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  2. 2. VINTAGE VICTORIA POMPADOUR BAG The refined elegance of Victorian England is back again – but in a whimsically updated vintage form. Ruffles, layers and muted tones nostalgically look back at a sybaritic era gone by. MC Chaton | art. 431 11 111 | Light Amethyst, Light Peach MC Chaton Rose VIVA12® | art. 438 11 612 | Jet Brown Flare MC Flower 301 | art. 438 52 301 | Light Amethyst MC Rivoli 1H | art. 433 61 306 | Crystal Venus Nacre Pearl Round – Semi | art. 131 10 012 | Pearl Effect Peach FASHION AND FASHION JEWELLERY COMPONENTS MC Pearshape in Setting | art. 7192 9049/01 | Light AmethystExclusive jewellery designby Jelena Potylkova DAY AT THE BEACH NECKLACE This season finds us looking back at the carefree light- heartedness of our childhood, and returning to the simple pleasures in life, like a day of sun, sand, and surf at the beach. MC Navette | art. 435 14 111 | Crystal Blond Flare MC Chaton Rose VIVA12® | art. 438 11 612 | Crystal, White Opal, Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Bead Round – Regular Cut | art. 451 19 602 | White Opal, Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Bead Rondell | art. 451 69 302 | White Opal, Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Bead Spacer | art. 451 49 301 | Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Bead Olive | art. 451 29 901 | Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Drop 681 | art. 451 51 681 | Crystal Lagoon, Crystal Blond Flare MC Heart 1H | art. 433 68 301 | Crystal Lagoon Nacre Pearl Round | art. 131 10 011 | Pearl Effect WhiteExclusive jewellery designby Katerina Handlova
  3. 3. ORIENTAL EVENING NECKLACEExotic riches from an ancient civilization bring to mindevenings filled with fanciful banquets and their spicy aromas,fiery dances, and princes clad all in gold.MC Chaton | art. 431 11 111 | Black Diamond, Crystal Monte CarloMC Rivoli | art. 436 11 177 | Crystal AurumMC Pearshape | art. 435 15 112 | Light Colorado TopazMC Chaton Rose VIVA12® | art. 438 11 612 | Crystal AurumMC Bead Round – Regular Cut | art. 451 19 602 | Crystal Capri GoldMC Bead Rondell | art. 451 69 302 | Black Diamond, Crystal AurumMC Bead Bellatrix | art. 451 19 002 | Crystal AurumMC Flower 1H | art. 433 52 302 | Crystal Capri GoldMC Heart 1H | art. 433 68 301 | Crystal Capri Gold Exclusive jewellery design by Martin PouzarECO HARMONY NECKLACEFocus on the environment continues this spring and summerwith an emphasis on living in harmony with nature.Translated into fashion it means not only sustainable fabrics,but natural tones of blues, greens and greys.MC Chaton | art. 431 11 111 | Jonquil, Black Diamond, Crystal Vitrail LightMC Rivoli | art. 436 11 177 | Jonquil, Black Diamond, Crystal Vitrail LightMC Navette | art. 435 14 111 | Jonquil, Black Diamond, Crystal Vitrail LightMC Pearshape | art. 435 15 112 | Black Diamond, Crystal Vitrail LightMC Chaton Rose VIVA12® | art. 438 11 612 | Black DiamondMC Flower 301 | art. 438 52 301 | Black DiamondMC Bead Round – Regular Cut | art. 451 19 602 | Jonquil, Black DiamondMC Bead Rondell | art. 451 69 302 | Jonquil, Black Diamond, Crystal Vitrail LightMC Bead Bellatrix | art. 451 19 002 | JonquilMC Drop 984 | art. 451 51 984 | Black Diamond Exclusive jewellery design by Katerina Krausova
  4. 4. VINTAGE VICTORIA KEEPSAKE LILAC ROSE TAUPE CREAM TAN PANTONE® 15-2705 TPX PANTONE 18-1612 TPX PANTONE 13-1108 TPXRefined and romantic, KEEPSAKE LILAC A subdued ROSE TAUPE shawl gently Fresh and flawless, CREAM TAN is theis the flowing and elegant evening gown swathed over slender shoulders adds blushing face of a young Victorian lady which makes its debut on the Victorian an endearing and charming modern at her Debutante Ball. social scene. accent to the classical pastels of this vintage colour palette. PRECIOSA® LIGHT AMETHYST PRECIOSA JET BROWN FLARE PRECIOSA LIGHT PEACH No. 20020 No. 23980 230** BrF No. 90300
  5. 5. DAY AT THE BEACH STAR WHITE TRANSPARENT YELLOW SMOKE PANTONE 11-4202 TPX PANTONE 11-0617 TPX PANTONE 14-4505 TPX Pure and simple, this stark shade of The TRANSPARENT YELLOW scrunch A carefree romp in the SMOKE blue STAR WHITE is everywhere: the surf of sand beneath the feet and comfortingly waves, the fragrant sea spray in theof crashing waves, bleached seashells, familiar grains between the toes – they hair – what better way is there to spend and even the seagulls as they play in bring out the lighthearted playfulness of a summer day? the bright sun overhead. the inner child in us all. PRECIOSA WHITE OPAL PRECIOSA CRYSTAL BLOND FLARE PRECIOSA CRYSTAL LAGOON No. 01000 No. 00030 239** BdF No. 00030 237** Lag
  6. 6. ORIENTAL EVENING BUTTERUM AUTUMN LEAF CASTLE WALL PANTONE 16-1341 TPX PANTONE 17-1347 TPX PANTONE 14-0108 TPXExotic spices are the basis for a golden Bountiful food, music and dance in warm Whether it’s the silent backdrop of BUTTERUM banquet. Fit for princes shades of AUTUMN LEAF complement the neverending sand, or the subtle mix of and kings it is tantalizing and mouth- palette and awaken the senses to a fiery salt & pepper that livens the evening watering, warming not just the body, evening of ancient oriental riches for both the meal, the cool tone of CASTLE WALL but soul as well. mouth and eyes to feast on. is a quiet but indespensable accent that completes this colour trio. PRECIOSA CRYSTAL AURUM PRECIOSA CRYSTAL CAPRI GOLD PRECIOSA BLACK DIAMOND No. 00030 262** Aur No. 00030 271** CaG No. 40010
  7. 7. ECO HARMONY LIME CREAM ORCHID TINT CASTLE WALL PANTONE 12-0312 TPX PANTONE 13-3802 TPX PANTONE 14-0108 TPX The fresh young face of LIME Calming and balanced, the crystal clear blue The clouds in the sky, the boulders on CREAM adds a citrusy twist to the of ORCHID TINT is reminiscent of a clean a rocky path in the woods: CASTLEenvironmental movement. Going green mountain spring, drawing us back to our primal WALL is a soft meandering accent in has a refreshing new meaning! need to live in harmony with nature. a beautifully unspoiled natural world. PRECIOSA JONQUIL PRECIOSA CRYSTAL VITRAIL LIGHT PRECIOSA BLACK DIAMOND No. 80100 No. 00030 265** VL No. 40010
  8. 8. ABOUT PRECIOSA®PANTONE® AND PANTONE® FORM ALLIANCE   Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the   In today’s fast-paced world that hurtles information at us in ever-launch of the colourful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® increasing abundance, there isn’t always enough time to sift through all theforty-seven years ago, enabling designers and printers to faithfully latest fashion trends and predictions.articulate and reproduce accurate colour anywhere in the world.Each colour in the system is identified with a unique number In order to simplify at least part of the fashion design process two industryfor precise specification. Pantone achieved global acceptance and leaders, Preciosa, the foremost manufacturer of apparel and fashionquickly became the standard in the printing and graphic arts jewellery components and Pantone, the industry standard and internationalindustries. authority on colour have joined forces and signed an exclusive strategic agreement on Apparel & Fashion Jewellery Colour Trend forecasting.In addition to colouring our world and constantly improvingand evolving the field of colour communication, PANTONE is For the Spring/Summer 2012 collection Preciosa and Pantone have createdthe colour platform upon which our interiors, exteriors, fashions a colour tool which coordinates Preciosa’s crystal beads, rhinestones andand home products are created and manufactured. Pantone other crystal accessories to the predicted Pantone trend colours, thuscollaborates with corporations on colour consistency, directs simplifying the decision-making and buying process for fashion designers,designers on colours and trends, and licenses paint and designer- industry leaders and enthusiasts.inspired products for consumers around the world. Preciosa, the manufacturer of Genuine Czech Crystal since 1948, is a leadingAs the company moved into more lifestyle-oriented industries, international producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the productionthe concept of a numbering system associated with corresponding of quality machine-cut stones, beads and other fashion jewellerycolour names became even more important in communicating the components in a broad variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The company’sexactness of a colour. Today, Pantone, a wholly owned subsidiary headquarters and all manufacturing facilities are located in the heart of theof X-Rite, Incorporated, has emerged as the vocabulary of colour Europe, in the centre of Czech glassmaking region which has been makingin all aspects of the visual world, providing products, technologies fine cut glass since the 1700’s.and services for the colourful exploration and expression of A combination of hundred year-old glassmaking tradition and skills,creativity and is equally prominent in the consumer realm. modern flexibility, dedication to research and innovation, and a strong technical capacity give Preciosa the advantage of being able to providePantone has provided a colour reference for each stone colour, when possible,which represents the closest available PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System® unequalled value on the marketplace: a top quality crystal product atColour under daylight lighting (D6500°K). The colours shown are simulations a reasonable price point.and may not match PANTONE-identified colour standards. Refer to PANTONEPublications for accurate PANTONE Colour standards. PANTONE® and otherPantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Portions © Pantone LLC, Preciosa guarantees the stability of shades, perfect colour and sparkling2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. brilliance of its entire range of products and colour palette. Furthermore,and Pantone LLC. Preciosa components are recognized as one of the most resistant stones in the marketplace. The Genuine Czech Crystal mark, available only from Preciosa, guarantees you the finest, superior quality Czech-made product. Genuine Czech Crystal is a registered mark in the EU. ® Discover other products of Preciosa group at and Preciosa Customer Centre T  +420 488 115 555 © 2011 Preciosa, a. s.   Opletalova 3197 F  +420 488 115 665 June 2011 466 67  Jablonec nad Nisou E SAP 3942314 Czech Republic © Pantone LLC, 2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. and Pantone LLC.