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Waving goodbye to WYSIWYG: What structured content will mean for authors


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This is my Lightning Talk from Confab 2012 in Minneapolis. For a long time content management systems have been sold to content authors with the promise "you don't even need to understand code, it's like working in a Word document". But now that structured "use anywhere" content is back in the spotlight - what will this mean for the many organisations who rely on non-technical authors to develop and maintain content? My initial thoughts are: Change management, Context and Compassion.

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Waving goodbye to WYSIWYG: What structured content will mean for authors

  1. 1. Waving goodbye to WYSIWYG: What structuredcontent will mean for authors A Confab 2012 Lightning Talk by Sally Bagshaw
  2. 2. CMS projectsare hard work.
  3. 3. You sell the magic.
  4. 4. You make promises. “Don’t worry, it will be just like working in Word.”
  5. 5. You end up with this.
  6. 6. And everyone is happy.
  7. 7. But…Structured contentwill break theconcept ofWYSIWYG.We must find away to keepauthors on side sogreat contentremains a priority.
  8. 8. How?
  9. 9. Change management
  10. 10. The move to structured contentaffects all aspects of contentstrategy.We must make authors morethan a line item on a project planwith better consultation &communication.
  11. 11. Context
  12. 12. Even though it soundscomplex, structured content hasthe potential to make an author’sjob easier, not harder.We must motivate authors to getit right with fantastic training &ongoing support.
  13. 13. Compassion
  14. 14. Understanding structuredcontent is (conceptually) a bigleap for some authors.We must be ready to adapt oursystems with strong workflows &smart governance .
  15. 15. Changing our approach to content so itsfuture ready and adaptive is exciting andwill mean great things for our end users.But if our content authors arentsupported in this process, it will be ahard battle for us all to implement inour organisations.Let’s work together to sell the newmagic.
  16. 16. Gee, that was quick! Let’s talk some more: Sally Photo credits (in order)