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  1. 1. “Salma has a wonderful way with students…. She applies just enough discipline when needed while at the same time showing that she cares very much for them. She understood my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses from very early in the school year. She held my daughter to a high standard and would not accept anything but her best effort, without excuses.” Parent1 “This teacher has established rules and procedures that maintain a safe, respectful learning environment. The teacher used a variety of strategies to correct misbehavior. The dignity of the students was maintained.” Independent consultant “She has shown care for the personal development of each student, and has created a safe learning environment which promotes achievement, personal accountability and community… Salma has worked with me personally in order to help my son overcome many of his challenges this year. She became his tireless advocate, as well as the advocate for other children with challenges, both personal and academic” Parent2 “Salma is particularly skilled at planning lessons that actively involve students. She does so by choosing multiple creative methods for student practice, as well as by directing challenging questions to a variety of students throughout the lesson.” Teach For America coach