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Ballsystem services ENG


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Ballsystem services ENGLISH VERSION

Published in: Automotive
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Ballsystem services ENG

  1. 1. Ballsystem Integrated Automotive services All rights reserved Ballsystem
  2. 2. Integrated Automotive services A new approach to the market, a new automotive integrated partner. Innovation and skills in one brand: Ballsystem. Integrated Automotive services
  3. 3. Ballsystem numbers Integrated Automotive services
  4. 4. customers Integrated Automotive services Ballsystem
  5. 5. Integrated Automotive services 1. Repair 2. Consulting Ballsystem is the new solution for the automotive industry. A new approach which is born from painless dent repair expanding towards high level consulting. Our services
  6. 6. Integrated Automotive services 1. Repair Paintless dent repair Smart repair Contamination damage Factory defects Glass repair Spot repair Mantling and dismantling Hail Team
  7. 7. Integrated Automotive services Authority Pre-authority Fleet Management Buy back Training! - Technical! - Commercial Integrated logistics Re-Marketing Driver management User management Tools production Scouting Fleet management Automotive Digital Marketing Call center Certification and warranties Traditional marketing Sales Marketing Proximity 2. Consulting
  8. 8. Repair
  9. 9. Integrated Automotive services Hail Team A group of specialists that work together with insurance ! companies with a view to offering all- round B2C assistance: ! the Hail Team guarantees support for dealing with damage caused ! by weather, providing an initial consultation within 12/24 hours ! and acting rapidly to identify the most appropriate damage repair ! and management methods. The sector handles not only ! the organisational aspects, taking care of the whole process ! through to completion and delivery of the vehicle.
  10. 10. Paintless Dent Repair 1) Danno riparabile con il sistema a freddo. 2) Danno da riparare mediante sistema SPOT repair. 3) Danno non riparabile con il sistema a freddo. Paintless dent repair work example Integrated Automotive services Following a careful examination of the damage, carried out in consultation with the customer, BallSystem decides on the most effective way to repair it. Specific teams go to work on the damage, ! using highly professional tools engineered and patented by the company, and the non-invasive action taken by our qualified, rained staff is able to deal with various types of problems.
  11. 11. Integrated Automotive services Smart repair The Smart Repair division takes care of repairs to alloy wheels and vehicle interiors, using specific products and tools for carpets and textured bumpers, as well as repairing and purifying ventilation systems and removing persistent odours.
  12. 12. Integrated Automotive services Spot repair BS Spot Repair handles small and medium-scale damage to paintwork, leaving it as good as new.
  13. 13. Integrated Automotive services Dismantling and assembly BS boasts a team of expert, fully qualified technicians able to dismantle and assemble car parts that cannot be worked on from outside. They are specialised in the various makes of vehicle so as to provide the best possible service in each specific case.
  14. 14. Integrated Automotive services damage Contamination BS repairs damage caused by environmental elements such as cement, sand, paint, chemicals and acid rain, using specific products and tools able to decontaminate the affected element. The most common types of damage caused by agents such as tree resin become easy to remove.
  15. 15. Integrated Automotive services Factory defects BS intervenes on possible damage caused by factory during car assembly guaranteeing a perfect results on new cars.
  16. 16. Integrated Automotive services Glass repair Ballsystem intervenes also in glass repair needs due to hail.
  17. 17. Consulting
  18. 18. Integrated Automotive services Authority Using a customer-oriented approach, the company is committed ! to the administration and management of the body shops in its ! network, thus guaranteeing customers the 360-degree assistance ! the BallSystem philosophy is based on. The company’s experience, ! rooted in its sound knowledge of the sector and the techniques ! used, ensures a smooth relationship between the various ! parties involved, thus guaranteeing an effective, efficient repair.
  19. 19. Integrated Automotive services Pre-authority Pre-authority service is a full solution patented for rental companies in order to provide the best repair solutions according to the damage. Each solution guarantees: ! ! Time and cost saving ! Echo sustainability! Life warranty ! Tuv Thuringen estimate certification
  20. 20. Integrated Automotive services Fleet management BS Fleet Management has been meticulously developed ! in order to guarantee rapid communication and cut end costs. ! Use analyses are carried out using leading-edge systems able ! to take account of all running costs, thus providing a precise result, ! with no surprises.
  21. 21. Integrated Automotive services Buy Back This services is fully dedicated to car manufacturers and rental companies.! ! BS offers the following:! Implant facilities or SLP;! Pre-estimate! Calibres matching ! Repair solution consulting! Final appraisal! Car delivery! Data analisys
  22. 22. Integrated Automotive services Training BallSystem is able to stay at the top thanks to the constant ! professional training provided in-house. The BS Academy ! organises both individual and group courses, and works together ! with institutions such as professional training schools in order ! to allow school-leavers to gain a foothold on the job market, ! as well as providing specialised BS method® training ! to professionals in the sector.
  23. 23. Integrated Automotive services Integrated logistics Integrated logistics: a new approach to fully service the automotive industry. The main point of BS integrated logistics solution is time and cost saving. This solution is based on improving the company processes.!
  24. 24. Integrated Automotive services Expert reviews Our company has a strong expert review organization capable of offering:! Car expert review! RCD expert review! Buy back expert review! Rental expert review! Damage expert review! Accident expert review
  25. 25. Integrated Automotive services Proximity Proximity means for BS to be always on the customer side providing full solutions in accordance to the client real needs. For us customer is king!!
  26. 26. Integrated Automotive services Driver and user management! In just 48h from the claim opening BS intervenes offering a full solution to the private customer. Thanks to a specialized FRONT OFFICE the private customer is followed and helped in all each working stage. Once more customer is king!
  27. 27. Integrated Automotive services Tools Ballsystem method is based on a series of tools which have been patented and creed by our technical search and development team.
  28. 28. Integrated Automotive services Scouting Ballsystem offers a new service to its partners informing them about market opportunities providing broad consulting on automotive business development.
  29. 29. Integrated Automotive services Network management The company has created an extensive network of BallSystem ! points, which has now spread worldwide. This is an open system, ! integrated with the local communities it operates in, ! with which BS works hand in hand. The systems thus become complementary, with activities being ! carried out fully independently yet interacting with one another ! in order to guarantee customers with the best results possible. ! The dynamic, flexible nature of a business network such as ! BallSystem allows for an exceptionally close connection with ! the local area, coupled with a major capacity for expansion, ! making BS a continually growing company
  30. 30. Integrated Automotive services Call Center Working as operative branch of the front-office, our call center is specialized in commercial private and B2B business proposals. This service is key in retargeting customers and provide engagement.
  31. 31. Integrated Automotive services Certifications ISO 9001:2008. The quality of the BallSystem approach ! has been recognised by the TUV certification body as readily ! and effectively satisfying customers’ requirements.! ISO 14001:2004. BallSystem has zero environmental impact,! in compliance with the principles established by the Kyoto ! protocol. BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Building sites and working ! places of the company are completely safe and the team ! is constantly updated on safety policies and issues.
  32. 32. Integrated Automotive services Sales and traditional The traditional marketing BS branch offers innovative marketing solutions to partners. This branch is dedicated to create, establish and develop strategic marketing plans. ! marketing
  33. 33. Integrated Automotive services Digital Marketing In addition to traditional marketing solutions, BS offers a variety of Automotive Digital marketing services- From digital projects development to social media action plans.
  34. 34. Ballsystem Contact f Via Sandro Penna 39 06132 Sant’Andrea delle Fratte Perugia - Italy ! t +39 075 52 72 396 f +39 075 52 95 957 Web Site Blog Facebook LinkedIn Ballsystem - Paintless dent repair Video Vimeo Ballsystem