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This is the original slideshow of our pitch for the movie 'Ghost'. It is an action thriller about an ex-secret agent who has to re-enter the world of MI5 to help set the agency straight.

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Pitch presentation

  1. 1. Pitch - GhostMatthew, Chris and Conor
  2. 2. Genre• Action/Thriller• Popular• Appeals to a wide audience• Chose it because there is a wide range of actors• There is different routes for a plot• It allows us to be creative
  3. 3. Audience• The Audience we have chosen to aim our film at is the teenagers and Young Adults audience• We have chosen this audience because we feel this has is an audience which we understand well as a result of us being in this age group. (Certificate 12A)• We have also carried out research to prove this …
  4. 4. Research – Primary• We asked 20 people in our chosen audience range, asking questions like …• What genre of film did you last go and see in the Cinema? – 75% said action film, 15% said Comedy, 5% said Romantic Comedy and 5% said Animated film.
  5. 5. Research – Primary• What is your favourite Action Actor/Actress to go and see?• Liam Neeson• Jason Statham •Cameron Diaz• Vin Diesel •Angelina Jolie• Tom Cruise •Scarlett Johansson• Christian Bale •Keira Knightley• Dwayne Johnson• Are Conclusion from these results were that Liam Neeson is the preferred Male Actor and preferred Female actor is Angelina Jolie.
  6. 6. Research – Primary• What film genre would you rather see?- Action or Comedy? – 70% voted Action and 30% voted Comedy.- Adventure or Thriller? – 55% people voted Thriller and 45% people voted Adventure.- Action or Thriller? – 50% voted for both Action and Thriller.
  7. 7. Research – Secondary
  8. 8. Narrative – Beginning• Secret Agent retires from work at an undercover government agency• Ghost Figures appear to show the ex agents past• Introduces the three main helpers at an interview with the agency leader for new agents.• Three helpers find information of the disruption of the agency leader.
  9. 9. Narrative – Middle• Helpers seek out assistance from ex agent as he was the agency’s greatest asset before retirement• Ex agent has to be trained up to standard by the three helpers using each of their areas of expertise.• Agent begins mission to retrieve information to keep safe from being exposed.
  10. 10. Narrative – Ending• Agency leader finds out about mission and tracks down agent.• Countless chase scenes and close combat fights.• Agency leader appears for final fight, and the IT agent gets killed, but the leader ends up exposed to police and is removed from his leadership role.• Main hero gives information back to the agency and all four are promoted to leadership roles of own specialist skills.
  11. 11. Characters• Ex Agent – Main Hero – Liam Neeson• Muscular man, often wears a suit (Except in starting scene, when he is in a gown and slippers)• Confident, brave, fearless, risky, hero figure, role model
  12. 12. Characters• Three Current Agents –Hero’s Helpers – Vin Diesel, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise• Vin Diesel – Grumpy, acts like the boss, controlling, very strong, specializes in modern weaponry• Angelina Jolie – Specializes in martial arts, very serious, well dressed, likes to thinks she leads the group, she argues with Vin Diesel about the lead role• Tom Cruise – The joker, well dressed, doesn’t take tasks seriously.
  13. 13. Characters• Agency Leader – Main Villain – Dwayne Johnson• Bald, Scar over his left eye, very strong, muscular male.• Dominant, powerful, persuading• Has anger issues• Drives a big armoured car
  14. 14. Characters• The Body Guards – Villain’s Helpers – Extras• Follow everyone’s lead• Easily persuaded• Big, muscular men
  15. 15. Setting• Setting of opening – Suburban household on quiet street• Majority of action scenes – Interior of MI5 building
  16. 16. The Opening• Man goes to end of drive way to get newspaper• Looks up and remembers his past job• Ghosts (His memory) run past in chase scene• Man returns to house and switches on news• Hears report on missing military information and concentrates intensely on screen• Then the doorbell goes, he opens the door and three agents ask him for help.
  17. 17. ThanksForWatching