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Media Messaging International PR Coverage Case Study


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How Media Messaging gained international PR coverage for the Brexit predictions of a social media analyst company based in Barcelona.

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Media Messaging International PR Coverage Case Study

  1. 1. International media coverage on a local budget A Media Messaging case study
  2. 2. The Brexit brief • When social media reputation listening analysts asked us to get them international coverage regarding their Brexit predictions, we were glad to help • Despite a shoestring budget, we knew we were up to the challenge but we’d have to be clever • They knew they needed to raise their game in the face of better known competitors and were finding it hard to get cut-through • We saw it differently… and told their story
  3. 3. Our challenge • Find the right angles in a crowded market • Make it relevant and get international coverage in the UK, Spain and Italy (where their academic partners were based) • Do it fast, do it well, do it on a budget
  4. 4. What did we do? • Built them a media database from scratch • Drafted a series of 4 press releases • Built a solid Q&A pack • Distributed and sold in press releases • Worked with them to develop animated ‘media- friendly’ infographic • Managed all follow-up media contact • Analysed and produced coverage report
  5. 5. Campaign: structure Created and distributed 4 separate press releases over 4 weeks in 3 languages: 1. Introducing and explaining the project 2. Mid-project release, with the message that the result could be close 3. Immediate post-project release, highlighting that the client’s method worked, in contrast to traditional method 4. Follow-up release, reiterating the success of the project
  6. 6. Campaign: press releases
  7. 7. Campaign: distribution • Working with the client, we developed targeted mailing lists • Allowing us to distribute the press releases by email • Direct to the inboxes of over 900 named editors and journalists across Europe • Covering national and international radio and press, science and technology media, news agencies, business media, local radio and press, and influential industry blogs
  8. 8. Campaign results summary • Coverage in 62 online media outlets, with combined monthly visits of about 225 million • International coverage – with articles in six European languages 0 5 10 15 20 25 Hungarian Polish Catalan Italian English Spanish Number of articles/interviews
  9. 9. Results: Client messaging • Nearly all articles were focused solely on the client’s project, with every one of the client’s key marketing messages being included • Most coverage included links back to the project and client, and nearly half included images or logos provided by the client
  10. 10. Results: Media targets We gained coverage in all of the client’s main media target areas: • National and international radio and press: including Corporate Comms magazine, Interactive Tech Republic, SmartPlanet, Flipboard, El Periodico, La Vanguardia, Telecinco and La Razon in Spain; Radio 24 and Tiscali Notizie in Italy; and Yahoo News • Science and technology media: including ZDNet, and Spain’s Tendencias21 • National and international news agencies • Business media: including El Economista of Spain and EconoTimes • Local radio and press: in Spain and Italy • Influential industry blogs: including in Poland, the UK and Hungary
  11. 11. Media coverage: example 1 • ZDNET: The major business technology news website • 20 million visits a month • In-depth article, written by a well- known journalist • Shared 294 times on Twitter, 40 times on Facebook and 102 times on LinkedIn
  12. 12. Media coverage: example 2 • One of Spain’s largest daily newspapers • Spanish and Catalan editions • About 14 million online visits a month • Daily print circulation of about 170,000 copies, with 625,000 readers • We gained major articles in both languages, online and in print • The articles were shared at least 14 times on Twitter and 31 times on Facebook
  13. 13. Media coverage: example 3 • Italian national all- news radio station • One of the top 10 most popular stations in Italy, with over 2 million listeners • Website receives about 1.1 million visits a month • Our client was interviewed for over 5 minutes and the interview archived online
  14. 14. Media coverage: example 4 • Leading UK corporate communications magazine • Print edition distributed to over 6,500 industry professional every month • Website receives around 3,000 visits a month • In a 2,000-word article, 800 were dedicated to our client’s project
  15. 15. Social media: coverage sharing 458 shares 133 shares 119 shares 14 shares