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  2. 2. PRECIOSA® AND PANTONE®One-Stop Fashion Accessory Trend ForecastingI n today’s fast-paced world there isn’t always enough time to sift through all the latest fashion trends and predictions. In order to simplify the decision-making and buying process for fashion designers, industry leaders, and even the at-homehobby enthusiast, two industry leaders, PRECIOSA and PANTONE, bring you the Apparel & Fashion Colour Trend tool. Thissemi-annual tool combines Pantone’s colour trends with Preciosa’s jewellery forecasting for each season, which coordinatesPRECIOSA® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ with the predicted Pantone trend colours in an easy and comprehensive one-step process.PANTONE PRECIOSAThe World’s Colour Standard Czech Crystal Experts   Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the   Preciosa, officially incorporated in 1948, is a leadinglaunch of the colourful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM international producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly inover half a century ago, thus enabling designers and printers to the production of quality machine-cut stones, beads and otherfaithfully articulate and accurately reproduce colours. Each colour fashion jewellery components in a broad variety of shapes,in the system is identified with a unique number for precise colours and sizes.specification. Pantone, a subsidiary of X-Rite, Inc., quicklybecame the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries. The company’s heritage, though, dates back over six centuries,As the company moved into more lifestyle-oriented industries, when glassmaking was first established and began to flourish inthe concept of a numbering system associated with corresponding northern Bohemia. Today, staying true to its roots, PRECIOSA®colour names became even more important in communicating GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ is still 100% manufacturedthe exactness of a colour. in the Czech Republic. While its headquarters remain in Jablonec nad Nisou, a city just north of the capital Prague, in the midst ofToday, Pantone is synonymous with the vocabulary of colour in the country’s glassmaking region, Preciosa serves its internationalall aspects of the visual world, providing products, technologies base of customers through seven offices worldwide.and services for the colourful exploration and expression ofcreativity and is equally prominent in the consumer realm. It is the combination of hundred year-old glassmaking traditionsThe company collaborates with other corporations on colour and skills, modern flexibility, dedication to research andconsistency, directs designers on colours and trends, and licenses innovation, and a strong technical capacity which give rise topaint and designer-inspired products for consumers around the PRECIOSA® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ a top qualityworld in the area of interior and exterior design, home products, product of unequalled value on the apparel, and now jewellery and fashion accessories. One of the most resistant stones in the marketplace, the entireIn the area of jewellery and fashion accessories Pantone has been product range and colour palette of PRECIOSA® GENUINEcollaborating with Preciosa since 2010. CZECH CRYSTAL™ is guaranteed for the stability of its shapes, colour and sparkling brilliance. PRECIOSA® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ is made with High-Pure Crystal technologies, guaranteeing you the finest, clearest and most perfect crystal product every time. TMPantone has provided a colour reference for each stone colour, when possible, PRECIOSA® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ is a trademark registered in the EU.which represents the closest available PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System® PRECIOSA® is a trademark registered in the U.S., the EU and other countries.Colour under daylight lighting (D6500°K). The colours shown are simulations Preciosa is also an ecologically responsible global company dedicatedand may not match PANTONE-identified colour standards. Refer to PANTONE to sustainable development. Preciosa’s crystal components are certifiedPublications for accurate PANTONE Colour standards. PANTONE® and other according to the European Standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys – Volume 3 IssuePantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Portions © Pantone LLC, 1996/A1, Year 2001 and are compliant with the International Standard OEKO-2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a. s. TEX 100, class II.and Pantone LLC.
  3. 3. Unity & CoThe Spring/Summer 2013 collection focuses on delving deeper and discoveringconnectedness through colour – colours found in the multitude of environments,cultures and countries in the world around us. By embracing the mystery andbeauty that these offer, we in turn re-discover an appreciation of the communitieswithin which we find ourselves. Embark on a journey to far-off places andfind serene balance, peaceful contemplation, spiritual enlightenment, excitingadventure, but most of all the unity that connects us to the world around us. Caribbean CO-NCERTS Andalusian CO-MBINATIONS Provençal CO-ORDINATES Oceanic CO-MPOSITES
  4. 4. Caribbean CO-NCERTS Exclusive jewellery design by Martin Pouzar
  5. 5. Vibrant yet moving as one, a school of Caribbean fish is a virtual cornucopia ofcolour explosions. Completely unhindered, they boldly yet playfully glide throughthe warm turquoise waters. Is there a better place to start a fun-filled adventurethan in the sand, sun and sea of this bright and friendly region?CARIBBEAN CO-NCERTS PALETTE AQUA BOHEMICA CITRINE PRECIOSA® 60010 PRECIOSA 80310 BLUEFISH LEMON TONIC PANTONE® 14-4530 TN PANTONE 12-0645 TNThe pure turquoise blue of the Caribbean ocean is the Whether it’s the bright southern sun or a school of playful fish,backdrop for fun on the beach or in the water. this zesty yellow adds a burst of unrestrained fun to these Caribbean hues. HYACINTH RUBY PRECIOSA 90040 PRECIOSA 90110 ORANGE CLOWN FISH PINK GLO PANTONE 15-1460 TN PANTONE 17-2435 TNBelow, in the crystal clear waters, splashes of this magnetic Bright and bold, this season’s pink reflects this pulsatingorange abound, setting a vibrant tone for this colour concert tropical culture. Party on!adventure.STANDARD OFFER OF STONES Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Aqua Bohemica | 60010 Citrine | 80310 Hyacinth | 90040 Ruby | 90110
  6. 6. Andalusian CO-MBINATIONS Exclusive jewellery design by Martin Pouzar
  7. 7. Rich in culture and history, Andalusia is as striking as the forebears whoinfluenced the region. Intense yet inviting, the warm natural shades and richearthy tones found in the stunning mountains, plains and valleys mirror thefiercely proud, yet heartily friendly Andalusian people. And underneath runs thetypically fiery Spanish roots that will inspire your days and heat up your nights.This region is, after all, the home of flamenco and bullfighting!ANDALUSIAN CO-MBINATIONS PALETTE MONTANA CRYSTAL HONEY PRECIOSA 30340 PRECIOSA 00030 Hon SODALITE BLUE CORNSTALK PANTONE 19-3953 TPX PANTONE 16-1315 TPXRich and solid, this colour reflects the strong roots of this Natural and honest in its earthy hue, this otherwise mutedSpanish region – and adds a definitive resonance to the shade is the backbone of the Andalusian people, and of thispalette. colour combination. CRYSTAL CELSIAN BLACK DIAMOND PRECIOSA 00030 Cel PRECIOSA 40010 LION CASTLEROCK PANTONE 17-1330 TPX PANTONE 18-0201 TPXLike its name, this tone adds a dimension of inner power With a touch of seemingly neutral grey, this shadeand historic stateliness. nonetheless adds a tinge of enduring strength to round out this Andalusian combination.STANDARD OFFER OF STONES Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Black Diamond | 40010 Montana | 30340 Crystal Celsian | 00030 Cel Crystal Honey | 00030 Hon
  8. 8. Provençal CO-ORDINATES Exclusive jewellery design by Kateřina Krausová
  9. 9. The warm landscape of Provence conjures up days spent browsing smallboutiques, meandering through the lavender countryside on a bicycle, or simplysitting back and enjoying a culinary temptation: a delightful wine or espresso inthe quintessential French bistro or café. Whatever your preference, the Provençalcountryside is sure to leave you serenely refreshed, spiritually balanced – andperhaps even a little nostalgic for a quieter, pastoral life.PROVENCAL CO-ORDINATES PALETTE CHRYSOLITE VIOLET PRECIOSA 50000 PRECIOSA 20310 DUSTY AQUA LAVENDER PANTONE 12-5506 TPX PANTONE 15-3817 TPXCalming yet refreshing, this bluish hue brings a sense of This shade can’t help but stir up the blissful smells and visionsbalance and uplifting serenity into the mix. of fields of lavender, as they sway almost spiritually, in the soft, warm summer wind. TANZANITE CRYSTAL HONEY PRECIOSA 20410 PRECIOSA 00030 Hon SWEET LAVENDER MARZIPAN PANTONE 16-3931 TPX PANTONE 14-1113 TPXA romantic waft of this delicate shade floats over this colour Sweet and tempting, this shade rounds out this colour palettepalette, giving it the gentle aroma of a Provençal day. with comforting warmth – much like the Provençal sun, a morning cappuccino, or delicious French pastry.STANDARD OFFER OF STONES Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Chrysolite | 50000 Violet | 20310 Tanzanite | 20410 Crystal Honey | 00030 Hon
  10. 10. Oceanic CO-MPOSITES Exclusive jewellery design by Kateřina Krausová
  11. 11. Vast and eerily quiet, a deep sea adventure reveals a magnificent world full ofmisty greens, cool blues, and mysterious shades of black. A seemingly flawlesslandscape lies largely undisturbed by mankind – all the more enticing to exploreand discover. This oceanic countryside will undoubtedly leave you not only inawe and inspired, but also strangely in harmony with its mystical stillness.OCEANIC CO-MPOSITES PALETTE CAPRI BLUE INDICOLITE PRECIOSA 60310 PRECIOSA 60100 BLUE ASTER SEAPORT PANTONE 18-4252 TPX PANTONE 19-4342 TPXAn energetic bright splash adds a youthful, enticing overtone Fanciful creatures in shades of mystic blue glide all aroundto this composite of marine harmony. you, emphasizing the overall calmness of this palette. CRYSTAL BLUE FLARE CRYSTAL LAGOON PRECIOSA 00030 BlF PRECIOSA 00030 Lag NAVY BLAZER GRAY MIST PANTONE 19-3923 TPX PANTONE 15-4706 TPXWhen you first descend into the eerie oceanic depths, This misty accent, like the undisturbed deep ocean bed,darkness envelopes you in complete stillness. adds a further element of serene peacefulness to this colour grouping.STANDARD OFFER OF STONES Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Capri Blue | 60310 Indicolite | 60100 Crystal Blue Flare | 00030 BlF Crystal Lagoon | 00030 Lag
  12. 12. Discover other products of the Preciosa Group and Preciosa Customer Centre T  +420 488 115 555 © 2012 Preciosa, a. s.   Opletalova 3197 F  +420 488 115 665 May 2012 466 67  Jablonec nad Nisou E SAP 3094382 Czech Republic © Pantone LLC, 2012. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. and Pantone LLC.