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What is content strategy?


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A short presentation for the July 2012 Brisbane Content Strategy Meetup

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

What is content strategy?

  1. 1. What is content strategy, andwhere the heck do you start? Some thoughts and musings for the July 2012 Brisbane CS meetup by Sally Bagshaw
  2. 2. We’d like youto create acontentstrategy for us.Here’s ourcontent:
  3. 3. “Content strategy is the practice ofplanning for the creation, delivery,and governance of useful, usablecontent.” Kristina Halvorson, Content strategy for the web.
  4. 4. But where do you start?
  5. 5. My approach1. Define2. Develop3. Deliver(Please note this is still a work in progress.)
  6. 6. Define the current content situation1. Discovery documents2. Interviews3. Workshops4. Competitor analysis5. Quantitative analysis6. Qualitative analysis
  7. 7. Develop content goals1. Core content strategy2. Content strategy framework (the 4 elements covering the content components and the people components)3. Recommend the tools you’re going to need to implement it all
  8. 8. Deliver the tools to achieve the content goals1. Style guides2. Taxonomy3. Content marketing4. Training5. Workflows6. Editorial calendars7. Content reviews/redevelopment8. Governance models
  9. 9. Some of my learnings• Stakeholder consultation is crucial (and messy)• Content is very personal• Content means more than words on a page• Aim high but start close to the ground• The process of CS sometimes uncovers larger problems