Sales CloudEverything a sales team needs towin deals – in one placeBuild stronger relationships withcustomers, gain better...
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Salesforce the Customer Company


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Your Salesforce Donation is only just the beginning. Take a look at what Salesforce can help you get closer to your important customers.

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Salesforce the Customer Company

  1. 1. Sales CloudEverything a sales team needs towin deals – in one placeBuild stronger relationships withcustomers, gain better visibility into salesand, close more deals.CRM plus networking tools sales reps needto make new and stronger connectionswithin their broader communities ofcolleagues, partners, and prospects.Quick access to critical information such asleads, accounts, contacts, opportunities,reports & dashboards, tasks, calendarsand emails.Data.comProvide accurate and completebusiness data (contact info) onindividuals and companiesProvide accurate business data onindividuals and companies.Get actionable insights and complete yoursocial profiles.Clean, update, and backfill all your businessdata and partial leads.Build precisely targeted, highly effectivemarketing lists.App ExchangeOnline marketplace for cloud computingapplicationsBrowse, test drive and install hundreds ofapps that integrate with Salesforce.Provides extensive tools and features thatallow you to demonstrate the fullcapabilities of your app, as well as easilydistribute it to potential customers.Chatter CommunitiesCreate private branded socialcommunities for customers and partnersOne place your customers can go to getanswersBreaks down the silos between traditionalself-service and peer-to-peer serviceTouchWrite custom mobile apps once anddeploy on any device.Built on HTML5 technology, so it’s easy toadd the Sales app to any mobile tablet orhandset.Build your own apps.ChatterCollaborate with co-workers in a social,real time, private, and secure wayUtilize internal social media tools to worktogether, solve problems faster, and keepeveryone in the loop.Puts everything you need in one place:people, documents, (platform)The cloud platform for business appsRun custom apps and websites platform.Build your own apps.RemedyforceProvide faster IT help desk support at a much lower costStreamline IT assistance and deliver itthrough a cloud based, social platform.Boost agent productivity out of the box.Create a social community between usersand agents.Easy to implement in just 5 days.Desk.comThe simple, social, mobile, affordable, customer support help deskOrganizes all of your support in one place, regardless of what channelsyour customers are on.Support your customers any time, anywhere on a mobile device.Do.comThe Social Productivity App for Your TeamEasily create and share tasks, projects and notes with your team so youalways know what needs to get done, no matter where you are.Real-time Notifications and Activity Feeds.IdentityDelivers identity and accessmanagement services for enterprisecloud and mobile appsGive users a single identity for all of theirenterprise apps and social feeds.Simplifies management of apps and usersfor IT administrators.Service CloudDelight customers with faster, moreresponsive service across every channel.Meet customers wherever they are -including social networks such as Facebookand Twitter.Deliver great customer service inwhatever channel they choseSALESFORCESocial media is dramatically changing howwe connect, share, and collaborate.It’s time to transform your business for thisnew reality.To engage in new ways with customers,employees, and everyone that matters toyour business.Know your customers like never before.Connect and share with colleagues instantly.Engage with customers in brand-new ways.The Customer CompanyMarketing CloudMarketing Cloud helps you listen, gaininsight, and respond to customers inreal timeListen to the dialogue about your brandand company.Measure and analyze those conversations.Engage in real time – write back toyour customers.Work.comThe social way to improve performanceat workA web-based social performancemanagement platform that helpscompanies improve performance throughsocial goals, continuous feedback andmeaningful recognition.Goal setting, coaching, recognitionfeedback - all in one.Data ModelStandard and custom objects and therelationships between them.The objects and fields available to youwithin SalesforceMulti-Tenant InfrastructureA single instance of the applicationserves multiple customersMultiple tenants(customers) store theirdata on the same servers. Each tenant’sdata is isolated and remains invisible toother tenants.Scalable, automatic upgrades, no need toinstall or configure hardware or software,pay as you go.HerokuA new way to build and deploy webapplicationsLets app developers spend 100% of theirtime on their application code, notmanaging servers, deployment, ongoingoperations, or scaling.Programmers write code, push it toHeroku and Heroku runs it.SALES MARKETING SERVICEDATA.COMCHATTERFORCE.COMIDENTITYHEROKUDATA MODELMULTI-TENANT INFRASTRUCTURETOUCHCHATTER COMMUNITIESWORK.COMAPPEXCHANGEConnectedCustomersConnectedEmployeesConnectedPartnersConnectedProductsSalesPlatformAnySocialNetworkBackEndSystemsAppExchangeAppsAny SystemFinanceERPFacebookYouTubeTwitter