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House inspections melbourne

  1. 1. 5 Things Not to Believe About House Inspections MelbourneTitle: 5 Things Not to Believe About House Inspections MelbourneSubtitles: And What to Believe|And the TruthUnless you are in the business of house inspections Melbourne, you probablydon’t know a lot about them. That’s natural; you can’t know everything.Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt you, and you may end up making abig mistake when you hire a home inspector, or not hiring a building inspectorwhen you need one. There are many myths and false beliefs about houseinspections Melbourne floating around.The problem is that these falsehoods could cost you a great deal of trouble, andhouse inspections Melbourne could save you hundreds, even thousands ofdollars.Here are a few false beliefs that can be remedied simply by hiring a qualifiedhome inspector.False Belief 1: House inspections Melbourne reports are a list of required repairsthat the seller must do before the buyer takes possession of the property.Truth 1: The report from the building inspector is a list of defects and issues fromthe home inspector. The seller can use the report as a master list for repairs or asa negotiating tool, or can refuse to negotiate and ignore the report entirely.False Belief 2: Any building inspector is pretty much the same as any other.Truth 2: Just claiming the title home or building inspector, or even being certified,does not make a person qualified. Examine any home inspector’s credentialscarefully, make sure they are a Master Builder, and check to make sure they haveprofessional indemnity insurance. Don’t hire just anyone. Ask for reference andmake sure the inspector you are considering is a professional, active homeinspector.False Belief 3: Properties being sold “as is” do not need house inspectionsMelbourne.
  2. 2. Truth 3: You should be even more careful to get a home inspector to evaluate ahome that is being sold “as is,” so you know what you’re getting. You see, thesehomes are being sold with all their defects intact, so you have a choice of buyingit or not, but that’s it. You don’t get to have them repaired by the seller, so youneed to know what they are.False Belief 4: You don’t need to be there at house inspections Melbourne .Truth 4: You don’t legally have to be there with the building inspector; the lawdoes not require you to accompany the building inspector. But it is best for you tobe at the inspection to get a first-hand view of what is going on with your homeand to get a look at how the various systems of your home work. You will alsohave an opportunity to ask questions if you are there, which will be easier if youare there when the home inspector is there, rather than when you get the report.False Belief 5: New construction homes don’t need house inspections Melbourne :Truth 5: You should get an inspection of a newly constructed home, becauseaccording to Consumer Reports Magazine, about 15% are sold with serious flaws.Although most home builders do their best, things get missed, and you shouldknow what you are facing. It is always best to get house inspections Melbourne ofany property you are considering buying.All of these false beliefs have come around in day-to-day situations when Safe andSound Property Inspection is being asked whether or not their services arerequired. Just remember that the house is one of your most expensive assets andreally does need to be secured and without understanding any of the aboveitems, you can’t begin to grasp its importance.
  3. 3. An Overview of Property InspectionsTitle: An Overview of Property InspectionsSubtitles: What You Should Know|The BasicsIf you’re thinking of investing in real estate or buying a property for your own use,you should definitely have the property inspected before buying it. These areknown as pre-purchase property inspections. The purpose of these inspections isto have the property evaluated properly by a qualified building inspector who cangive you a detailed inspection report explaining the defects and issues with theproperty. This article will explain what pre-purchase property inspections are,what they do, and the possible problems that can arise when you have a propertyinspected.What are property inspections?A building inspector or home inspector is a qualified professional who will inspectyour property, evaluate all of the systems and specific areas according to adetailed checklist and highlight issues and defects and give you a detailed pre-purchase property inspection report detailing all of the findings of the inspection.While you will probably go over your property thoroughly yourself, the propertyinspections report will give you many details you would never notice yourselfbecause the property inspector is trained and knowledgeable in this area and hasspecialized equipment.Potential problems with property inspections reports:While the property inspections are very detailed, there may be parts of theproperty that aren’t or can’t be inspected. If you have caves or waterfalls on yourproperty, for instance, they can’ be inspected. If you do not hire a propertyinspector for terminate inspection, it won’t be done, so be careful to have thisdone. Chimneys, fireplaces, alarms and your electric wiring are not included inproperty inspections, and estimated repair costs are not included in the propertyinspection report from your home inspector. You will have to get estimates fromyour chosen repair service providers. Also, weather can prevent some defects like
  4. 4. leaks and rising damp from being checked. There may be some additionalproperty inspections that can be added for a minor fee, so ask about this.The issue with vendor property inspections:Many sellers will get property inspections to advertise the home to potentialbuyers, but you should take these inspections with a grain of salt. These are notindependent property inspections, which is what matters to you. The inspectionmay be accurate, or it may not. For your purchases, you want your own inspectionreport from a home inspector you have hired.Pre-purchase property inspection reports can be considered insurance. When youhave a property inspected by a qualified building inspector, you’re going to savemoney on the property up-front, you’re going to avoid buying a property withdangerous conditions, and you’re going to avoid buying a property with expensivedefects. However, they are not a lawful document and you cannot complainabout errors or omissions in the inspection, so make sure that you choose areputable property inspector.The most important thing is to make sure you understand your propertyinspections report and use it to negotiate the best deal on your property to beable to pay for the repairs that are necessary on the property. Just remember thatthe team at Safe and Sound Property Inspection is based in Melbourne and wantto ensure that you get the best money for value and we always see potentialbuyers being persuaded into purchasing properties because they got a real estateagents inspector and just didn’t understand what their house required. So, we aretrying to ensure that the building inspector you choose does not take you downthis path and provide you with a false report.
  5. 5. Building Inspections Melbourne: Four Issues You Should Be AwareOfTitle: Building Inspections MelbourneSubtitles: Building Inspections Melbourne: Four Issues You Should Be AwareOf|4 Things to Know AboutWhen you hire a building inspector to do home inspections Melbourne, he or shewill be looking for a variety of issues, but there are several which you should beon the lookout for. Listed below are four issues you should be aware of andwatching for specifically. These are common problems and defects found inbuilding inspections Melbourne.1. Structural issues: When you hear about “structural issues” you probably thinkof problems like a cracked foundation, and that is a structural issue that buildinginspections Melbourne will discover if it is there, but your home inspector willexamine every aspect of the structure, including the window framing in every partof the building, floor joists, door headers and rafters. Every part of the structurewill be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that there are no problems that couldcause problems and cost you money later on. Your inspection report will detail allof the structural defects including those which are repairable and those which arenot.2. Plumbing issues: Because the plumbing is one of the major home systems, it isa prime area for defects and problems. Building inspections Melbourne willevaluate the plumbing system in your prospective property and look for defects inthe system. Your building inspector will look for defects like poorly fitted pipes,aging pipes that leak or could easily burst under pressure, faulty pipe fittings andfixtures, and other defects and problems such as clogs and leaks in the waste linesof the property.3. Exterior Issues: There are other aspects to a home inspection, and buildinginspections Melbourne will look carefully at the exterior of the property. Thereare specific areas of the exterior that will be examined. These do not includestructural defects but are other problems your home inspector finds that are
  6. 6. problems that should not exist, including problems around the openings and exitsof the doors. These generally have to do with inadequate weather-proofing orsealing, but may also have to do with deterioration of the property that needsrepair.4. Roof issues: Problems with the roof are one of the most important things thatbuilding inspections Melbourne can uncover. You, as a home buyer, are unable todetermine these defects on your own and you need the help of a qualified homeinspector to spot these problems. A building inspector will evaluate not only theroof butRoof Issues: Damage to the roof due to old or damaged tiles is another commonissue; roof issues may also include improper flashing or inadequate drainage. Inevaluating the roof, your building inspector or home inspector will also inspectthe gutters and flashing, and will look carefully at the entire roof system with anexperienced eye. While you cannot go up on the roof and look for damage, andmight not understand what you saw if you could, you will receive a completebuilding inspection report, common to all building inspections Melbourne, andyou will have all the information you need to make a decision, including whatrepairs would be necessary and whether you wish to undertake those repairs.All of these issues you should definitely be aware of before you go and purchase ahouse, let alone a top quality building inspector. The team at Safe and SoundProperty Inspection know all of the ins and outs to this and really provide the bestservice to ensure that you are always happy in understanding the home youpurchase and thoroughly been looked over by one of our friendly professionals.
  7. 7. Building Inspections Melbourne Are Important, But Why?Title: Building Inspections Melbourne Are Important, But Why?Subtitles: Explanations|Here’s WhyYou probably know that purchasing a home is the biggest investment you willmake in your life, or most likely so. This is exactly why building inspectionsMelbourne are so important. If you were buying a used car you would pay amechanic to check it out, so why not pay a home inspector, an expert on homes, toevaluate the home you are thinking about buying? Of course there is an expense inbuilding inspections Melbourne, usually in the low hundreds, but hiring a buildinginspector could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs later,and a pre-purchase home inspection could help you pay less for your home.What do building inspections Melbourne entail? It’s really quite simple. Aqualified home inspector will thoroughly evaluate the building for structuraldefects and other problems. Issues the building inspector will look for includewater damage as a result of roof leaks and shower leaks, timber decay, termitedamage, moisture in the sub-flooring, poor brickwork and masonry, cracks in thewalls and masonry, footing and roof defects and any other major structural defectthat exists. A home inspector can also check the property for illegal buildingpractices.As a matter of common sense and good practice, all home buyers should arrangefor pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne. Whiel this might seem like onemore expense, and one you want to skip, it is much more economical to have ahome inspector discover termite damage or shoddy brickwork before you buy theproperty than to discover these problems after they become your problems.In addition to regular building inspections Melbourne, you can also hire a homeinspector to do specialized inspection service such as pest inspection. It is always agood idea to have a pest inspection done by a qualified building inspector, so thatyou can find out about cockroaches, wasps and mice. This pest inspection will alsogive you the worst news, which you need to know before you purchase yourhome—termites. Termite damage can destroy a house before you even know they
  8. 8. are there, and they are not usually visible, so a pest inspection is a very good idea.This inspection will also tell you whether there have been termites nesting in yourhouse in the past.Building inspections Melbourne are more than just a home inspector walkingaround looking at your home. A building inspector will use an array of equipmentincluding moisture meters and listening devices, but also a thermal camera duringthe pest inspection to find termites.When you look at a property on your own you will want to look for moisture andmold on the ceilings and walls, flaking and peeling paintwork, rotting timbers andcracks in the walls and brickwork. You can see this on your own. However,building inspections Melbourne are the best ways to get clear answers about thedefects in the property. A qualified home inspector can give you definitiveinformation on what is wrong with the home and you can get quotes on the repairs.Now that the team at Safe and Sound Property Inspection has taken the time awayfrom inspecting properties to show you exactly how a building inspection can beextremely important to your help home, we hope that this puts you in a better mindset. Just always ensure you get an inspection on your second hand home becausethey are extremely expensive and it is important to be on top of any issues thatmight occur.
  9. 9. Why Buyers Should Attend House Inspections MelbourneTitle: Why Buyers Should Attend House Inspections Melbourne Subtitle: It’s Important|The AdvantagesYou probably know that if you’re buying a home, you should invest in houseinspections Melbourne, but you should also attend the inspections yourself. It isnot enough just to hire an inspector, but you should also be present.When you look at homes you might want to buy, you will notice that most of theprospective properties will be in very good shape, with very good landscaping, upto date paint, the home will be clean and well-kept. In other words, the homeswill look nice, because the owner wants to sell the home. But you need to knowthe true condition of the home, and house inspections Melbourne is the way toknow that.It almost goes without saying that you should get pre-purchase house inspectionsMelbourne on any homes you are considering buying. You should hire a qualifiedhome inspector to evaluate the home and look for defects. Your buildinginspector will look for such issues as termite damage, internal water damage fromleaks, rot and other problem areas. You need to know if there are any issues thateither need repair or could cause you to decide not to purchase the home.The problem that comes up with house inspections Melbourne is that most homebuyers realize they need to hire a home inspector but many do not understandhow important it is that they attend the house inspections Melbournethemselves. In fact, while the seller may not want to attend the propertyinspection and may have some hurt feelings on hearing some of the issues, it isbest if both buyer and seller can hear first-hand what is wrong. It is good for theseller to get this information directly from the building inspector, not from areport. This cuts out any argument later about whether there are serious issuesand makes it easier to negotiate a financial solution to problems uncovered inhouse inspections Melbourne.
  10. 10. There may be few or no serious problems with your prospective new home, butby attending house inspections Melbourne, you will learn a lot about your homefrom the home inspector. You will learn things such as the location of the gas andwater valves, the electrical box and other things you need to know, and you willlearn from your building inspector other quirks about your house that you couldnot otherwise know and which are important to know.Pre-purchase house inspections Melbourne are extremely important in knowingwhat you are buying. But you should not rely on your building inspector report.Accompany your home inspector during the inspector to get the full scoop onwhat is going on with your house and everything you need to know. It is very important that you know all the issues firsthand, and the best way to do that is to go on house inspections Melbourne with your home inspector and accompany the inspector as he checks out the house. If you do this you will know everything that you need to know. The guys at Safe and Sound Property Inspection understand how daunting it is purchasing your second hand home and really just want you to feel comfortable with exactly what the state of the house is. Our decisions are never biased for a seller or estate agent, which means that you can rely on us for any of your building inspection needs.