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Foundations week 315 intro to course


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Marketing Introductory lecture based on the notions of the triad: consumer, brands, and value...contextual elements of familiarity with instructors and other ideas are introduced here...

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Foundations week 315 intro to course

  1. 1. ENMN 315Marketing Management Course Introduction
  2. 2. Dr. Salvador Trevino Career Highlights  Born In the Northern City of Monterrey (1), in Mexico, professor Salvador Trevino dedicates his entire professional life to the study of business practice from the perspective of the strategy and marketing disciplines.  A professor, consultant and researcher, Prof. Trevino’s main interests are the notions of innovation, technology, strategy and the social impact of these areas in individual and collective behaviours…  Educated in Mexico and the US, he got a PhD in Business Administration from The University of Memphis, where papers derived from his dissertation were awarded in Mexican and American academic venues.  His MBA is from State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo and his bachelor in Science in Marketing from his long-time base university, Tecnologico de Monterrey, also known as Monterrey Tech(2).  Currently consulting for companies in industrial, banking and technology sectors, Prof Trevino has lectured in several Latin-American countries, France, and the US. A College of Business and also an EGADE Business School professor, he currently lectures in the GlobalMBA and ONEMBA programs in partnership with Thunderbird, that is the American School of Global Management and a consortia of Five universities led by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also teaches extensively at the Virtual University of Monterrey Tech.  Relevant recognitions include the (2007-2009) best professor award granted three consecutive times by graduating MBA cohorts at the GlobalMBA program, the teaching fellow award from the university of Memphis, and a research fellow award and two best paper awards.  He believes that universities should be learning communities, where professors and students work together on the refinement and evolution of management and business activities.  A visiting professor at RRU for the next academic year, Dr.Trevino has its permanent residence in the city of Monterrey, located in north-eastern Mexico, where he lives with his wife, Rosi, and their three children. All of them with him in Canada, sharing his enjoyment of living this year in this wonderful country and society  (1)  (2)
  3. 3. About me  I Teach, Consult and Perform Research in Marketing and Strategy  My base University is Tecnologico de Monterrey (Monterrey tech) Me, my children, my morning coffee, and my  Part of a cohort of country’s real color: Mexican “ Tec” Faculty fuchsia terminally educated in the USA in late 80‟s and early 90‟s. Teaching abroad ever since…  Currently visiting professor at RRU for the academic year of fall My wife, Rosi (left), and her friend 2010-spring 20113 on her fuchsia blouse.. See?
  4. 4. A world of BRANDS ME YOU US THEM
  5. 5. A world of PEOPLE ME YOU US THEM
  6. 6. In common VALUE Attitudinal Monetary Social Utility
  7. 7. Course Description Welcome to ENMN 315 Strategic Marketing!  centered in strategic business planning and implementation for  attainment of a competitive advantage.  a practical business-toolkit for the strategic planning and implementation of a product offering, and markets served.  everything can be marketed, a product offering includes physical objects, services, places, organizations, and ideas.  marketing insights, connect with customers, build strong brands, shape, deliver and communicate the marketing offerings, and manage the marketing function for an organization.7
  8. 8. THE MARKETING PLAN  Your team is to act as a team of marketing consultants that provide strategic marketing planning services.  The „client‟ is the organization that would potentially offer the product the team has chosen to investigate.  The client organization has requested your team investigate a marketing opportunity, and develop a marketing plan report for a product offering (good or service) that would generate revenue.  The client organization is the teams choice and can be a real, existing organization or entrepreneurial opportunity.8  The product offering to be investigated is the
  9. 9. Local Client Projects  The Rustic Tiffin (Catering)  Saunders Subaru x?WebSiteID=166  Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Society www.goert.ca9
  10. 10. COURSE DELIVERABLES You will be graded on the following assignments and activities:  Participation (15%)  Assignment 1 (Team): Marketing Plan Proposal (Pass/Resubmit)  Assignment 2 (Team): Macroenvironment Analysis (5%)  Assignment 3 (Individual): IKEA invades America (20%)  Assignment 4 (Team): Strategic Marketing Plan Project (15% report and 10% presentation)10  Final Exam (35%)
  11. 11. WELCOME!11