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  1. 1. Tumblr
  2. 2. Contents (This tutorial will be split into 3 different parts)Part 1• What is Tumblr?• How to sign up for Tumblr• Basics of Tumblr • Create a new blog • Help Centre • Preferences • Log out • Creating your Avatar (Identity) • How to follow people • Searching for your interests • Search for your interests in categories • Navigation Bar • What you can do with other peoples posts • How to create Text Posts • How to create Photo Posts • How to create Quote Posts • How to create Link Posts • How to create Chat Posts • How to create Audio Posts • How to create Video Posts
  3. 3. Contents (This tutorial will be split into 3 different parts)Part 2• Basics Of Personal Site • Mass Post Editor • Queue • Drafts • Posts • Blog Settings • Customize your webpage •Theme •Title & Description •Appearance •Advanced Extras •Saving •Visiting Published Website
  4. 4. Contents (This tutorial will be split into 3 different parts)Part 3• The creating of my event on Fundraising for Poverty in Africa• The website details
  5. 5. What is Tumblr?• Tumblr is a social networking site involving following people online that have the same interests as you. You then blog your own posts about your interests or you reblog posts of other peoples interests. Blogging or reblogging can be on any form of topic you decide, whether it’s a celebrity you have an interest in or a fundraiser that you want to help with, it is completely your choice.
  6. 6. Step 1- How to sign up• When signing up for Tumblr, first you must prepare 1. A email account 2. A password, minimum of 6 characters 3. A URL to create your personal webpage. The URL can only use letters and dashes (-). The ending of your URL will have .tumblr.com
  7. 7. First we go to the computer desktop and double click on an internet searchengine. I will be using Google Chrome however it is up to you to choose an internet search engine that you prefer.
  8. 8. The next step is to find the Tumblr homepage. There is two ways you can do this. The first way is to type into Google the word Tumblr. Type in TumblrThen a page like so will appear Simply click the page circled in red and you will be directed to the Tumblr homepage.
  9. 9. The second way to go to Tumblr is through typingwww.tumblr.com into the URL bar. So it looks like so And then the Tumblr homepage will appear!
  10. 10. When the Tumblr homepage appears it will look like so You must then put in your prepared A Security Box will then appear and you have to copy what it says before you can continue. You will now be sent to your Tumblr account’s dashboard. Email Address, For Example Password, For Example URL Address, For ExampleOnce Finished Press the Start posting! Button
  11. 11. This is your Tumblr account. I now will explain the basics of Tumblr. To start off with we havethe Dashboard page. This is where you can find your new posts or new posts of other peoplethat you have been following Before you start, This is button you must verify for the your email Dashboard address This button will lead you to your personal posts, or posts you have reblogged.
  12. 12. Basics of Tumblr- Creating a new blogOnce you click the Create New Blog This button isbutton, this page will appear. You then to create atype in a title and a new URL. We will go new blogmore into detail on creating a new blog page. Thislater in the tutorial would be a good way to create an event of your choice.
  13. 13. Basics of Tumblr- Help Centre As shown below The Help Button
  14. 14. The PreferenceBasics of Tumblr- Preferences button is used to change your basic settings/ account As shown below settings
  15. 15. Basics of Tumblr- Log out The log out button
  16. 16. Basics of Tumblr- Creating your avatar As shown below If you click the Pick Avatar button you can upload a photo of yourself, however if you click the Picture, it will take you to your webpage.
  17. 17. Basics of Tumblr- How to follow If you like their posts/webpage and To follow Can find the peoplefollow them, So firstto you wish type your interest into the Search someone want to follow bytheir URL and little Search symbol Tags box you then the copy If and click like typing Once you have who has the in their URL. the side. Forto the and shall type in atthen go back example we You can someones post click the Follow same also see who youwish screen and Food. are to follow them. beginning button a box like interest as already following.it into the URL pasteClick on their name this will appear you, you next to their picture or box, like so….. that let’s you simply paste click on their picture know that you their URL (Avatar) and their have officially (WebPages) Webpage will appear added someone into this box. to follow. Paste URL into box and click Follow
  18. 18. The other way to followsomeone is to simply go ontotheir webpage and in the topright side click the followbutton. You can also unfollowsomeone the same way asshown here. This button will take you back to your dashboard
  19. 19. Basics of Tumblr Searching for your interestsFor example if we type the wordFood, this page will appear This is where weIf you like what someone has searched ourposted you can click their interestname as shown here. Thencopy their URL and paste it in Search yourthe Following Box as shown interest here.previously These are people that Tumblr recommend you follow that also have the same interest as you. To follow simply click on the +. If you want to look at their webpage, click on their name
  20. 20. Basics of Tumblr- Search for categorised interestsYour interest could be categorised as shownbelow. The enables you to search for yourinterest easier as well as gives you peoplethat also share the same interest so that youcan follow them. Categorizing interests which you can follow
  21. 21. Basics of Tumblr- Navigation Bar Navigation Bar- You can pick how you would like to blog, as shown you have many options
  22. 22. Navigation Bar- Basics The publish now button This box enables enables you to publish your you to cite were you post now, or you can add got your context to a queue which means (text, photo etc) that you can save the blog from. This DOES and it posts at a different NOT have to be The next slide will show you what time. You can also save the filled in. you can do with other people’s posts posts using the Save to before showing you how to create Drafts button. This means your own posts. that they are NOTIn the tags area you type in published to the public andanything you have been if you want to post to thetyping about in your blog so public you have to go tothat if a person looks up that the Drafts button on yourkeyword, your blog may Personal blog page. Theappear. For example, if in last thing you can do withyour blog you were writing your posts is make it aabout food then in the tag private post. This meansplace you would type the that ONLY YOU can see thisword food in. post.
  23. 23. What you can do with someone else’s posts This is theThis is someone’s photo post Like button. This is the name of Click if the person who you like posted the post. By the post. clicking on their name The next slide will show you to theirdifferent it will take you all the ways you canwebpage where you create your own posts. The Notes can see all their other button simply posts lets you know When you clickTheliked or who Reblog the reblog buttonreblogged this page button will appear where post this youyou allows can then edit in the to repost a captions or putpost that tags on the post that you just you like. reblogged, it’s entirely up to you.
  24. 24. Navigation Bar- How to Text Blog The Title of your blog The context of your blog can be written here
  25. 25. Navigation Bar- How to Photo Blog You can upload the photo you wish to blog or you can take a photo. If you want, you You then can either submit can add some your post or preview your context to your post photo in this box
  26. 26. Navigation Bar- How to Quote Blog You can copy & paste your Quote here If you want, you You then can either submit can add some your post or preview your context to your post photo in this box
  27. 27. Navigation Bar- How to Link Blog Title of the Link Paste the Link’s URL in this box You then can either submit your post or preview your post
  28. 28. Navigation Bar- How to Chat Blog The Title for you chat post This is were you type your chat. This is shown like so Me: I love the colour green Mum: I thought you loved the colour blue Me: That’s only depending on my mood.
  29. 29. Navigation Bar- How to Audio BlogThere Second way to post a Audio file is The islast way to upload a Audio post The three ways you canupload an Audio File using the searchExternal You simply is by using the button. source. In type the name of to upload an Audio file The First way is the Audio file and the external source, you simply Tumblryour search the internet forclick from will personal files. Simply it. search on the internet for the the Choose File button and select your Audio File you want and then copy Audio file you wish to upload. and paste the URL in the box. Be aware of the URL Box limitsThe search resultsare then shown Thebelow where you Description Beware of Limitshave the choice of to yourlistening to the audio Audio filefile (Play Button) orselecting the Audiofile (Choose Button)
  30. 30. Navigation Bar- How to Video BlogThere is two ways you can upload a The First way is by Embed uploading a The Last way is by simply a Video.video post This means you simply type the URL in video from your personal files. Simply from a site that your video is and click the Choose File button on. search for the Video you wish to post. Part one of the tutorial is finally completed. We are now going to move onto part two of the tutorial. In this section we will be looking at how to set up, customize and use your webpage to its fullest advantage. Type in your Beware of limits Description to the video here Example
  31. 31. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site This page will then appear. I will now go through the basics of this page before we actually design our page So the first thing we have to do is click onto your personal site which is shown here
  32. 32. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Mass Post Editor The Mass Post Editor is a form of timeline that enables you to see all the posts you have ever made or reblogged. You also have the option to change things about previous posts as shown here. First we will start with the Mass Post Editor
  33. 33. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Queue Remember that if you need to queue posts, you goThisthewhere you to is little arrow can settop of time at the up the the right hand side posts you want the cornerto be published when you are creating/reblogging a post and click the add Queue button enables you to to queue option. have your created posts or reblog posts, put on hold, in other words, queue them up so that if you don’t want to blog all at the same time you can organise for when they can be publish.
  34. 34. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Drafts The Drafts button is the same as the queue button. You need to go to the post you are creating/reblogging and choose the save to drafts option. All the drafts will then appear here.
  35. 35. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Posts This Posts button simply shows you all the posts you have ever created or reblogged
  36. 36. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Blog Settings The Blog Settings page looks like so The Blog Settings button is different to the Preference button (Shown in yellow). The Blog Setting button is to do with the settings to your posts, webpage and blogs rather then to the account itself (Preference button)
  37. 37. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Customize Webpage The First thing we do is choose the theme for our website. Every Theme has different choices within them, so unfortunately this tutorial can’t show you how to do everything with each theme, but It will give you the basics. This is were we set up our actual webpage. So first we click on the Customize Theme button and this page will appear.
  38. 38. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Customize Webpage Once you have chosen your theme click the Once you have Use button clicked on the theme button many themes will appear If you click this button a list will appear that can help narrow down your theme search. You have the choice of •Premium Theme •Free Theme •Single Column •Two Columns •Three Columns •Grid •Textual •Minimalistic •Vintage •Super Customizable •Hi-Res
  39. 39. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Customize Webpage You can then choose the title of your homepage and a description of yourself or of what your interests are that you will be blogging about Some webpages enable you to change your appearance but this depends on what type of theme you use.
  40. 40. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Customize Webpage You then might have extras (depending on your theme) that will allow you to create more pages or have advanced forms of layouts
  41. 41. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Customize Webpage Once you have designed and customized your webpage you then simply press the save button a couple of times and your webpage will be published
  42. 42. The Basics of Tumblr on your Personal Site- Open Webpage The other way to look at your published webpage is by going to the URL Bar on the internet and pasting in your URL address. If you click on this button it will take you to your published If you then remember webpage (meaning that you can your URL. You can then not make any changes to your simply type your URL webpage unless you click the into the URL bar on the button below that says Customize internet and your Theme) webpage will appear
  43. 43. The event I have created is a fundraiser on poverty in Africa. In the next few slides isstep by step development of creating this event. The images and text are cited andnone of the information is factual. This is NOT a proper fundraiser for povertytherefore there is no address or contact details for money to be sent to.
  44. 44. First we go tothe Create anew blogbutton asshown below We then type in a title, URL and click the Create Blog button. This will look like so….
  45. 45. So now when we go back to were our personal site is and we Because my fund raiserwillis about poverty I chosehas appeared see that our blog page this Image because seeing a child crying is suffering enough. Then click Click the Choose the Blog File button and Settings select the picture button to you would like as change your your avatar. There is also a new Avatar button appeared, Picture. Members. This button enables you to invite people to your blog.
  46. 46. My next step is to now create some posts that can go on my webpage wall(Let’s Destroy Poverty) I simply click the Choose File button and upload amy posts I shall be For photo I wantusing a Photo Post. then click the Create Post button As you can see, the picture I have chosen has now appeared as a post
  47. 47. Next I am going to design my webpage Then click the USE button Next I am going to give my Blog I now go into Themes a Description We are now going to click the Customize Theme button I have decided to use the Solstice my As you can see, Theme in the Free Themes Section been description has typed into the Description box
  48. 48. Next I go down to the Appearance section and click on the Background button I can then choose a form of image I would like as my background image. I shall choose this one.Then thebackground will bedisplayed
  49. 49. Then a page like so will appear. You must then add a ending to Page URLpage’s URL. your ending A title to your page. Page Title And Information to your page. This will look like so…… I now want to create a page within this blog where people can contact this fund raiser or donate to this fund raise Information to the pageOnce done click Create Pagethen click the Save Pageoption after
  50. 50. The Description We are now at the very end so whatThis is the Page that we created we have to do is Save and then go back to the homepage. So now if we click the Open button we will be sent to the Webpage Posts Information displayed The Page that here we created
  51. 51. That is the end of the Tumblr tutorial. To see my event page the link is http://fundraiseforpoverty.tumblr.com/