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Employee Engagement: How Omya uses myTrailhead – Live in action – Salesforce Basecamp Lausanne, 17.12.2019


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Discover myTrailhead, an innovative new solution that makes it easy to enable your external communities on any learning topic at scale. For Omya, change management was a key area for success when they decided Salesforce to become their new CRM platform. With myTrailhead, Omya is offering their employees a self-service mobile-friendly learning environment to address Salesforce adoption from the very beginning. Omya is able to leverage the power of Trailhead, customized with Omyas MyTrailhead company brand and content.

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Employee Engagement: How Omya uses myTrailhead – Live in action – Salesforce Basecamp Lausanne, 17.12.2019

  1. 1. myTrailhead Create a culture of learning Nilesh Ghaisas, Head IT Sales, Marketing and R&D Applications @ OMYA Ute Lorenzen, Strategic Account Executive, myTrailhead EMEA @ Salesforce Susanne Hurschler, Senior Account Executive, EBU, Switzerland @ Salesforce
  2. 2. Low Plains Layout 1st Industrial Revolution Steam 2nd Industrial Revolution Electricity 3rd Industrial Revolution Computing 4th Industrial Revolution Intelligence The Fourth Industrial Revolution 1700s 1800s 1900s Today
  3. 3. Learners’ Expectations Have Changed “I need customized learning that meets my needs.” “I want to earn skills that are resume-worthy.” “I want to connect and share knowledge with a community.”
  4. 4. Employees Demand a Consumer Like Experience at Work Learning Platforms At Work Disconnected | Employer First Not Smart | Not Mobile Technology At Home Connected | Learner First Smart | Mobile
  5. 5. Learning Increases Productivity & Happiness at Work More Productive 39% Less Stressed 47% Happier 21% Source: Bersin Deloitte Leading in Learning
  6. 6. Skill Up for the Future with Trailhead Learn in-demand skills Business, tech & soft skills On-demand & expert-led courses Earn resume-worthy credentials 700+ skill-based badges 42 role-based credentials Connect to opportunity Mentorship to employment Vibrant community 14M+ 17M+ Badges Earned
  7. 7. Create a Culture of Continuous Learning with myTrailhead Grow & retain talent at your company Supercharge productivity Scale employee onboarding Increase adoption Cultivate company culture
  8. 8. Capabilities That Enable Value Personalized Your branded content Gamified Interactive design Bite - Sized Learner content Learner First Focus Learner Centric Mobile Learning on the go
  9. 9. Introducing for Customers and Partners Empower your ecosystem at scale Accelerate onboarding and enablement Boost adoption of products and services Turn anyone into a product expert Activate a community of brand advocates NEW
  10. 10. Introducing Trailhead GO Download today Skill up for the future on the go
  11. 11. Nilesh Ghaisas Head of IT, Sales, Marketing and R&D Applications, Omya
  12. 12. • Omya is a leading global producer of calcium carbonate and a worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals • More than 175 plants in over 50 countries • More than 130 years of experience
  13. 13. • Omya program to modernize Customer engagement • Project launch to first rollout – 6 months • 7 countries Live on Salesforce so far • Change program • Stakeholder engagement • Communication • Face-to-face training • myTrailhead challenge • Coaching and follow-up • MyTrailhead is a KEY element of our change program.
  14. 14. • Learn how to write content for MyTrailhead • Create content - offline • Face-to-face training • Videos • MyTrailhead Content • Upload content to MyTrailhead and Video streaming site. • Construct Trails and Trailmixes • Present during Face-to-face training • Track adoption through Trail tracker dashboards
  15. 15. • Access to MyTrailhead trails directly from Salesforce • Track user adoption through dashboards • User badge details on the profile page
  16. 16. Benefits • Very simple to use – requires minimum explanation • Gamified quizzes and badges keep things interesting. • Great when used in conjunction with in- person training to reinforce learning. • Easy to monitor adoption through Trail Tracker Challenges • Lack of MyTrailhead Playground – In progress • No multi-lingual content switch based on user language – Language based trails could help. • Ability to show in-context or updated training modules would be great.