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Booths That Go Boom


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Want to know how to make the best use of your booth space, whether it is a 3×5 Turnkey Exhibitor space or a 40×40 Custom Booth space? Consider these tips, industry trends, expertise, and research to make your BOOTH GO BOOM!

These tips range from booth design and layout to memorable give-aways and overall market strategy. It is important to us that you have the best information in order to stand out, grab interest, and generate the maximum number of leads.

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Booths That Go Boom

  1. 1. 20 tips on industry lrends, expertise, & research to create magic at your Dreamforce boolh. 1. Firstimpression is fig considerfhisfhroughouffhe the last impression; entirety of your planning. Answer the ‘what we do” Define who you want to question simply and clearly come to your booth and before you do anything else. design with them in mind, Make sure your marketing strategy carries through from pre-evenf marketing through posl-event. People want to interact, You have 10 seconos to grab the create a boom mo, altendees’ 011601100, SO make ll . drives inferQcfiQn_ easy lo gel your message across. Showcase your unique benefits in as few words as possible, E ,1.‘ 1 ‘J hands on live demos . <;c; '- activities
  2. 2. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL 8 KEEP IT CONCISE. IT WILL BE WORTH I PANELS SHOULDNT EVERY PENNY. IF YOU . BE TEXT HEAW, USE DON'T IT SHOWS I STRONG IMAGERY. Incorporate Customer Aim high. Your most important g testimony into your messages should be above people's graphics, theme, etc. heads. Assume your booth will be full Your customers are of people and the bottom 2/3 of your your best sales people. images will rarely be seen. Incorporate textural and "real world” materials that provide a , $1 comfortable, familiar, 8: . 1. I ~ I l‘Q g _, authenhc expenence. I ‘ ‘ MAKE YOUR B0011-I INVITING BY , I I T ‘ ‘ A NOT PLACING LARGE STRUCTURES I y - -— - S CLOSE TO THE PERIMETER. - l 15. Booth Babes DO NOT Si R w- P 111 SWAG generate QUAUT-Y LEADS‘ l| nI/ nest; uni uemrcc>emotion Staff your booth with people . q p who are knowledgeable of 'Iem5- U53 5'”Ck5, Pens: stress balls are so 1990). 17. Host a game (Leave the raffle at the old folks home). it . FIRST TIME SPONSORS USE BOLD, _ I LOUD, COLORFUL GRAPHICS. , THIS ‘IS YOUR COMING OUT PARTY. BE LOUD & PROUD WITH YOUR DESIGN. .3“-is. » . . I 9 J .