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The big project presentation


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The big project presentation

  1. 1. The BIG Project (Birthing in the Gambia) is a Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Project in partnership with MCAI (Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International)
  2. 2. THE BIG PROJECT (BIRTHING IN GAMBIA) Federation Project Ambassador, Rita Allen
  3. 3. AN INTEGRATED PROGRAM OF EMERGENCY MATERNAL, NEONATAL AND CHILD HEALTHCARE EMNCH STRENGTHENING EMERGENCY CARE Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI), Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) in collaboration with Ministry of Health, WHO Geneva and Gambian WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA offices
  4. 4. Geography The Gambia
  5. 5. • The Gambia – a country that needs your support – In The Gambia: – l the average life expectancy is 58 years. In the UK, it is 80 years. – l a woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is one in 56. In the UK, it is one in 4600. – l out of every 100 000 live births, 360 mothers die. In the UK, the figure is only 12. – l only 57% of births are attended by a skilled health worker (a doctor, nurse or midwife).
  6. 6. We support basic renovations not expensive new buildings
  7. 7. Health and Safety?
  8. 8. Operating theatre in Brikam after renovation
  9. 9. The new labour ward at Brikama, curtained for patient privacy.
  10. 10. Above: Dr Tanya Robbins, MCAI volunteer who worked between Brikama and Basse Hospitals January-September 2013.
  11. 11. • The new maternity ward at Essau Hospital.
  12. 12. Presentation of ultrasound scanner.
  13. 13. A perioperative nurse (left) receiving a box of vital emergency supplies at Basse Hospital
  14. 14. Future plans » Plans for year 3 of the BIG Project – We will continue to provide emergency drugs and medical supplies for use in the Gambian national health system. – Renovation and refurbishment • Essau’s Operating Theatre is also poorly equipped and unfit for purpose. Renovations are due to begin here shortly and equipment will also be required. The £18,444 raised through activities on the Day of Action will go toward this. – The children’s ward at Brikama is dilapidated and ill-equipped. We are planning a refurbishment. – The staff accommodation at Brikama is in desperate need of improvement and we aim to renovate to improve staff morale and quality of life. – Staffing • We plan to fund another volunteer obstetrician to work between Basse and Brikama Hospitals. – Training • We are planning more Emergency Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare (EMNH) Courses and Neonatal Care Courses. – We continue to move forward with our plans to train midwives in emergency obstetric surgery • A
  15. 15. Final year of The BIG Project • The BIG Project will finish in 2014 in Gateshead. • The Day of Action 2014 will be Saturday 19th July. • LETS MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!!