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2014 Ford Escape - Subaru Competitive Bonus Cash - Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Ogden, UTAH


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WESTLAND FORD - Subaru drivers / owners in the Salt Lake City area can now get $1000 Competitive Bonus Cash from Westland Ford in Ogden. Call or contact our internet sales team online for more details. Subuaru owners can trade in their current vehicle and put that money towards a brand new 2014 Ford Escape!!! Call time, limited time offer. Odgen dealership serving Salt Lake City and Bountiful customers in Utah. Terms on this slide. For completed terms and details, please contact our internet team.

Westland Ford
Sales: 888-637-0835

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2014 Ford Escape - Subaru Competitive Bonus Cash - Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Ogden, UTAH

  1. 1. - Terms & Conditions - Rule of '10' applies. Standard Rules of Eligibility dated 1/2014. Eligible consumers must provide a copy of the competitor vehicle's title, active finance or lease contract, or current finance or lease payment coupon. Any document must include sufficient detail to tie the customer to the prior competitive vehicle. Vehicle registration is NOT acceptable as it may not prove the lease status of competitive vehicle. The copy must be retained in the sales jacket.- Only one set of qualifying documents is needed for proof of eligibility This offer can be transferred to individuals residing in the same household, or business to business owner. A copy of proof of residency and eligibility must be retained in the sales jacket. Consumers are not required to trade in their current vehicle. CCPA (Customer Cash payment Authorization) form must be completed, and a copy retained in file. A completed CCPA ready for signatures may be printed from a Smart VINCENT Deal or the blank form is located on under "C&I Forms".If you have any questions concerning VINCENT, contact the Marketing Communication Center at (800) 548-321As a reminder, to avoid payment reversals, please run all VINs through Smart VINCENT with the proper sales type, delivery date, and customer zip code and retain a copy of the Summary Page or Lock Confirmation in the deal jacket. 2014 FORD ESCAPE “Subaru” COMPETITIVE CONQUEST BONUS 2014 FORD ESCAPE Special! Contact Westland Ford! Ask Westland how to get the $1,000 Bonus! Call Westland Ford! Request a 2014 Escape Quote! 888-637-0835 Have a Subaru? Get Bonus cash for a 2014 Ford Escape!