TOP (Transvorm Ontwikkel Programma) Social Media Workshop on behalf of Broosz


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The TOP program is one that has been created for young professionals working in different departments of Healthcare learning about the new manners of organisation and how to create shift in their own working environments and organisation.
Working together with Broosz in TOP's previous program, we were called in this time to give an addition to the program with the aspect of #SocialMedia in healthcare and the role it plays in the constantly evolving (digital) world around us. It was a wonderful morning session where we did some exercises and were able to create some shifts in mindset and add some new skills to take with them back to their professional (and personal) life.
The slides are very simplified and we removed a few that were tailored very much for this group and tried adding the most applicable video's.

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TOP (Transvorm Ontwikkel Programma) Social Media Workshop on behalf of Broosz

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Wie ben jij offline?
  3. 3. Schrijf je eigen bio
  4. 4. Geschiedenis
  5. 5. Social sharing
  6. 6. Technology Social change Social Computing Technology increases the speed and force of social change Social forces shape technology development and custom applications • Aging consumers look to technology to support families and communities • Younger generations pioneer the use of personal networks and viral communication • Cheap hardware and software reach the masses • Computing power migrates to the edge of the network Source: Forrester Research, Inc. Vooruitgang
  7. 7. De Big 5
  8. 8. De kracht van verhalen
  9. 9. Hoe?
  10. 10. Oliver de Leeuw @odeleeuw Salmaan Sana @salmaansana @nameshapers