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Overcoming 4x Key Challenges Implementing Salesforce As a Nonprofit


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Overcoming 4x Key Challenges Implementing Salesforce As a Nonprofit

  1. 1. Overcoming 4x Key ChallengesNonprofits Face When GettingStarted
  2. 2. 1. We didn’t know what we were getting into in terms oftime, budget, or complexityA Must For New Customers – Our Readiness Survey2. We didn’t know how or where to startStep 1 - Planning Your ImplementationStep 2 - 30 Day Free TrialStep 3 - Check Everything is in Order Including Eligibility DocumentationStep 4 - Apply for the DonationConsulting Partner: How to Choose a Salesforce Consulting PartnerSalesforce Apps: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Salesforce App
  3. 3. Salesforce Getting Started Information: Getting Started SeriesWebinars: Enlightenment Series Webinars3. Data migration and ongoing data managementData Migration Assistance: Thinking About Data Migration and Integrity4. Training and AdoptionBuilding Aptitude: Building You Salesforce AptitudeWebinars: Enlightenment Series WebinarsPremier Support Plan: Premier Support Details
  4. 4. Training and Premier Support PlansDiscountedTrainingUp to 75% offFace-FaceClassesWhat: HereDiscountedSupportPlansUp to 50% offPremierSupport PlansWhat: HereTo know more email Drew Smith directly