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iPad productivity usage 101 (basics)


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Everyone uses the iPad as a leisure device, here's a basic mind map of how to use it for productivity purposes.

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iPad productivity usage 101 (basics)

  1. 1. Calendar Contacts Notes Apps Setup ITunes sync Podcasts Audio Mind map: iPad as a productivity tool Video Sync with desktop app Author: Muhammad S Jameel Email: Photos Ver: 20111204 rev A File sharing Docs To Go, Premium Sync with desktop Word Excel PPT Mac: Pages, Numbers Good Reader PDF reader Adobe reader Penultimate Handwriting Lean management principles User-driven workflow for Work & Home use Workflow Sketch pad Sketch Ideate Depends on user-driven workflowLean management principles Security compliance Email Finger gestures Video VLC US store Password, security Screen lock Mind maps IThoughts HD Good practice Backup frequently Work & home Basic Note taking Evernote Not PC replacement Its not iPad use Microsoft One Note US store, sync with desktop Mobile power-productivity tool Doc repository Drop Box Sync with desktop It is Extension of your PC Facebook Sync On multiple PCs CAUTION Twitter Social Hard reboot Google+ Quick fixes Crash, restore from iTunes backup Skype Remember the milk Browser based, subscription To do lists Things Mac only Bookmarks Xmarks On PC, sync App store Good Reader Adobe From iPad Load apps and IBooks Download into content Docs To Go Dropbox Through iTunes Apps tab Cloud enabled apps Built in feature, sync Advanced VPN Remote desktop Logmein