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Experience first hand from Bombardier Transportation how they globally transformed and standardised their HR corporate services for 35,000 employes and reduced the operating costs by 25%, while improving knowledge management and introducing real time dashboards, using the Service Cloud.

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Salesforce for the Enterprise

  1. 1. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Corporate Function Transformation The Bombardier Human Resources journey with Salesforce Event:Customer Company Tour Presenter: Janet Huckvale Ref: 130615 Date:02 July 2013
  2. 2. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Bombardier Transportation: Stepping Ahead in Smart Mobility 2 §  36,000 employees §  26 countries §  80 major sites §  3 continents §  Diverse business §  Independent operations §  High local regulation §  Project based §  Cost –optimised products §  Diverse business §  Requires flexible, cost- optimised internal services
  3. 3. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Our HR Challenge 3 §  Standard processes §  Common systems §  Transaction approvals §  Report on service delivery §  Direct Access §  Controlled content §  Reduced cost Our strategy §  Centralise transactional services into major hubs §  Provide transparent, common processes and systems §  Enable local control of the input to / output from transactional hubs
  4. 4. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. We delivered 4 Common processes/ systems infrastructure Transaction processing in 3 centres §  Romania §  Mexico §  India One stop shop : >30,000 information searches and 12,000 service requests a month. >25% increase in service volumes to transactional hubs > 5,000 documents controlled €k Business case Achieved Project 9.238 7.818 Payback year 2014 2013 Operation run rate -33% -25% 7 yr Ops saving 21.976 22.886 7 yr total 14.788 17.117 25% cost reduction to save €23m and full ROI in 2 years. Continuous process improvements + 5% pa eg New Hire Documents €50k
  5. 5. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Salesforce – the key enabler 5 Transaction Processing Collaboration Escalations SLAs Validation Workflow Process queues Knowledge Reporting Manage Documents Comms Following 30+ BT processes To support 30+ country regulations For 6 Divisions Engaging users by role
  6. 6. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Why Salesforce? §  . 6 Buying Criteria Position/ 5 shortlist Functional Requirements =1 Role management 2 Service Requests 2 Workflow 1 Integration to core systems 1 Telephony 1 Documentation & Records 1 Archiving =1 Reporting 1 IS requirements 1 Cost:Implement license & support 1 With hindsight … what made a difference? Service management features Email to case, customer portal, case management and reporting. Cost of ownership SF partner consultant for 12 weeks then just license/support fees. Implementation and configuration of other options were high and cost of change with other workflow/ case management systems were significant. Ease of implementation 16 weeks from contract signature to go live with email to case; single sign on for core users; master data interface with SAP. Later added interface to save documents from SF to employee electronic files in Imagemaster Ease of maintenance Simple to use – low level of user training; easy to find errors and correct them; no need for IS support; no upgrade management. Single product – no apps Full implementation dithout additional applications – no requirement for multiple contracts, DP/ Security and works council negotiations.
  7. 7. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Implementation Timeline Timeline Actions Users Q4 2010 Spend approved; ITTs; vendor selection and contract 0 Q1 2011 Configure, test, UAT workflow per process/ topic. Implement SAP interface and single sign on 30 Q2 Train the trainer; deploy to Shared Services with HRBPs using email to case 150 Q3 Transfer all existing emails into HR team 150 Q4 Open new centres – train new teams 200 Q1 2012 Release CP to HR users 700 Q3 Release CP to managers/employees. Implement interface to e-files (Imagemaster) 22,000 Q4 Release Document Management (SF Content) 2013 In use in all countries for Service Requests; Approvals; Processing; Reporting; Documents for all HR services. 36,000 7
  8. 8. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. The Direct Access Tour…. (online) 8
  9. 9. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Customer Portal Service Request 9
  10. 10. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Joins the Transaction Processing Queue by country/topic 10
  11. 11. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Reports and Dashboards – Personal; Service Management; Customer online, by email, excel 11
  12. 12. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Document Management 12 Welcome to Bombardier
  13. 13. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Bombardier Experience with Salesforce Problems §  Aligning usage with the process development and deployment correctly impact on budget planning. §  Continuous workflow changes – very few issues, all created by us – major changes 2013 created 3 issues with live operations, all due to our configuration and content. Longest took 5 days to resolve following escalation. No charging if we caused the problem. §  Bombardier Infrastructure – not standard Single Sign-On; Lotus Notes not Outlook; DP issues created archiving challenge, SF delivered their part, delays caused by us. 13 What would we change? §  Balance of service management; reporting and customer experience if we’d implemented as big bang. §  Phone to case if we had IP telephony for all (production areas and no phone log in) §  Integration with Outlook would give significant productivity improvement (we have Lotus Notes) §  Operating in 11 languages – SFDC standard fields are fine but configured entries are a challenge.
  14. 14. PRIVATEANDCONFIDENTIAL ©BombardierInc.oritssubsidiaries.Allrightsreserved. Bombardier Experience with Salesforce What went well ? §  Implementation in 16 weeks with customised processes §  Global roll out of Customer Portal §  Customisation and local configuration §  Support issue resolution §  Premier support understand us and advice on options/ work around. §  Document Management fully featured and implemented in 10 weeks in house. §  Interfaces with SAP and Imagemaster. §  Master data load 14 §  Customer Portal and service delivery teams like SF – no training for new joiners despite 30+ transactional processes; 28 countries covered ; 11 languages; document management and FAQs to use and maintain. Salesforce has proved to be: Flexible ( not costly) Easy to manage in house Feature rich With great support