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Expert productions

  1. 1. Tom Wise Jack Hatch Kieran ByrneAdam Messina
  2. 2. Tom Wise Jack HatchKieran ByrneAdam Messina
  3. 3. History was yesterday
  4. 4. The GenreThis production will be categorised as a Horror as itwill contain: Elements of the Extreme. Anotherreason we have categorised it as a horror is due tothe soundtrack. And finally our films includessituations of The Unexplained.
  5. 5. The Genre (Repertoire of Elements)Our Iconography, Style, Props, Setting and Themeswill include:o A bloodied weapono Masko Eerie musico Dark slow movements followed by a fast cuto Candles and cloakso Dark and isolated areaso Fear, Pursuit and Death
  6. 6. Titles within our Genre
  7. 7. Character• Robert Pattinson (Kai) is a 17 year old boy and will be the killer.• Extra’s getting ready for the party.• Shia labeouf (Taylor) the popular yet cocky boy that ends up getting brutally murdered.• Low budget British actor (Shia Labeouf’s best friend- Sam)• As it is not high budget other characters will be UK actors and actresses available on a small budget
  8. 8. Audienceo We want our film to appeal to a large audience, as it is not a generic horror film it also has lots of twists and contracts to an original horror in the ploto We want our film to draw in a wide variety of audiences because we will be incorporating a variety of styles and contrasting views in our film.o This includes film-goers that like watching intense dark horrors with a slight action twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat.o Generally speaking middle-aged adults men and women along with lots of teenagers mostly boys.
  9. 9. AudienceWe are aiming to make our film a fifteen asthere may be scenes relating to:• strong violence.• frequent strong language (e.g. f***).• strong verbal references death and gore.
  10. 10. BudgetWe are hoping that even though our film willnot be a big budget extravaganza it will stillmake a great profit not only from cinema butDVD and TV showing also. Our film will not be abig-budget but will also not be a low budget, itwill com in-between these two and will have thesame kind of budget such as the not long agoreleased British film The Woman in Black(2012).
  11. 11. Budget• We specifically direct our pitch to Hammer Productions as the big corporate production company we want to sponsor us. We will also be speaking to other film production labels that specify in our style such Alliance films, CBS Films and other independent film studios.
  12. 12. Narrative and setting A popular young man is on his way out to athemed Christmas party costume which is taking place walking distance a few minutes past town. The popular young man is spiteful, cocky, offensive, very forward serious bully who knowsno bounds which make him full of himself. He has constantly been picking on and bullying the victim classmate in particular for no apparent reason other than fun and entertainment. Throughout the years it has grown worse andworse becoming a serious case un spoken about. The victim never speaks up to reach out for helpas they are too worries about what might happen if they did. This upcoming party is the leading watershed moment in the plot to this narrative.
  13. 13. Narrative and Setting• Film shot of All characters getting ready dressing in their costumes to go to this particular house party• (music playing in background as characters get dressed/changed into their outfit)• 5 different characters Male/Female all wearing the same outfit consisting of an all in one costume, cape, mask, top hat and individual fake weapon of choice.
  14. 14. Prologue• This film opening is a prologue as it previews some screenplays to show and event unfolding which involves compelling action. This creates anticipation of what’s to follow, and also gives the characters actions greater credibility.
  15. 15. Plot• The killer is leaving their house. Living close by a few roads away to the popular boy. On the journey to his house the killer throws away previous murder weapon scissors and picks up a sharp metal object The killer arrives to the popular persons house in their costume, watching and waiting for him getting ready in their bathroom before leaving the house and following them.
  16. 16. Setting• It is set at the end of a Christmas college week on a weekend before term ends. Christmas costume party. Whole year invited.• Parents have left town on emergency• Cold winters evening• Street setting in natural environment• At individual house’s before shots of alternate characters getting ready to go to party – getting changed into costume etc• Scene will end with a variety of shots of the teenagers partying.
  17. 17. Bully• Many different pupils picked on, has had previous fights with these pupil who would not give in to the pressure of his bullying. This could cause suspicion onto them to having committed the murder as they have stood up for themselves in the past through violence.
  18. 18. The KillerThe victim is a quiet person who has beenseriously picked on throughout the years by thispopular boy. She has consistently and constantlyhas been on the edge of thought to committingsuicide and ending her life of the misery shecannot bare to live through anymore. However…why should her life be the one to end. This partyis the major event on which there is a watershedmoment which is the disruption of order occurs.The victim finds themselves in a state of plans tomurder the bully on the evening of the party.
  19. 19. House Party• Throughout the week this costume themed Christmas house party is mentioned and talked about a great deal within college about the event, concerning different costumes people are wearing, where it is, who is going and how people are getting there. The victim overhears many of these conversations and is also invited to the party. Then closely overhears the popular boy lives close by, across town and it is talked about how he is going to arrive there.• Party Hosts parents have left town on an important notice.
  20. 20. DistinctiveAs the variations of characters are gettingchanged and ready in their costumes, dancingaround rooms to music getting into a partymood, shots of masks being placed onto faces.The Killers mask is placed on their face as theypress their head into hand, you do not see theirface.Shia Labeouf will not wear a costume to singlehim out from the rest of the teenagers going tothe party
  21. 21. Flashback to night before• The next scene will open with the teenagers back in college talking about the night before• Not only will they talk about the party and how it was but they also talk about the death of Shia Labeouf• During the conversations the sound will mute and then there will be a variety of flashbacks to the night before showing different people in there different costumes partying to contrast against them being at school on an ordinary day, the final shot will be of the killer taking his mask off the scene will cut before you see his face
  22. 22. *The TrailerWithin the opening two minutes of the film it would startwith our we would expect to see a blacked out screen andonly listening to non-diegetic sound of footsteps walkingdown a college corridor, flashing an image on and off of aclose up shot of a professors ankles and shoes. Thescreen will black out as the footsteps stop. Hearing onlybreathing, ticking and the straightening of a tie. Screenreturns as professor opens the door. He will enter theroom opening the door to the classroom being filled withstudents talking and the door closing behind onto whichit will cut to the bell ringing and class starting.
  23. 23. • (eerie music playing over scene) The opening would then lead on to cutting to a shot of the person who is hosting a party, ringing all close friends inviting to his Christmas costume party telling them to spread the word to other people. After we gain an image of the killer placing their head into their hand to place a mask onto face. This shot skips and flashes with the victims scream playing non-diageticly over the flashing images. (beat and black screen) Fades into: scene Young girl sitting on the floor, alone, crying. Fades out of. Popular young man getting himself into a confrontation with another student from bullying (swinging punches) (beat and black screen)
  24. 24. • Rustling in the bushes. Scene then fades into P.O.V shot of killer looking at hands with sharp metal object skipping back and forth between murder weapons scissors and metal object. Hears window close- quick movement, shifted attention onto victims second floor house window watching as the victim gets ready for party. Seeing breath in cold winters air, as killer moves to hide from people passing through. (Fades out)
  25. 25. Ending of movie• Shia Labeouf’s bestfriend wants revenge on his death, picking up and putting together the pieces. After losing his mind he decides to interrogate and brutally murder each person he suspects to be the killer. In the final scenes Robert Pattinson places back on his mask to target Shia Labeouf’s best friend (Sam).• Robert Pattinson finds Sam and begins to chase him into an industrial site, Sam trips over a chain and Robert Pattinson catches him, slowly walks up to him with the shard of metal he previously used and as he gets a few inches away swings his arm to kill Sam, Sam pulls out a pen and stabs him through the eye. Then pushes the pen all the way through and shouts F**K YOU at the top of his voice before crying standing up and then slowly revealing Roberts mask then as we see his face the movie ends.