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Pantone spring 2014


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Pantone spring 2014

  2. 2. HARMONICOSCILLATIONTRIP TIME FLUXTURNEDON ITS HEADWe stand on the precipice of an interesting time, in the doorway between the pastand the future. The cycle of life seems to come around again, but by using whatwe have learned in the past, this time we look forward with a fresh perspective,and with a completely new level of consciousness. An exhilarating mix ofemotions and reactions flow over us and we look forward to the energizing andpositive experiences – and colours – that lie in store for us this season.PortalTMPRECIOSACzech Crystal Experts  Preciosa, officially incorporated in 1948, is a leadinginternational producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly inthe production of quality machine-cut stones, beads and otherfashion jewellery components in a broad variety of shapes,colours and sizes.The company’s heritage, though, dates back over six centuries,when glassmaking first established and began to flourish innorthern Bohemia. Today, staying true to its roots, Preciosa®GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ is still 100% manufacturedin the Czech Republic. While its headquarters remain in Jablonecnad Nisou, a city just north of the capital Prague, in the midst ofthe country’s glassmaking region, Preciosa serves its internationalbase of customers through seven offices worldwide.It is, however, the combination of hundred year-old glassmakingtradition and skills, modern flexibility, dedication to researchand innovation, and a strong technical capacity which give riseto Preciosa®GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™: a top qualityproduct of unequalled value on the marketplace.One of the most resistant stones in the marketplace, Preciosa®GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ guarantees the stability ofits shapes, colour and sparkling brilliance ofits entire range of products and colour palette.Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystal is made withHigh-Pure Crystal technologies, guaranteeingyou the finest, clearest and most perfect crystalproduct every time.PRECIOSA®AND PANTONE®Fashion Accessory Trend Forecastingfor the New MillenniumPANTONEThe World’s Colour Standard  Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with thelaunch of the colourful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEMover half a century ago, thus enabling designers and printers tofaithfully articulate and accurately reproduce colours. Each colourin the system is identified with a unique number for precisespecification. Pantone, a subsidiary of X-Rite, Inc., quicklybecame the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries.As the company moved into more lifestyle-oriented industries,the concept of a numbering system associated with correspondingcolour names became even more important in communicatingthe exactness of a colour.Today, Pantone is synonymous with the vocabulary of colour inall aspects of the visual world, providing products, technologiesand services for the colourful exploration and expression ofcreativity and is equally prominent in the consumer realm.The company collaborates with other corporations on colourconsistency, directs designers on colours and trends, and licensespaint and designer-inspired products for consumers around theworld in the area of interior and exterior design, home products,fashion apparel, and now jewellery and fashion accessories.In the area of jewellery and fashion accessories Pantone has beencollaborating with Preciosa since 2010.Pantone has provided a colour reference for each stone colour, when possible,which represents the closest available PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System®Colour under daylight lighting (D6500°K). The colours shown are simulationsand may not match PANTONE-identified colour standards. Refer to PANTONEPublications for accurate PANTONE Colour standards. PANTONE® and otherPantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Portions © Pantone LLC,2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a. s.and Pantone LLC.Preciosa is also an ecologically responsible global company dedicatedto sustainable development. Preciosa’s crystal components are certifiedaccording to the European Standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys – Volume 3 Issue1996/A1, Year 2001 and the American norm ASTM F 963-07 and are compliantwith the International Standard OEKO-TEX 100.S ince 2010 PRECIOSA and PANTONE have worked together to bring you the latest in fashion accessory trend forecasting,combining the season’s textile colour predictions with matching Preciosa®GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ colours. Easyto use, the semi-annual Apparel & Fashion Colour Trend tool provides not just information about the upcoming season, butalso creative inspiration for fashion designers, manufacturers, decision-makers and industry leaders, and even the at-homehobby enthusiast.With the introduction of MAXIMA, the new premium Preciosa®GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ lead-free product line, thefuture looks even brighter and more brilliant than ever. And, we are now, more than ever, excited that our close partnershipwith Pantone continues because it allows us to bring you fashion trends matched to the highest quality, ecological, andspectacularly sparkling crystal components the world of jewellery and accessories has to offer. So, for production professionalsand artisans of beauty alike, we hope that our cooperation with Pantone is as inspiring as it is practical!
  3. 3. STANDARD OFFER OF STONESCR. BERMUDA BLUEPRECIOSA® 00030 BBIBLUE ASTERPANTONE® 18-4252 TPXThe bright blue energy of thiswildflower underlines theoptimistic outlook of this col-our palette – and of your travelplans.TRIP TIME » Symbolic of life, this combination of bright and intense colourscreated from nature, highlight the season. Begin your trip with a bright burst ofenergy - and true to your expectations, it will be a colourful and eventful journey!GREEN TURMALINEPRECIOSA 50020BRIGHT GREENPANTONE 15-5534 TPXFresh and alive is just how youwill feel once you leave yourworries behind and set out onyour journey. Be impetuousand let yourself go!AMETHYSTPRECIOSA 20050MAGENTA PURPLE PANTONE 19-2428 TPXIntense yet playful, this vibrantshade adds just a dash ofthe youthful abandon neededfor an adventure into theunknown.TRIP TIME PALETTEFashion Jew. Stonesinc. MC Chaton MAXIMAFashion & FashionJew. ComponentsFlat BackStonesSew-onStonesBeadsand PendantsCrystal Bermuda Blue | 00030 BBIAmethyst | 20050Green Turmaline | 50020Citrine | 80310CITRINEPRECIOSA 80310BUTTERCUPPANTONE 12-0752 TPXLet this cheerful yellow guideyou with unbridled joy, burstingforth like a field of buttercupson a warm sunny day.ExclusiveaccessorydesignbyKateřinaKrausová
  4. 4. STANDARD OFFER OF STONESLIGHT BURGUNDYPRECIOSA 90095CASHMERE ROSE PANTONE 16-2215 TPXThere is something delicatelyfeminine about the first dustingof pinkish-white buds thatappear after the barren winter.The smell of spring’s rebirth isdefinitely in the air!Fashion & FashionJew. ComponentsFlat BackStonesSew-onStonesBeadsand PendantsFLUX » As spring encroaches on summer, blooms transition from bud to blossomingbeauty, and then morph their majestic crowns into life-giving seeds. It is the naturalcycle of flux, ever-changing and bringing with it a fresh renewal and new beginnings.AQUAMARINEPRECIOSA 60000PLACID BLUE PANTONE 15-3920 TPX As the sun begins to warm theair, the calm blue skies blanketthe earth, bringing with themthe hope and optimism of newlife.VIOLETPRECIOSA 20310ORCHID BOUQUETPANTONE 15-3412 TPXBuds burst forth, the cycle oflife moves from fresh newnessto full summer beauty andthe fields come alive in a softblanket of lavender hues.FLUX PALETTELight Burgundy | 90095 SAquamarine | 60000Violet | 20310Peridot AB | 50520PERIDOT AB PRECIOSA 50520 ABGREEN GLOW PANTONE 13-0442 TPX Whether it is the first fir budsin spring, or the mossy greensof summer’s end, this brightgreen underlines the ever-present life-force of nature –and of this palette.Fashion Jew. Stonesinc. MC Chaton MAXIMAExclusiveaccessorydesignbyMartinPouzar
  5. 5. Fashion & FashionJew. ComponentsFlat BackStonesSew-onStonesBeadsand PendantsTURNED ON ITS HEAD » An electric mix of bright pink and red hues burstinto an array of shockingly luxurious boldness. As you stand on the threshold, it’sa complete frontal attack on the senses. Yet it’s irresistibly alluring and gently playful:a new vitality that’s waiting for you just on the other side!Light Siam | 90070Rose | 70010Fuchsia | 70350ROSEPRECIOSA 70010PINK CARNATIONPANTONE 16-2124 TPXDon’t hesitate and go for it!This shade of pink demandsa spontaneous, if somewhatprovocative, vivacity to youroutlook and actions.FUCHSIAPRECIOSA 70350PINK FLAMBÉPANTONE 18-2133 TPXFun, uninhibited, and in yourface – this colour simplyexplodes onto the colourpalette, giving your sensesa ride they will never forget!TURNED ON ITS HEAD PALETTESTANDARD OFFER OF STONESLIGHT SIAMPRECIOSA 90070GRENADINEPANTONE 17-1558 TPXLet the rich and calming hue ofthis red draw you in. Its gentleexpressive tone unexpectedlygrounds the otherwise wildlypink predominance.ExclusiveaccessorydesignbyMartinPouzarFashion Jew. Stonesinc. MC Chaton MAXIMA
  6. 6. Fashion & FashionJew. ComponentsFlat BackStonesSew-onStonesBeadsand PendantsBlue Zircon | 60230Crystal Blue Flare | 00030 BIFCrystal Apricot | 00030 ApriCRYSTAL APRICOTPRECIOSA 00030 ApriRUSTPANTONE 18-1248 TPXA contrast to the otherwisebluish tones of this palette, itnonetheless intuitively belongsto lifes daily cycle, and addsan elemental harmony to thewhole.CRYSTAL BLUE FLAREPRECIOSA 00030 BIFBLUEPRINTPANTONE 19-3939 TPXStrong and deep like the calmin the middle of the night, thisshade carries with it both whathas already past and what isyet to come.BLUE ZIRCON PRECIOSA 60230BILLIARDPANTONE 16-5427 TPX The bright turquoise blue ofa beautiful morning, or thetropical waters on a warmsummer eve – it is the vibrancyof life in this ever-changingworld.STANDARD OFFER OF STONESHARMONIC OSCILLATION » As day turns to night and night turns backto day, the light on the horizon moves through a soothing range of rich hues. Fromafternoon’s rosy glow to evening’s deeper blues, from dawn’s wonderful pinks to themorning’s bright blue skies, everything is as it should be, in peaceful harmony.HARMONIC OSCILLATION PALETTEExclusiveaccessorydesignbyKateřinaKrausováFashion Jew. Stonesinc. MC Chaton MAXIMA
  7. 7. © Pantone LLC, 2012. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. and Pantone LLC.Preciosa Customer CentreOpletalova 3197466 67  Jablonec nad NisouCzech Republic© 2013 Preciosa, a. s.May 2013SAP 4069997T  +420 488 115 555F  +420 488 115 665E  info@preciosa.comwww.preciosa.comDiscover other Preciosa Group products andwww.