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Zuora for salesforce datasheet


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Zuora for salesforce datasheet

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Zuora for salesforce datasheet

  1. 1. ® Zuora for Salesforce Arming sales and service teams with the power to run their subscription businesses.Arming Salesforce® administrators with the tools to delightthem. The 5 Challenges of Salesforce ® and Subscriptions: Are you running a recurring revenue business and using Salesforce®? Ifso, you are likely contending with these challenges,as core elements ofthe Salesforce® platform don’tsolve the specific needs ofsubscription businesses: Product managers can’tprice and package the rightway. Beyond initial subscription sign-ups,sales reps cannotsupportthe ongoing life cycle of upgrades,add-ons,renewals and more. Sales and service teams don’thave relevant billing and paymentinformation attheir fingertips when interacting with customers. Managementis flying blind withoutrelevant reports to run a subscription business. IT can’t easilyintegrate with subscription billing and paymentsystems. As a result,businesses lose new revenue opportunities,sales operations wastes time building custom subscription renewal processes,sales leaders and CFOs manuallytrack their business performance metrics in spreadsheets,and IT teams face the harsh reality of spending hundreds ofhours custom-building expensive integrations to their back office systems. Thankfully, there’s an answer.Zuora is the world’s leading subscription quoting application,with full visibility into subscription lifecycle information,and a toolkit for point-and-click configurations.Zuora for Salesforce delivers an integrated solution for subscription businesses to drive rapid growth and effectively manage the end-to-end processes from quote to cash to renewal. The World’s Leading Subscription Management Application on Salesforce ® Zuora solves these pain points and was builtfrom the ground up for the Subscription Economyto provide: A robustsubscription pricing engine to enable broad pricing flexibility. Lifecycle quoting and order managementto supportrecurring revenue businesses. Visibility to key accountinformation,subscription and financial metrics. The power of being builton the Force® platform to allow administrators to quicklytailor to a company’s unique processes. Integration with Zuora for everything from invoicing to collections. "100% integration with Salesforce has made near real-time dashboard reporting for everyday sales possible.These dashboards provide up-to-date insighton how the entire business ecosystem is doing.Today, over 300 CSRs tap into Salesforce daily to access customer info from Zuora. Not only that, butZuora’s integration with Salesforce has allowed us to grow our capacity selling revenues." - Xplornet Zuora lets you sell without breaking your quoting and order processes. That’s why Zuora is used by hundreds of the world's leading subscription businesses and is used each year to create
  2. 2. nearly 1 million subscriptions and subscription lifecycle changes.
  3. 3. Zuora For Salesforce Success With Subscriptions On Zuora provides two native Force® applications:Quotes to enable directassisted sales ofyour subscription offerings,
  4. 4. and 360 Sync to provide full visibilityin Salesforce® into key subscriber activity and into opportunities thatexist to foster deeper customer relationships.In addition,we offer a robustZuora Developer Kit (ZDK), a toolkit of custom components,classes and APIs to enable sales admins to build custom subscription flows and use cases in Salesforce®. Subscription pricing and packaging Leverage over 30 one-time,recurring and usage-based charge models in our product catalog to price and package for any subscription growth strategy. Arm your sales and service teams with up-to-the-minute information on key subscriber billing activity, including invoice, payment and refund histories, and more. Close deals more rapidly by enabling sales reps to apply price, quantity, discount, and subscription term changes within a quote. One-click quote-to-cash Real-time subscription metrics Configurable quote templates Seamlesslysend quotes from Sales- ONE-TIME USAGE force® to Zuora, so recurring invoicing RECURRING and cash collections can begin imme- diatelyand automatically. View the full financial impactofa quote with real-time subscription metrics like discounts,monthly recur- ring revenue (MRR) and total contract value (TCV). Presentprospects with accurate and easy-to-understand quote PDFdocu- ments,complete with your own branding and look-and-feel.Subscription lifecycle Complete subscriber quoting visibility Create quotes not only for new subscriptions but also for the full lifecycle of upgrades, renewals, add -ons, cancellations, and more. Line-item pricing flexibility Secure electronic payment capture Accelerate cash collections bycapturing credit cards and other electronic payment methods directly within a quoting flow. Packaged subscription reports Run your business more effectively with our 11 pre-packaged subscription reports,as well as the ability to create your own ad-hoc reports. Point-and-click configuration Rapidlybuild custom quoting flows thatyour reps will love, since Zuora leverages the full power of the point-and-click Force® platform. Full custom field support Fully leverage your own custom fields within your quoting flow, and specify which fields should sync from Sales -
  5. 5. force® to Zuora. Comprehensive API library For more complexsubscription work- flows,rules,or other customizations, utilize our comprehensive API library built specifically for Force®. PDF Copyright © 2013 Zuora Inc. All Rights Reserved.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.1051 E Hillsdale Blvd #600,Foster City, CA 94404 . Phone:(650) 641-3777 . Fax: (650) 551-1500 sync sync Rick Wimble John Subscribed Rick Cathy Jacob Rick Rick Rick Rick Wimble Henry Doe Wimble Wimble Wimble Wimble Rick Wimble Rick Wimble Rick Wimble Rick Wimble Rick Wimble Rick Wimble