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  1. 1. P reciosa ® & pantone ®JEWELLERY COLOURPALETTE 2013-14 FALL WINTER
  2. 2. PRECIOSA® AND PANTONE®One-Stop Fashion Accessory Trend ForecastingI  n today’s fast-paced world there isn’t always enough time to sift through all the latest fashion trends and predictions. In order to simplify the decision-making and buying process for fashion designers, industry leaders, and even the at-homehobby enthusiast, two industry leaders, PRECIOSA and PANTONE, bring you the Apparel & Fashion Colour Trend tool.This semi-annual tool combines Pantone colour trends with Preciosa jewellery forecasting for each season, which coordinatesPreciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal™ with the predicted Pantone trend colours in an easy and comprehensive one-stepprocess.PANTONE PRECIOSAThe World’s Colour Standard Czech Crystal Experts   Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the   Preciosa, officially incorporated in 1948, is a leadinglaunch of the colourful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM international producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly inover half a century ago, thus enabling designers and printers to the production of quality machine-cut stones, beads and otherfaithfully articulate and accurately reproduce colours. Each colour fashion jewellery components in a broad variety of shapes,in the system is identified with a unique number for precise colours and sizes.specification. Pantone, a subsidiary of X-Rite, Inc., quicklybecame the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries. The company’s heritage, though, dates back over six centuries,As the company moved into more lifestyle-oriented industries, when glassmaking was first established and began to flourish inthe concept of a numbering system associated with corresponding northern Bohemia. Today, staying true to its roots, Preciosa®colour names became even more important in communicating Genuine Czech Crystal™ is still 100% manufacturedthe exactness of a colour. in the Czech Republic. While its headquarters remains in Jablonec nad Nisou, a city just north of the capital Prague, inToday, Pantone is synonymous with the vocabulary of colour in the midst of the country’s glassmaking region, Preciosa serves itsall aspects of the visual world, providing products, technologies international base of customers through seven offices worldwide.and services for the colourful exploration and expression ofcreativity and is equally prominent in the consumer realm. It is the combination of hundred year-old glassmaking traditionsThe company collaborates with other corporations on colour and skills, modern flexibility, dedication to research andconsistency, directs designers on colours and trends, and licenses innovation, and a strong technical capacity which give rise topaint and designer-inspired products for consumers around the Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal™: a top qualityworld in the area of interior and exterior design, home products, product of unequalled value on the marketplace.fashion apparel, and now jewellery and fashion accessories. One of the most resistant stones in the marketplace, the entireIn the area of jewellery and fashion accessories Pantone has been product range and colour palette of Preciosa® Genuinecollaborating with Preciosa since 2010. Czech Crystal™ is guaranteed for the stability of its shapes, colour and sparkling brilliance. Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal™ is made with High-Pure Crystal™ technologies, guaranteeing you the finest, clearest and most perfect crystal product every time. TMPantone has provided a colour reference for each stone colour, when possible, PRECIOSA, the PRECIOSA Logo, GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL and thewhich represents the closest available PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL Logo are trademarks of Preciosa, a. s. PreciosaColour under daylight lighting (D6500°K). The colours shown are simulations is an ecologically responsible global company dedicated to sustainableand may not match PANTONE-identified colour standards. Refer to PANTONE development. Preciosa crystal components are certified according to thePublications for accurate PANTONE Colour standards. PANTONE® and other European Standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys – Volume 3 Issue 1996/A1, Year 2001Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Portions © Pantone LLC, and are compliant with the International Standard OEKO-TEX 100, class II.2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a. s.and Pantone LLC.
  3. 3. HappinessThe special times we spend together are those that bring us the most joy andpleasure. It is these precious shared moments, whether it’s a late afternoon walkin the autumn leaves finished off with a steaming cup of coffee, or a winterevening spent in front of a fireplace sipping a smooth red wine, that remain inour hearts forever. Similarly, with its warm hues and tones, this season’s collectionof inspiring Preciosa ® Genuine Czech Crystal™combinations drawsus in, warming us with the happiness that only fun times spent with old, truefriends can bring. Preciousness Bliss Togetherness Joyousness
  4. 4. Preciousness Exclusive jewellery design by Martin Pouzar
  5. 5. Like a day spent indoors, going through faded photographs and preciousheirlooms, preserved through generations, these colours are the nostalgic specialmemories of times gone by. Preciosa ® Genuine Czech Crystal™designs made with this gentle palette – like that delicately treasured heirloom –are sure to be cherished for years to come.Preciousness palette Crystal Vitrail Medium Light Rose Preciosa® 00030 vm Preciosa 70020 Flint Mesa Rose PANTONE® 18-1405 TPX PANTONE 17-1609 TPXLike a faded photo or pair of old jeans that you uncover in the attic, The soft pink welcomes you like a familiar friend – like thethis muted purple tinged gray is comfortable – and ideal – for precious treasures you uncover and the treasured memoriesa cold winter day spent reminiscing indoors. they evoke. Crystal Vitrail Light Jet Brown Flare Preciosa 00030 VL Preciosa 23980 BrF Burnished Lilac Shopping Bag PANTONE 15-1905 TPX PANTONE 19-1213 TPXOutside the crisp but delicate frost makes airy crystal patterns A touch of old, a touch of dark, this accent colour underlineson the windows, making you glad you chose to look through the timelessness and dark patinas you find in yourold photographs inside. explorations into your past.standard offer of stones Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Crystal Vitrail Medium | 00030 VM Light Rose | 70020, 70120* Crystal Vitrail Light | 00030 VL Jet Brown Flare | 23980 BrF* Light Rose 70120 Beads only
  6. 6. Bliss Exclusive jewellery design by Kateřina Krausová
  7. 7. Irresistible and luscious, these ripe hues are reminiscent of a blissful eveningwith a fine red wine and dark chocolate. A sophisticated, rather than purelydecadent indulgence, the mouth-watering temptation of these colours can beelegantly contrasted with various metals to create enticingly shimmering crystaljewellery and accessories.Bliss palette Siam Garnet Preciosa 90090 Preciosa 90120 Rhododendron Fig PANTONE 19-2024 TPX PANTONE 19-1718 TPXThe warm, luscious colour of an evening spent with good The sophisticated fruity overtones and aromas engulf youfriends: blissfully unrestrained and thoroughly enjoyable. as you take the first sip of a fine red wine and with it the atmosphere for a simple relaxed evening ahead is set. Light Siam Preciosa 90070 Samba PANTONE 19-1662 TPXA dash of unreserved spiciness, this accent is like biting intochocolate laced with hot chilli peppers – a sumptuous andwonderful surprise that you remember long after the guestshave gone home.standard offer of stones Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Siam | 90090 Garnet | 90120 Light Siam | 90070
  8. 8. Togetherness Exclusive jewellery design by Kateřina Krausová
  9. 9. A mid-morning coffee with your best friend or afternoon break with yoursweetheart, this aromatic colour mix of rich toffees, caramels, roasted beans andcafé lattes is the essence of togetherness. It is a palette full of warmth for a falland winter of sparkling inspirations!Togetherness palette Light Peach Sun Preciosa 90300 Preciosa 90310 Dawn Burnt Orange PANTONE 12-0811 TPX PANTONE 16-1448 TPXThe pale pink hue heralds in the promise of a happy day spent The deep orangey-brown of the autumn leaves that rustle astogether. you walk in the forest on a clear cool autumn day. crystal Venus Smoked Topaz Preciosa 00030 Ven Preciosa 10220 Rooibos Tea Friar Brown PANTONE 18-1355 TPX PANTONE 19-1230 TPXAfter a day spent in the cool fresh air, you warm up with Like a good roasted coffee, this colour grounds the palette ina luscious warm cup of cinnamon colours and aromas that a rich earthiness.spread cosy, friendly warmth throughout.standard offer of stones Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Light Peach | 90300 Sun | 90310 Crystal Venus | 00030 Ven Smoked Topaz | 10220
  10. 10. Joyousness Exclusive jewellery design by Martin Pouzar
  11. 11. A warm hearted mix of complementary and contrasting mid-tones is reflectiveof a light-hearted and fun-filled afternoon full of free-flowing creativity. Mixand match these playfully soft colours to create your own vividly sparklingcombinations of Preciosa ® Genuine Czech Crystal™creations!Joyousness palette Deep Tanzanite Olivine Preciosa 20480 Preciosa 50230 Petunia Green Banana PANTONE 19-3632 TPX PANTONE 14-0434 TPXSo plush and rich, this shade adds a special touch of royal A tangy splash of colour is needed to bring out the playfulvelvet in an afternoon filled with fun and abandon. side of the imagination. Crystal Apricot Fuchsia Preciosa 00030 Apri Preciosa 70350 Dusty Pink Fuchsia Red PANTONE 14-1316 TPX PANTONE 18-2328 TPXThe blushing and relaxing soft pink creates the calm atmosphere A joyful rapture of this warm tone adds an exciting elementand space needed for inspiration to bloom and take off. to spark your creativity.standard offer of stones Fashion Flat Back Sew-on Beads Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Stones Stones Stones and Pendants Jew. Components Deep Tanzanite | 20480 Olivine | 50230 Crystal Apricot | 00030 Apri Fuchsia | 70350
  12. 12. Discover other products of the Preciosa Group atwww.trends.preciosa.com www.preciosa.com and www. preciosa-ornela.com Preciosa Customer Centre T  +420 488 115 555 © 2012 Preciosa, a. s.   Opletalova 3197 F  +420 488 115 665 November 2012 466 67  Jablonec nad Nisou E  info@preciosa.com SAP 4049114 Czech Republic www.preciosa.com © Pantone LLC, 2012. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. and Pantone LLC.