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iExcel-Interactive Work-Books is an unique path-breaking solution to assist students preparing for competitive exams. The first of the product is designed for students preparing for Engineering entrance exams in Karnataka

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iExcel interactive work-books-product info-dec2011

  1. 1. Interactive Work-Books for CET & ComedK Engineering Entrance exams iLearn International
  2. 2.  Currently over 140,000 students take up CET & ComedK Entrance exams in Karnataka Karnataka has over 208 Engineering colleges Students aim for good ranking to get into good colleges Students have access to study materials, CET Coaching classes and on-line tests to assist in CET preparation Support available to students are limited to - content delivery and tests and assessments The major gap in the current approach is, non-availability of personalized feed-back and performance analysis to studentPreamble CET-Engineering iLearn International 2
  3. 3.  “Do You Know What you don’t Know” iExcel is an Interactive work-book designed to provide comprehensive support to students preparing for competitive exams iExcel-CET Engineering is the first of its kind product in the market, for students preparing for Karnataka CET & ComedK Engineering The solutions blends - conventional form of assessment and technology assisted evaluation, delivering higher value to students iExcel provides pointed feed-back on areas the students need to improve at a topic/sub-topic level, after every test The performance will be tracked on an on-going basis and help students to achieve improved consistency in performance.iExcel- Solution to current gaps iLearn International 3
  4. 4. Assessment Evaluation Report Feedback & Student uploads Student gets a Remediation Student get assessed By- the answers on- comprehensive The report acts topic through line for report by- like a set of well evaluation after question/ remediation plan designed work- every topic/sub-topic “do you know assessment on areas which what you don’t books need know” along with improvement Performance MonitoringiExcel- 4 Step Approach iLearn International 4
  5. 5. Your Passport to Success A set of 10 topic-wise work-books and 5 CET Mock tests Over 1000 well-designed questions in each subject Physics Chemistry Mathematics Comprehensive coverage of Syllabus Assessments in conventional format On-line Evaluation for Quality and personalized feedback report after every test Performance Tracker for continuous performance tracking Log on to Offering iLearn International 5
  6. 6. Kit contains Set of 4 Books iLearn International 6
  7. 7.  The Solution is positioned as a support material, for students, preparing for Karnataka CET & ComedK exams - 2012 The solution USP approach - the “Interactive work-books” is first of its kind in Indian market iExcel fills the major gap in the current scenario, by providing comprehensive and personalized feedback after every test Monitors and tracks the performance on an on-going basis Very cost effective and affordable solutioniExcel- Product Positioning iLearn International 7
  8. 8.  iExcel Solution will be sold in 2 formats: ◦ Retail –direct to students, ◦ Institutional Sales- to colleges, Tuition centers The Retail Students are reached through direct marketing campaign in front of colleges, tuition centers and other prominent locations Institutional sales – Colleges and tuition centers are approached with a value proposition by providing: ◦ Comprehensive student report ◦ Student wise performance report ◦ Group performance report ◦ Most common mistakes by students after every test with remediationiExcel- Market Positioning iLearn International 8
  9. 9. TM Learn2Learn iLearn International#2627, 1st Floor, Princess Street, Yadavagiri, Mysore – 570020 Ph: 91-821-2566667 Mobile: 78290-26500 Mail: iLearn International 9