Home and Social Affairs Editor james.vauxhall@ft.com Sarah Neville Public Policy Editor sarah.neville@ft.com Authority Integrity Accuracy Three reasons we are recognised as a world leading business news and information organisation.
  4. 4. 1. Possess a philosophy that fits the FT brand 2. Be able to generate a large body of compelling news stories and features 3. Be able to cope with – and benefit from – the huge amount of publicity the FT campaign will generate 4. Have strong governance and accountability structures 5. Be able to leverage the FT’s fundraising; for example, through pledges to match our donations 6. Operate internationally 7. Be registered with charitable status in both the UK and the US FT as a Corporate Partner Each year the FT runs a seasonal appeal on behalf of a deserving charity. The 2012 seasonal appeal raised $4.89m for Global Fund for Children The appeal involves the FT reporting on a charity, both in print and online, throughout December to raise money and increase awareness of the selected charity's work Charities that apply must: The 2013 candidates:
  5. 5. Talk with the right audience 88% of FT readers are opinion formers – this is 12% more than the average European business elite* €1.4 Million* *BE:Europe 2012 **FT Global Readership Survey 2011 Average income of FT Readers that are working**£136,791 1 in 10 are millionaires** Opinion formers read the FT Total Net worth €70.3 Billion* Average Net worth Wealthy Opinion Formers The FT audience has the wealth
  6. 6. FT Readers give! *Premier TGI 2013 **FT Wealth Research 2013 75.5% of FT readers have donated to charity in the last 12 months* Personal Donation Corporate Donation FT audience Charity 48% of FT wealth readers are involved in philanthropy by donating their time, while 76% donate money** 74% of FT readers agree that working for an ethical company is important* Fundraising by friends/colleagues/themselves is what most motivates our readers to donate* 75.5% of readers give through more than one method of donation* (e.g. direct debit, cheque/cash, sponsored fundraising event, contribution through wage) On average FT readers have donated £181,000 to charity in the last 12 months*
  7. 7. Print opportunities FT Wealth A globally distributed, quarterly magazine looking into investment markets, written assuming readers have a minimum net wealth of £1m/€1.5m+ in investable assets For Goodness' Sake How To Spend It magazine’s Deputy Editor, Claire Wrathall, keeps readers up to date on latest philanthropy trends in each edition of How To Spend It FT Weekend Magazine A UK weekly, intelligent writing magazine with coverage of all important issues FT Weekend Paper International weekly broadsheet encompassing the House & Home and Life & Arts sections Newspaper inserts can be geographically targeted across the UK
  8. 8. Digital opportunities Targeted digital advertising makes our client's campaigns work harder We can track and target the 'charitable giving' segment of our audience Showing ads to the right people, at the right time Attention grabbing formats both online and mobile
  9. 9. Raising the Agenda with the FT Reports are critical to the FT editorial proposition and are often dubbed the ‘3rd Section’ of the title The FT produces over 200 reports per year, providing a range of relevant environments in which charities can place messages. Many reports are timed to coincide with key events in the business and political calendars
  10. 10. Raising the Agenda with the FT FT Reports provide a thought-provoking environment, with 50% of readers* picking up on an idea as a result of reading the report. 26% of these take investment decisions directly resulting from reading FT Reports One in six* Special Report readers have responded to an advertisement in an FT Special Report *FT Reports Research 2008
  11. 11. Example of Recommendations Title FT Weekend Newspaper 66 660 for a 10X2 FT Weekend Magazine (UK) - 4,378 per full page How To Spend It (worldwide) - 21,000 per full page FT Wealth (worldwide) - 10,500 per full page Investors Chronicle - 2,000 per full page £/scu Starting from (£) inc. 50% discount FT.com - ROS Leaderboard 62 1,000 for 32,258 impressions howtospendit.com - Arts & Giving section - 7,200 for 1 month sponsorship + 25% SOV on rest of site Site CPM Double your coverage with FT - As support for subjects that matter, the FT offers registered charities a 50% reduction on advertising Reaching an audience who are interested in important issues, and have the means to act Starting from (£) inc. 50% discount
  12. 12. Mark Howarth mark.c.howarth@ft.com +44 (0)207 873 4885 www.ft.com - Advertising media kit Emma Gibbs seasonalappeal@ft.com +44 (0)20 7873 3184 For more information please contact: To find out more about the Seasonal Appeal please contact: