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The State of the Connected Patient in 2015

Salesforce conducted its 2015 State of the Connected Patient research to explore current attitudes and methods in how Americans communicate and manage their health with providers. Based on responses from 1,700 adults with health insurance and a primary care physician.

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The State of the Connected Patient in 2015

  2. 2. Salesforce conducted its 2015 State of the Connected Patient research To explore how Americans today manage their health and communicate with providers.
  3. 3. Key Findings:
  4. 4. of patients are generally satisfied with their care86% of millennials would like their doctor to use a mobile app71% of millennials support the use of telehealth options60%
  5. 5. How Patients Currently Connect with Providers:
  6. 6. How do you review your health data from your doctor? 21% 40% 11% 10% In Person The Web Phone Email 21% 40% 11% How do you currently keep track of your health data? 36% 62% 28% 9% Rely on Doctor Electronic Records Physical Record Believe no one keeps track of health data By Phone In Person Email The Web Traditional Mail 44% 35% 17% 15% 12% How do you currently get test results from your doctor?
  7. 7. What does the future of health look like:
  8. 8. How interested are millennials in using the following technologies in their health experience? Mobile Devices Mobile Apps Wearables 3D Printing Telehealth Cutting Edge Devices 73% 71% 61% 60% 57% 73% 63%
  9. 9. What criteria do millennials value when selecting a doctor? Online Reviews from Other Patients Ability to Book Appointments and Pay Bills Online
  10. 10. Want to learn even more about the trends shaping the healthcare industry? Download the full report.