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English listening activity

A very short and simple interactive presentation that I created for my Edu 401 class.

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English listening activity

  1. 1. English Listening Activity By: Salha Khafaji 08120104 Edu 401
  2. 2. About the Activity The Purpose: Using the activity:• To improve students’ listening • The activity should be used skill. during English listening• To help the learners to classes. become accustomed to • Perhaps, during a lesson about hearing the target language. food.• To help the learners to distinguish between certain sounds and words. Benefit of the activity: • Students will be able to better understand the spoken English language. • Students may learn new vocabulary words.
  3. 3. Listen to the followingconversation between afather and his son.Then, choose the correctanswer:Click!
  4. 4. Question Question Question 1 2 3Question Question 4 5
  5. 5. Kevin MikeySam John
  6. 6. Candy Chips Ice Jell-OCream
  7. 7. 1 2o’clock o’clock 3 4o’clock o’clock
  8. 8. Broccoli CarrotsPizza None
  9. 9. Cheese EggSandwich Sandwich Spinach TunaSandwich Sandwich
  10. 10. Question Menu
  11. 11. Try Again?