Sketch business overview for cmg ]


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Sketch business overview for cmg ]

  1. 1. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Sketch Studios are a leading workplace solutions provider and our success has been built around our ethos of designing and delivering exceptional working environments by understanding our clients requirements through direct consultation. It is this approach that enables us to create unique and successful solutions for all our clients. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Our business is all about our people – we’re a young, dynamic & free thinking team – and these areOur business is all about our people – we’re a young, dynamic & free thinking team – and these are the characteristics and attitudes that we bring to our ever changing market place and put simply our people make the difference. We have a great team of enthusiastic dedicated individuals who are genuinely passionate about doing right by our clients. In an environment where people are empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions, creative independent thinking flourishes. By working in this way we have created a fun and cohesive approach to the way we do business and partner with our clients. It is each and every person's obsession within Sketch to give the right advice, deliver excellence, and to take the hassle out of doing business for our clients Our continued success is based upon this and strength of our partnerships both suppliers and clients. We approach all projects with an open mind and look to provide a fully comprehensive package that is clearly presented and is based on extensive understanding of the clients business needs. We are very proud of our achievements and the relationships we have built with our supply chain and clients. We have offices in London’s West End ,and in Egham, Surrey. We have our own logistics warehouse in Heathrow, with our own transport and installation teams. Our business necessitates we offer full UK coverage.
  2. 2. BUSINESS OVERVIEW We believe that office furniture is a significant business investment and deserves serious consideration for this alone. More importantly though it has to be a key decision in any office interior scheme because it interacts with the organisations most costly & important assets – people & technology. . Furniture provides the platform that enables people to communicate, share ideas, focus on problem solving, use technology and make decisions. If it helps people to do this more efficiently and more comfortably, it follows that they will be more productive and enjoy the environment more. Furniture can also be used to enforce a companies brand and it projects the companies attitude towards the working environment and its staff through the look, feel and quality of the furniture. And all of these must also be in line with the culture, market and aspiration of the business. So this is what we do - create and deliver exceptional working environments for our clients through intelligent design and consultation to meet all of their needs, now and into the future. And we believe that all solutions should include a full “day two” support package and service agreement to ensure the maximum value is driven through the use of the furniture and workspace. Sketch have a dedicated support team in place to deliver this essential package.
  3. 3. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Sketch will provide solutions that allow true green benefits to be recognised and will make clients aware of products and services that allow corporate environmental goals to be incorporated in to the workspace. And, like charity, we feel that looking after the environment begins at home and so we have our own Environmental Performance Indicators… Ongoing program of reducing the use of environmentally harmful products Reduction of annual electricity usage by 10% Reduce first, Off-set last… All businesses, in fact all people, have a carbon footprint – it’s inevitable that in order to trade we will create carbon. Our approach to this dilemma is and always has been to reduce our carbon footprint as far as is possible and then off-set more than the footprint we leave – thus we are proudly a carbon negative trading group of companies. Reduction of paper consumption by 10% Increase documented waste from sites by 30% Train 5 sub-contractors/suppliers to a minimum of BS8555 1-3 Achieve 10% client up take on carbon offset scheme Just as important though is how we off-set – here in the UK. We have partnered with the Moor Trees Charity and work closely with them planting native woodlands in the south West of England. For more information please contact us…
  4. 4. BUSINESS OVERVIEW We have created a business that offers a comprehensive range of services from design & consultancy to a variety of procurement routes – you can pick and choose which ones you need. We’re not just about the front end though – we believe in delivering a first class service from start to finish, that’s why we have our own in-house Project Manager’s and dedicated Day 2 support team. Here are just a few of the services we’re able to offer you… Design & Consultancy…Design & Consultancy… Workplace design Space planning services Workplace surveys & Storage audits Product advice & selection Procurement & Project Management… Product procurement Tender, Open-book & Traditional procurement routes Financial management of furniture purchases Project management & Site management Delivery, Installation & Logistics… Site deliveries Approved installation with full manufacturers warrantees Move management & logistics Warehousing facilities Day 2 Account Support…. O&M manuals Staff & Maintenance training Dedicated account managers Fixed pricing solutions Corporate standards