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The Alternative Energy Report


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Quickly discover how to benefit from using renewable energy

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The Alternative Energy Report

  1. 1. The Alternative Energy Report By TOM WADE www.RenewableEnergyFast.com
  2. 2. Disclaimer And/Or Legal NoticesThis Report is a FREE Gift and cannot be sold!The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of Publication.Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the rightsto alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions.This course is for informational purposes only and the author does not acceptany responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information.While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, theauthor and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors,inaccuracies or omissions.Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.
  3. 3. Index A War Between Eating And Sustainable Power Advanced Vehicles Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Green Energy Sources Alternative Energy Development In Japan Alternative Energy For The Home Alternative Energy From The Ocean Alternative Energy Sources – A Brief Glimpse Alternative Energy Sources - Helping Businesses Succeed And Gain Positive Reputation Alternative Energy Sources – Helping Out In Times Of Energy Crisis Alternative Energy Sources - The Best Aid In Times Of Crisis An Alternative Energy Education Method An Energy Alternative: Free Energy
  4. 4. A War Between Eating And Sustainable PowerToday climate change is a reality that is acknowledge by even the most doubtful of skeptics. Thewarmer temperatures in areas where its supposed to be cool, scorching summers, and bone chillingwinter have become a pattern that people cannot simply ignore.Whats The War About?Funny enough it seems that people are getting desperate and all are turning to bio-fuel like its thesavior of all mankind. So what is bio-fuel? Bio-fuel is any gaseous, solid, or liquid material derivedfrom biological materials. The argument ensues when people talk of the future. Bio-fuels rawmaterials are usually agricultural crops that are made to undergo fermentation and certain processesin order to produce bio-fuel.The ProblemWho is the worlds largest oil consumer? Those with the highest number of vehicles running theirroads, countries like the US, England and generally most of the European nations. When you thinkabout it bio-fuel is made from corn, sugarcane, palm oil, vegetable oil, and etc; where do theseagricultural crops come from? Third World Countries.In Mexico they have this tortilla crisis". Corn which is the basic ingredient of tortilla is now soldfive times the price it used to be marketed for. The reason for the inflated prices? The demand ofbio-fuel in highly developed countries has severely altered the business peoples sense of profit.Why sell for a dollar when you can for 5 because the demand is now higher.Who Suffers?The first world countries will have to export goods from the third world countries to fuel theirincreasing demand for energy. The third world countries are usually tropical ones located near theequator, hence a higher crop growth of corn, and all those needed to manufacture bio-fuel; but forthese countries corn is food, so is sugar cane. For the first world to survive the t poorer countriesmust either starve in hunger or break their back working to be able to afford the price hikes of themost basic of all commodities: food.A CompromiseSo what should we do? We need to address the problems of the environment and pollution, but it isalso not right that to solve a problem we must create one. Think about it if the agricultural countriesgo into decline because its people cant afford food then who will till the land to supply the giantswith endless bio-fuel?Sustainable energy is geared to sustain life, not make it harder. A proposal is in order. Since thecrops needed for the production of bio-fuel can only survive in tropical countries then thegovernments of the more well off countries will have to invest in the agricultural countries to supplytheir own demand. These crops must be independent from those for local consumers. Stringent rulesgoverning pricing and distribution must be implemented to further protect the source of the energy.
  5. 5. Sustainable power means the world working hand in hand to create a better way of life for thefuture. The road to betterment is paved with hard work and dedication. The ancient Egyptian usedsails to go up and down the Nile; they were patient and they reached their destination. Let us all bepatient but diligent in our quest for sustainable power to sustain life.Advanced VehiclesWhen we think of advanced vehicles it reminds us of speed that a vehicle has and all the newervehicles that are coming out with all the modern gadgets and gizmos. Every time we turn theignition on our vehicle we are sending a bad sign out into the world and the atmosphere. Scientisthave worked rather hard at coming up with a way that our cars can be safe for our planet. So how isthat done?Advanced fuel systems include energy storage which is the batteries that help power it instead ofthe fuels, power electronics, thermal comfort and systems analysis. These fuel systems areconstantly being studied and have made outstanding research and development topics. The mainfocus on the fuel systems in advanced vehicles is to find an alternative fuel in order to cut down onpollution and to restore our economy. We cannot continue buying fuels forever. We need analternative to fuel. Sometime in the future, fuel will no longer be available for us to use. Advancedvehicles are designed to make it more efficient to run at top speeds. Convenience is anotheradvantage to the advanced vehicles.They plug in and charge instead of running out of fuel and refilling the tank. Running these carsmay not break any records but it can help tremendously knowing that they are running clean.Ultracapacitors are designed to provide additional power to accelerate for climbing hills. Vehiclepower electronics controls the amount of electricity through the devices. This may be the ignition,DC to DC converters, inverters, and motor controllers.Vehicle Thermal comfort is how you control your temperature inside the car. You may have to rollthe windows down or put them up. Turn the heat on or the air conditioning on. No matter what youhave to do this is thermal comfort. The main goal for such an invention is to come up with a vehiclethat can get us where we need to go in the amount of time that we allow ourselves. In the fast pacedworld that we live in today, it is hard to find someone who has the time to spend waiting on theirvehicles to get repaired or refueled. That is because we need that vehicle to be up and runningwhen we need it the most. Scientist are studying the car factor and what it will do for us in thefuture and what it has done for us in the past. As they strive to gather more information they canbetter the way the advanced vehicles have made it through.Advanced vehicles are on the go and will one day be the car that we decide to buy because that maybe our only choice in the future. When the fuels run dry we will no longer be able to drive what wecurrently have now. Though these vehicles do allow some restriction, that will no longer be as weprogress into the future and all the bugs will be worked out.
  6. 6. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Green Energy SourcesWhat are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Green Energy Sources?Today, we are now aware of the effects of global warming. Fortunately, its not too late and we canstill change which is why many are pushing for green energy sources.The advantage of using green energy sources is that it is clean so it does not emit anything harmfulinto the air which has an impact on the environment. It is also renewable which means we willnever run out of it unlike oil which is expected to dry up in a decade or so.Although green energy facilities are expensive to build, it requires less maintenance so you donthave to shell out a lot of money to operate it.It can also bring economic benefits to certain areas even boost tourism.While these sound good, there are some who say that there are advantages to using such technology.While green energy sources can produce electricity, how much it can generate is not consistent. Thisis because we have no control of the weather so if a certain area relies on solar energy and there is aweather disturbance, it will not be able to convert sunlight into electricity.Building these facilities also requires a lot of land so we may have to cut on farmland which is whatmany are concerned about if more wind turbines are to be put up.Another disadvantage is the fact that some of the green energy sources cannot be installed in certainareas of the planet. For instance, wave energy can only be utilized if the waves coming from theocean reach at least 16 feet. The use geothermal energy can only be done in geologically unstableparts of the planet.But if you look at such arguments, places that cannot use one form of green energy source can besubstituted for another. If wind turbines need more space, they can be installed near the coastinstead of putting these on land. A study shows that you can generate more electricity while theseare in the ocean.While the weather is something we cannot control, it is not everyday that there is a weatherdisturbance so this too shall pass. If solar energy is being used and the sun is covered, theemergency generators will be activated and use up the energy that was stored.The point is that there are ways around the arguments put by certain individuals which discouragethe use of green energy sources. In fact, research is ongoing to try and harness other means togenerate the power we need.A very good example of this is called ocean thermal energy. Power is generated by harnessing thedifferent temperatures in the water. It is currently being used on a small scale both in Japan andHawaii.In the US, only 7% of green energy sources are used nationally. This was much higher 11 years agoand if we dont have to worry about the cost of oil or even reduce our dependency on it, we have toinvest more in this clean energy.
  7. 7. We can get it from green energy sources such as biomass, biodiesel, geothermal, solar, water andthe wind. These are things we have all around us and all it takes is for someone to harness it insteadof relying on traditional non-renewable means to produce energy.Alternative Energy Development In JapanJapan is a densely populated country, and that makes the Japanese market more difficult comparedwith other markets. If we utilize the possibilities of near-shore installations or even offshoreinstallations in the future, that will give us the possibility of continued use of wind energy. If we gooffshore, its more expensive because the construction of foundations is expensive.But often the wind is stronger offshore, and that can offset the higher costs. Were getting more andmore competitive with our equipment. The price—if you measure it per kilowatt-hour produced—isgoing lower, due to the fact that turbines are getting more efficient. So were creating increasedinterest in wind energy.If you compare it to other renewable energy sources, wind is by far the most competitive today. Ifwere able to utilize sites close to the sea or at sea with good wind machines, then the price perkilowatt-hour is competitive against other sources of energy, go the words of Svend Sigaard, whohappens to be president and CEO of the worlds largest wind turbine maker, Vestas wind systemsout of Denmark.Vestas is heavily involved in investments of capital into helping Japan expand its wind turbinepower generating capacity. It is seeking to get offshore installations put into place in a nation that itsays is ready for the fruits of investment into alternative energy research and development.The Japanese know that they cannot become subservient to the energy supply dictates of foreignnations—World War II taught them that, as the US decimated their oil supply lines and crippledtheir military machine. They need to produce energy of their own, and they being an isolated islandnation with few natural resources that are conducive to energy production as it is defined now arevery open to foreign investment and foreign development as well as the prospect of technologicalinnovation that can make them independent. Allowing corporations such as Vestas to get the nationrunning on more wind-produced energy is a step in the right direction for the Japanese people.The production of energy through what is known as microhydoelectric power plants has also beencatching on in Japan. Japan has a myriad rivers and mountain streams, and these are ideally suitedplaces for the putting up of microhydroelectric power plants, which are defined by the New Energyand Industrial Technology Development Organization as power plants run by water which have amaximum output of 100 kilowatts or less. By comparison, minihydroelectric" power plants can putout up to 1000 kilowatts of electrical energy.In Japan, the small-scaled mini- and micro-hydroelectric power plants have been regarded for aconsiderable time as being suitable for creating electricity in mountainous regions, but they havethrough refinement come to be regarded as excellent for Japanese cities as well. Kawasaki CityWaterworks, Japan Natural Energy Company, and Tokyo Electric Power Company have all beeninvolved in the development of small-scale hydroelectric power plants within Japanese cities.
  8. 8. Alternative Energy For The HomeThe trend toward homes that are powered by alternative energy sources, ranging from wind turbinesand solar collection cells to hydrogen fuel cells and biomass gases, is one that needs to continue intothe 21st century and beyond. We have great need of becoming more energy independent, and nothaving to rely on the supplying of fossil fuels from unstable nations who are often hostile to us andour interests.Guide to preventing home energy loss and drastically reduce energy bills.But even beyond this factor, we as individuals need to get "off the grid" and also stop having to beso reliant on government-lobbying giant oil corporations who, while they are not really involved inany covert conspiracy, nevertheless have a stranglehold on people when it comes to heating theirhomes (and if not through oil, then heat usually supplied by grid-driven electricity, anotherstranglehold).As Remi Wilkinson, Senior Analyst with Carbon Free, puts it, inevitably, the growth of distributedgeneration will lead to the restructuring of the retail electricity market and the generation,transmission and distribution infrastructure. The power providers may have to diversify theirbusiness to make up for revenues lost through household energy microgeneration. She is referringto the conclusions by a group of UK analysts, herself included among them, who call themselvesCarbon Free.Carbon Free has been studying the ever-growing trend toward alternative energy-using homes inEngland and the West. This trend is being driven by ever-more government recommendation andsometimes backing of alternative energy research and development, the rising cost of oil and otherfossil fuels, concern about environmental degradation, and desires to be energy independent.Carbon Free concludes that, assuming traditional energy prices remain at their current level or rise,microgeneration (meeting all of ones homes energy needs by installing alternative energytechnology such as solar panels or wind turbines) will become to home energy supply what theInternet became to home communications and data gathering, and eventually this will have deepeffects on the businesses of the existing energy supply companies.Carbon Frees analyses also show that energy companies themselves have jumped in on the gameand seek to leverage microgeneration to their own advantage for opening up new markets forthemselves. Carbon Free cites the example of electricity companies (in the UK) reporting that theyare seriously researching and developing ideas for new geothermal energy facilities, as thesecompanies see geothermal energy production as a highly profitable wave of the future.Another conclusion of Carbon Free is that solar energy hot water heating technology is an efficienttechnology for reducing home water heating costs in the long run, although it is initially quiteexpensive to install. However, solar power is not yet cost-effective for corporations, as they requiretoo much in the way of specialized plumbing to implement solar energy hot water heating. Lastly,Carbon Free tells us that installing wind turbines is an efficient way of reducing home electricitycosts, while also being more independent. However, again this is initially a very expensive thing tohave installed, and companies would do well to begin slashing their prices on these devices or they
  9. 9. could find themselves losing market share.Alternative Energy From The OceanOcean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) was conceived of by the French engineer JacquesDArsonval in 1881. However, at the time of this writing the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaiiis home to the only operating experimental OTEC plant on the face of the earth. OTEC is apotential alternative energy source that needs to be funded and explored much more than itpresently is. The great hurdle to get over with OTEC implementation on a wide and practicallyuseful level is cost. It is difficult to get the costs down to a reasonable level because of the processespresently utilized to drive OTEC. Ocean thermal energy would be very clean burning and not addpollutants into the air. However, as it presently would need to be set up with our currenttechnologies, OTEC plants would have the capacity for disrupting and perhaps damaging the localenvironment.There are three kinds of OTEC."Closed Cycle OTEC" uses a low-boiling point liquid such as, for example, propane to act as anintermediate fluid. The OTEC plant pumps the warm sea water into the reaction chamber and boilsthe intermediate fluid. This results in the intermediate fluids vapor pushing the turbine of theengine, which thus generates electricity. The vapor is then cooled down by putting in cold seawater."Open Cycle OTEC" is not that different from closed cycling, except in the Open Cycle there is nointermediate fluid. The sea water itself is the driver of the turbine engine in this OTEC format.Warm sea water found on the surface of the ocean is turned into a low-pressure vapor under theconstraint of a vacuum. The low-pressure vapor is released in a focused area and it has the power todrive the turbine. To cool down the vapor and create desalinated water for human consumption, thedeeper oceans cold waters are added to the vapor after it has generated sufficient electricity."Hybrid Cycle OTEC" is really just a theory for the time being. It seeks to describe the way that wecould make maximum usage of the thermal energy of the oceans waters. There are actually twosub-theories to the theory of Hybrid Cycling. The first involves using a closed cycling to generateelectricity. This electricity is in turn used to create the vacuum environment needed for opencycling. The second component is the integration of two open cyclings such that twice the amountof desalinated, potable water is created that with just one open cycle.In addition to being used for producing electricity, a closed cycle OTEC plant can be utilized fortreating chemicals. OTEC plants, both open cycling and close cycling kinds, are also able to beutilized for pumping up cold deep sea water which can then be used for refrigeration and airconditioning. Furthermore, during the moderation period when the sea water is surrounding theplant, the enclosed are can be used for mariculture and aquaculture projects such as fish farming.There is clearly quite an array of products and services that we could derive from this alternativeenergy source.
  10. 10. Alternative Energy Sources – A Brief GlimpseIt seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into bylots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The mainaim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.The renewable energy sources have proven to be of great help in reducing the quantity of toxins,which are by-products of the use of energy. These sources also preserve most of the naturalresources that people use as resources of energy. What are the most popular sources of renewableenergy? Heres a list to give you some basic understanding about the matter.1. Solar. This works when the suns rays are trapped into solar cells. The process turns the heatcoming from the sun into electricity. When the suns rays hit solar thermal panels, the power is thenconverted to heat air or water. The suns rays can also hit parabolic mirrors. This process canproduce steam by heating the water. But you dont need all these scientific processes to be able tobenefit from solar power. All you have to do is open the windows and blinds on your room to let thesunshine in. Youll get an instant heater without having to go to any processes that will requireconversion of this energy source.To date, the main disadvantage of using this source is that it is limited. You cannot use it obviouslyon nighttime and during days when it is raining or even on cloudy days. This has been acted uponthrough solar power stations. But these are too expensive that there arent so many of such piecearound the globe.2. Wind. The energy coming from the wind boosts the blades of the wind turbines. As this happens,electricity is produced through the use of electrical generator. In the old days, windmills are createdso that mechanical machinery could perform physical labor. This includes the pumping of water andcrushing of grains that are essential in planting and farming.Now there are large scale wind farms that produce electrical currents. The end products are thendistributed to national electrical grids and small turbines owned by individuals to distributeelectricity to far flung areas and homes. There are many advantages of this kind of power. The mainone, of course, is that this doesnt produce any by-products that can be harmful to the environment.And we will never run out of this source of renewable energy.3. Geothermal. This comes from the bottom of the earth. Holes are being drilled in certain regions.The hot rocks that can be found underneath produce steam. This is being purified to be used to beable to drive turbines. The latter then become power source for electric generators.To secure that no harmful by-products are going to be produced in the process, geothermal plantsmust be created accordingly. Once this has been set up, this will be self-sufficient in creating energysources.4. Hydroelectric. This power is being created through dams that contain water that can drivegenerator and water turbine. Tidal power can also be used if dam is not available. The idea here is tomake use of the kinetic energy of water.Just by reading through the available alternative energy sources, you will be amazed at how natureworks wonders. It is your responsibility to care for everything around you as to be able to gain fromthe benefits that each source of energy can give you.
  11. 11. Alternative Energy Sources - Helping Businesses Succeed And Gain Positive ReputationIs it only a trend that people are all of a sudden fond of looking for alternative energy sources? Andwhats with the going green projects being endorsed by high profile personalities and celebritiesaround the globe? Do businesses gain anything positive in the process of being responsible and inutilizing other kinds of energy resource?Whether this is just a trend or not, this is good news and one step towards energy conservation. Thisis exactly what the world needs now more than ever. To open your eyes to such advent, here aresome realities that are happening due to such good cause.1. Businesses and industries that have started going along with the going green trend have alsorealized how much savings they can gather in the process. Instead of allotting a very big sum in theelectricity bills, they can either resort to their own ways of conserving such or they can also utilizerenewable sources for such needs.In the process, they can gain higher amount that they can use for other purposes in their businesses.They can use the money for advertising and promotions. They can use it to expand on theirbusinesses. They can also use it to add the number of their employees or increase their wages.Who doesnt need the additional savings that one can gain with such advent? At these times whentimes are hard and the value of money keeps on decreasing, this is one good way to make sure thatyou do not run out of financial resources.2. If businesses will opt for such good causes, their consumers will regard them highly. This willcreate a positive feedback that can increase their sales and revenues. Being identified as a companythat is environmentally friendly, people will look up not only with the management but this willencourage them to patronize your products and services as well.3. There are renewable sources of energy that can be utilized by businesses that will require them toshell out a lot of money first and foremost. For example, if you want to utilize the suns rays to itsfullest capabilities, you must first buy or build the kind of panels that can store the energy andconvert such into electricity.Although not everybody can afford to invest on such venture, if you can do and have the financialcapability, it is recommended that you think about this real hard. The amount of money that you willbe spending in the process will all be worth it in the end. You may not be able to recuperate fromthe spending at first. But on the long run, you will be assured that you will get the amount that youhave spent in this kind of investment.4. The savings can also come in the form of tax rebates. This is being offered in various states.There are tax incentives and energy rebates being given to those who choose to use renewableresources when it comes to energy use. It is also allowed in some places that such companies sellthe excess energy that they can get in the process to the utility companies.
  12. 12. So are you already aware of the abovementioned benefits of using alternative energy sources? Whatare you waiting for? Improve your business and gain recognition from your clients and prospectiveones by utilizing its every potential.Alternative Energy Sources – Helping Out In Times Of Energy CrisisHow important are the alternative energy sources? People most commonly get the energy to powermany types of equipments and things through the kinds which can be acquired on natural resources.And what are these? What will first come to mind when subjected to such question will be the likesof petroleum, electricity and coal.But with the increase of the industries that rely a lot in the consummation of energy resources, thenegative effects in nature is also on the rise. There is also the truth that many factories emit harmfulchemicals that can be bad to nature. There are also many facilities and gadgets that require a lot ofenergy resource to be consumed. Plus the fact remains that there is a continuing rise of peoplespopulation all over the globe. With these situations, there are pros and cons that happen in theprocess. And here are some of the harmful effects that such can be caused by the advent.1. High technologies are on the rise. But these cause negative outcome to nature. Not everythingthat is new and advance can cause positive effects to the surroundings. And these add to the factorsthat utilize available energy causing the latter to diminish faster.2. People find new ways to use old resources in new and innovative ways. But sometimes, peopleoverlook the harmful effects that such activities can cause the environment. If this is the case, therewill come a time that even the alternative sources of energy will not be able to provide what isexpected from them.3. There are environmental agencies that have done surveys with regards to energy consumption. Itfound out that with the current trend in the consumption of petroleum products, four decades fromnow, all the reserves for such products will run out if the trend will not change.4. People have become too dependent in using natural energy resources. If time will come that therewill be little or no more left of these resources, a lot of peoples activities and businesses will ceaseto exist. Transportation will stop. Trade will be affected. Communications will be stopped. Factoriesand other kinds of manufacturing businesses will stop from operating. Growth will be hindered aswell as success.To stop such negative outcome or slow down the timeline so that it wont come about in the nearfuture, people must do their part to be able to conserve the available resources. They must use theirgeniuses to find new ways and techniques to turn alternative resources into the kind of energy thatcan substitute the diminishing ones.1. People must be serious about energy conservation. They must do everything in their capacity tosave their use of the available energy resources. For example, if they can do without cars or ridingon public transportation, or if you can just walk, then you better do that. Even if this is only a smallstep, this can be a big leap towards better results in conserving energy.2. People must be responsible on whatever they do when it concerns the environment. You must
  13. 13. remember that nature gives you a lot that you owe it as well.Overall, it is peoples duty to look for alternative energy source to help us on our daily lives. Wemust also aim to alleviate the negative effects that these may cause to humanity and theenvironment.Alternative Energy Sources - The Best Aid In Times Of CrisisYou have been hearing all about it. It seems to be a big problem now all around the globe. Energycrisis is something that people can be blamed for. But it is too late now to point fingers to whoevercommitted the biggest mistake. What you can do to do your share in helping to solve the root of theproblem is by finding and using available alternative energy sources.Look around you. Amidst all the technological advancements, you will still be amazed at hownature provides for all the needs of mankind. But through the years, this has been overlooked andtaken advantage of. This resulted to the energy crisis that we have now. But you cannot turn backthe time to undo the damage. The best thing that you can do is to help resolve the problem or reduceit even with your own little means.But first, do you know the available renewable sources of energy that surrounds you. It iseverywhere. Look up and there is the sun that produces solar power. The suns rays are convertedinto electricity through solar cells, solar thermal panels, parabolic mirrors and other medium.Look underneath. Did you know that the heat coming from the ground can also be turned intoenergy resources? There are holes that are being drilled in certain regions to find steam that arebeing produced by the heat underneath. The steam is purified to be used as power to electricgenerators.Feel the air. The wind can also create energy as this drives the blades of the wind turbines. Thisrotation produces electrical current that can be utilized through electrical generator. In 2005, it wasreported that the capacity of the wind-powered generators reaches up to 58,982 megawatts.Hydroelectric energy comes from water. The later can be used for its kinetic energy or the tidalpower to produce the energy. It can also be contained in a dam that harness the gravitational fall of ariver to become the energy source.Crisis Alert Now more than ever is the time to act to make use of the available renewable energyresource like the abovementioned. Aside from the fact that they are free, they will be available aslong as you know how to care for your environment.There are methods and studies being conducted by experts worldwide to find ways on how toimprove on the utilization of these available sources of energy. People must learn to slowly detachthemselves on being too dependent on the use of energy sources that are non-renewable. In a matterof years, the latter will decrease until they slowly diminish. Are you going to wait for that time tocome when all along, if you will only look around, you will discover how nature provided foreverything that you need. All you have to do is to find ways on how to use them wisely.Time to Care Upon finding the means on how you can make use of the available resources aroundyou, the next thing that you have to make certain of is how you will care for such. Once in a while,
  14. 14. it will be okay to pause from your busy life to look back and give gratitude to where it is due.You can do your share of caring for these available alternative energy sources by being a goodcitizen who cares for your environment. You can start in your own simple ways like not adding upto the pollution, planting plants and trees and supporting products that do not contain chemicals thatare harmful to the environment.An Alternative Energy Education MethodThe best method of educating young people about alternative energy production that this writer hasever witnessed is the use of the PicoTurbine Companys kits, books, and projects. The PicoTurbineCompany produces these things for the purpose of advancing the cause of renewable (alternative)energy and getting young people to look into the future and see that the environment thats beingseeded now is the one they will inherit then. As the late, great Gerry Ford said, "Things are morelike they are now than they have ever been before." If we are to change the future world for thebetter, then it starts right here and now with the advent of "green" energy systems.One of the core concepts of PicoTurbine can be stated: Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and Imight remember some of it. Involve me, and I will master it. Based on this old tried and true adage,the kits that the company produces come with activity suggestions to get the young people intohands-on learning situations. One suggestion of the company is to demonstrate how heat can beproduced by wind energy (the companys specialty) through using a "picture wire" for the heatingelement.PicoTurbine has found that people typically think of wind energy as being "cold" energy, and arepleasantly surprised to see how wind can be used for generating heat in the home. Another projectsuggestion that the company offers is to have different groups split off in the classroom and thencompare their respective wind turbines that they have built. They can see which ones produce themost or least electricity; which ones start up with need of the least amount of wind power; and forvery young children, which ones have the most aesthetic appeal.There is a core curriculum that PicoTurbine has in mind for teachers to instill in their pupils.Renewable, alternative sources of energy include solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass inaddition to wind-produced energy. When we use more alternative sources of energy, we decreaseour nations dependence on foreign oil supplies, which often come from nations who cannot reallybe called our "allies". Alternative energy is already becoming cost effective when set against thefossil fuels that we are so reliant on currently.PicoTurbine points out that wind farms and solar arrays are already letting their makers enjoycommercial success. In the last two decades, the cost of photovoltaic cells expressed in terms ofper-watt has gone from nearly $1000 to just $4! It has been predicted by analysts that by the year2015, the cost per watt should only be about $1 (in todays dollars). Students also need to be taughtabout the hidden cost of fossil fuels: pollution and environmental degradation. Air pollution fromburning fossil fuels has been shown through studies to increase incidences of asthma attacks,heighten the effects of allergies, and even cause cancer. Switching over to clean, green energy foundin the alternative forms would prevent air pollution and help bolster the environment.An Energy Alternative: Free Energy
  15. 15. There has been much debate about what is often called "free" energy—energy that can supposedly,with the right technology, be drawn straight out of the atmosphere, and in very abundant supply.The debates are about whether the stuff actually exists or not, what it would actually cost were it tobe harnessed, and if it does exist is it truly as abundant and efficient as its being made out to be byproponents of research and development into this potential alternative energy source.Generate Free Energy From Radiant EnergyWhen one hears the phrase "free energy device", one might be hearing about one of severaldifferent concepts. This might mean a device for collecting and transmitting energy from somesource that orthodox science does not recognize; a device which collects energy at absolutely nocost; or an example of the legendary perpetual motion machine. Needless to say, a perpetual motionmachine—a machine which drives itself, forever, once turned on, therefore needing no energy inputever again and never running out of energy—is impossible. However, it is not so simple to say thata new technology for harnessing the energy "floating" in the atmosphere is impossible.New technologies replace old ones all the time with abilities that had just been "impossible".Harnessing the power of the atom for providing huge amounts of energy was "impossible" until the1940s. Flying human beings were an "impossible" thing until the turn of the 20th century and theWright Brothers flight.The biggest claim of the proponents of "free" energy is that enormous amounts of energy can bedrawn from the Zero Point Field. This is a quantum mechanical state of matter for a defined systemwhich is attained when the system is at the lowest possible energy state that it can be in. This iscalled the "ground state" of the system. Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is sometimes referred to as"residual" energy and it was first proposed to be usable as an alternative form of energy way back in1913 by Otto Stern and Albert Einstein.It is also referred to as vacuum energy" in studies of quantum mechanics, and it is supposed torepresent the energy of totally empty space. This energy field within the vacuum has been likened tothe froth at the base of a waterfall by one of the principal researchers into and proponents of HalPuthof. Puthof also explains, the term zero-point simply means that if the universe were cooleddown to absolute zero where all thermal agitation effects would be frozen out, this energy wouldstill remain.What is not as well known, however, even among practicing physicists, are all the implications thatderive from this known aspect o quantum physics. However, there are a group of physicists—myself and colleagues at several research labs and universities—who are examining the details, weask such questions as whether it might be possible to mine this reservoir of energy for use as analternative energy source, or whether this background energy field might be responsible for inertiaand gravity.These questions are of interest because it is known that this energy can be manipulated, andtherefore there is the possibility that the control of this energy, and possibly inertia and gravity,might yield to engineering solutions. Some progress has been made in a subcategory of this field(cavity quantum electrodynamics) with regard to controlling the emission rates of excited atoms andmolecules, of interest in laser research and elsewhere.