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Question 5


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Question 5

  2. 2. HOW DID GENRE ATTRACT YOUR AUDIENCE? Our opening clearly informs the audience that the genre is action. This is done by including key identifying features of an action film in the first two minutes. One of these features is violence towards the middle of the opening. Another identifying feature is the fast pace music at the end of the film. The fast music relates to a fast pace, a fast heart beat and an adrenaline rush. Other action films use these identifying features which means that the audience will think our film is an action film as well.
  3. 3. HOW DID THE NARRATIVE ATTRACT YOURAUDIENCE? The narrative hooks our audience because our opening contains two cliff hangers. This will therefore mean that the audience will want to keep watching because they want to find out what happens next. Our cliff hangers also cause suspense. This has an affect of our audience because it hooks them to our film. They are looking for more and more action. They want to find out what will happen to our main character and what his choices will be.
  4. 4. HOW DID THE STYLE HOOK YOUR AUDIENCE? The style we used was a very quiet and calm approach towards the beginning of the film. We did this by including calm and relaxing music by Kevin Mcloed. This made the audience think that everything was calm and ok. We then changed the style of our film to fast and upbeat. We did this by having fast pace music towards the end of the film. This created suspense in the viewers mind because if the style and the mood of the film changes then it may lead to the escalation of a key event happening.